The first primary and secondary school students story telling Association

 The first primary and secondary school students story telling Association

Record of activities

The lecture was presided over by Niu Jing, director of Minhang District Youth Activity Center. First of all, Lv Jia, deputy editor in chief of the story club, introduced the relevant situation of this essay solicitation activity: my youth, my dream -- the first national primary and secondary school students story telling meeting, sponsored by China micro fiction society, Shanghai storyteller Association and Shanghai extra School Education Association, was launched in December 2019 We have received nearly 10000 contributions from more than 300 primary and secondary schools across the country.

A total of 245 entries were selected by the organizing committee, and a shortlist notice was sent to the winning students. The students who came to participate in the evaluation and guidance lecture of the shortlisted works are all the small authors who have won the shortlisted Works Award from nearly 10000 works auditions.

The organizing committee will select some of the shortlisted works that have reached the publishing level and will be awarded the excellent works Award and will be collected and published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House. These small writers will also receive the first payment in their life. It is particularly worth mentioning that although the activity is the first, it has been attached importance to by relevant departments and has been included in the comprehensive quality evaluation of junior high school students in Shanghai. In addition, deputy editor Lu Jia also commented on some outstanding works.

Next, Xia Yiming, President of Story Club magazine and President of China micro fiction society, pointed out the direction for the small writers on the spot with vivid and detailed examples on the revision of the shortlisted works. President Xia said that if the shortlisted works want to be officially published, the small authors have to work hard on the revision. When selecting works, editors of a magazine should first see whether the work is good or not, and second, whether the work is right or not.

As for whether it is good or not, President Xia said for example that a piece of work itself is relatively complete. When the editor adds a new ending to enhance the theme of the transmission of love, the work will be even better. As for whether it is right or not, President Xia asked the young writers to pay attention to improving the quality of their works, avoiding errors in words, knowledge, logic, etc., and gave a ten year life A typical intellectual error: Monkey King is under pressure at the foot of Wuxing mountain, but many people mistakenly refer to it as Wuzhishan, which benefits the young writers on the spot and praises them.

In addition, the students and parents had a positive and friendly interaction with the organizing committee. The students and parents raised their own concerns to the organizing committee, and the organizing committee answered them one by one, which pushed the atmosphere of the scene to the climax.

The organizing committee also set up a group on site, and the parents swept the code into the group, which built a bridge for communication between the two sides in the future. At parting, many parents were reluctant to give up and sighed to the Organizing Committee: no matter whether the childrens works can win the prize or not, they are willing to participate in our activities, which is very helpful to enhance their interest in writing.

Wonderful scene

Xia Yiming, President and chief editor of Story Club

Lu zhengu, a special principal and senior Chinese teacher in Shanghai

The first group of students and parents came to attend the class

The second group of students and parents came to attend the class


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