At night, he called her drunk, praying that she had not fallen in love with someone else

 At night, he called her drunk, praying that she had not fallen in love with someone else

Underrated lovers

At the beginning, no one was optimistic about Miguo and Chen Cheng.

Miguo is 6 years older than Chen Cheng. They all say that there is a generation gap at the age of 3, and there are two generation gaps between them. Naturally, there are more gossips.

Chen Cheng doesnt care at all, but Migo does. She has a deep sense of inferiority due to traditional ideas. She has always been insecure and sensitive.

In this way, they fall in love, misunderstand, quarrel, cold war, and then make up.

The last quarrel, Chen Cheng was very angry. No matter how much he loved her, he would be angered by her inexplicable bad mood.

I really dont mind, Chen said You dont mind if you say you dont mind now, Migo said I swear I dont mind, Chen said Migo said, can you not mind peoples gossip?

Miguo was stunned. Chen Cheng had never been so angry, but he still pretended to be calm and said, wed better break up.

Chen Cheng has been so angry that he cant say a word. Migo has said this sentence too many times, and he is tired. He doesnt want to try his best to retrieve it as before.


When Chen Chenggang met Miguo, Miguo had a boyfriend who had been together for seven years.

From 23 years old university graduation to 30 years old, Migo has been in love with that man, want to form a family with him.

But the man has been procrastinating all the time, looking for all kinds of excuses, that is, he doesnt get marriage certificate with Migo.

Like all the girls who were in a hurry, Migo said harshly, either get married or break up.

What dont want to drag you down? Its just a cover.

Less than half a month after the breakup, the ex boyfriend showed up in the circle of friends with his new girlfriend.

Just two days after the break-up, Migo had dinner at the little sisters house. The little sister and her boyfriend invited some friends, including Chen Cheng.

Everyone ate hot pot together, only the rice fruit didnt eat much, the tears in the eyes revolved.

Rice fruit a surprise, a look up, pear with rain.

Chen Cheng looks at her and is surprised. The girl looks pretty!


What cant be done

After that dinner at the little sisters house, Chen Chengcheng kept on inquiring about the situation of Miguo from her little sisters boyfriend.

At first, they didnt care about it. When they asked them several times, they became suspicious. Why do you always ask others? Do you like others?

Chen Cheng didnt speak. He was stabbing at his heart.

Chen Cheng doesnt speak. He is thinking about something.

Although not favored, Chen Cheng still decided to chase Miguo. When he met for the fourth time, he had already decided to stay with Miguo.

Chen Cheng sends a message to Miguo with uneasiness, and Miguo returns. The two people have a strange chat. Coupled with Chen Chengs 360 degree all-round concern, Miguo gradually has a good impression on Chen Cheng.

They all like to watch police and bandit movies, and they guess the way of committing crimes and the murderer while watching them;

They all like running, running together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday;

They all like to cook. He cuts meat on the chopping board. She washes vegetables leaves in the pool

The two of them got along very well,

But the knot of age,

Chen Chengs unit came to a girl of 94. When he mentioned it by chance, they quarreled;

Chen Chengs friends found a girl who was still in school a few years younger to be his girlfriend. When he praised his beauty, they quarreled;

Chen Cheng proposed to see her parents, but she was afraid that her age was too old to be recognized. She tried to find excuses to shirk, and they quarreled again and again

There are many things like this,

Its Chen Cheng who goes shopping with Miguo. Miguo says, these are all beautiful. I cant choose them. You can help me choose them..

He picked up a printed dress,


This one, this one looks young.

But this sentence became the fuse of breaking up, so the scene of breaking up in front was staged.


Chen Chengs confession

After returning to singleness, Miguo soon had a new suitor and a younger brother, who was one year younger than Miguo. This made Miguos heart knot much better.

Often at this time, Migo especially Miss Chen Cheng, she actually likes Chen Cheng very much.

On the day of breaking up with Migo, Chen Cheng drinks with her little sisters boyfriend one day.

The little sisters boyfriend advised Chen Cheng:

They are six years older than you. Why are you in such a hurry? Other people are looking for the small one, but you are stupid and you have to look for the big one.

I really like her, Chen said

My boyfriend said:

I advise you to forget it. Even if you dont mind, can your family be accurate?

Chen Cheng only drinks and doesnt talk. He knows that his friends are telling the truth.

Chen Cheng drank too much that night,

After drinking, he talked nonsense and called the name of Miguo. He also took out his mobile phone and shook his hands to call Miguo.

The rice is picked up,

Then I heard Chen chengpiaos voice and kept calling: Miguo Rice fruit...

She knew that he would never be like this. She was a little distressed and said:

Are you drinking outside? Go home so late.

He said foolishly:

Migo, listen to me, listen to me, I really like you, I wait for you, you can come back as long as you can, I wait for you, I wait for you...

Chen Cheng has never directly said that he likes rice fruit. This is his first serious confession. He is drunk.

Migo moved,

I lost sleep all night,

When I think of Chen Chengs kindness to her, I face her heart for the first time: she also loves Chen Cheng very much.


Lets be together again

The next day Chen Cheng woke up,

Listen to my brother talk about the stupid thing that I did last night. I feel embarrassed to find a place to get into.

He ventured to call Migo,

He said:

Migo, I Last night I Sorry Oh, no, what am I going to say...

Chen Cheng was nervous and incoherent.

Migo said, you speak slowly, I listen.

Chen Cheng took a deep breath and forced himself to calmly say:

What I said yesterday is true. I like you. I want to be with you for a long time. If there is a chance, I want to be with you again.

Migo was stunned. She didnt expect him to say so.

Chen Cheng asked cautiously, Miguo, do you hear me? Migo said, well. After a moments silence, he said, well Well, can we really go back? Of course, Chen said Migo said, dont you mind if I accept other mens pursuits? Chen Cheng said, how do you know that Im good if you dont contact other men?

The two of them made up in such a wonderful way.

After reconciliation, Chen Cheng moved into the house of Miguo and handed it over to the family every month as before.

More than a month later,

Chen Cheng happily called her little sister and her boyfriend, asked them to have dinner, and announced the good news of their reconciliation.

The boy friend of the little sister said:

Its really interesting. You know each other by eating hot pot. Now you eat hot pot again. If you dont get married, we can eat hot pot too!

Everyone listened to it as a joke, but he woke up.


That night, Chen Cheng broke everyones glasses again.

He went to buy a diamond ring for Migo and proposed to him that night!

Chen Cheng said:

Migo, you know, I just graduated. I dont have much money. Ill buy this all I have. Youll make do with it. When I get rich, Ill give you a bigger one.

Migo has just come out from the bathroom. Her hair is wet. She is shocked by the sudden appearance.

He knelt down on the ground and said seriously:

Migo, marry me, I will make you happy!

Migo was so scared that she almost knelt down for him

This, this, this Are you sure its now? Why dont we change our time...

Chen Cheng said:

Yes, right now, Im afraid youll run away again.

Well, its a big ring. Its loose.

Its OK. The store said it could be changed.

Migo wanted to cry and laugh. Chen Chengs proposal ceremony was simple and crude, but it was very moving.

Sometimes what a girl wants is not a grand ceremony, but a heart.

Chen Cheng couldnt wait to take a picture of them holding hands and sent out a circle of friends. The happiness flavor could not be concealed in his tone.

Chen Chengs family members are against it, but they are not as tough as they expected.

Chen Chengs mother asked Chen Cheng again and again whether he had thought well. Chen Cheng said firmly that he wanted to do so, and he would not marry him in his life. His family was also reasonable and acquiesced in the marriage.

Because of age differences, their love ups and downs, although there is secular pressure, but also can not prevent them from loving each other.

If TA loves you, what is your age worth caring about? If you dont love, you always talk about your age.