Three Teas in three Teahouses

 Three Teas in three Teahouses

Zhu Yuanzhang entered the meditation room, and the abbot was still practicing meditation in bed. The little monk reported: master, the Lord is coming.

The abbot opened his eyes slightly and said, please sit by my bed, benefactor. With that, he told the little monk to serve tea.

As soon as Zhu Yuanzhang looked at the Zen room, there was nothing but a bed and a Buddha statue, so he simply sat on the edge of the bed. Here comes the tea. Zhu Yuanzhang and the abbot each have a cup. After three flavors of tea and chatting about couplets for a while, Zhu Yuanzhang got up and said goodbye.

There was a minister who was good at ordinary times. He inquired about Zhu Yuanzhangs experience of meeting the abbot. He said indignantly, the abbot is so arrogant that he cant even go out of the temple to meet him when he comes up.

The next day, the minister came to the temple with two of his subordinates and asked the abbot to initiate a crime. To his surprise, the abbot met him in the studio and ate tea with him. The minister went back and followed one of his subordinates and said, the old guy knows that the person who knows the current affairs is a hero. After I went, he didnt dare to lie on the bed of the meditation room and pretend to be deaf and stupid. Instead, he went to the studio to have tea with me. With that, the minister laughed.

The ministers subordinates thought that the abbot was very strange, so they brought a group of people to the temple. The abbot was informed by the little monk, and quickly met them outside the temple, and set up tables and chairs outside the temple to accompany them to have tea.

When the ministers subordinates went back, they were very happy, because the abbot received him more than the emperor and his master. What a face!

All the monks were very surprised when they heard about this. Someone said to the abbot, the emperor is here. You meet on the bed of the meditation room and have tea with him. When the minister comes, you will accompany him to tea in the studio. However, one of the ministers subordinates should welcome him to tea with him outside the temple. In addition, there are also different ways to greet them. The ministers are the most ceremonious, the ministers are the second, and the emperor is the worst!

The abbot replied with a smile: the emperor came alone, the minister came by three people, while the ministers subordinates were surrounded by dozens of people. Naturally, the way of entertainment was different. One person comes to worship the Buddha with sincerity; three people come together to join the fun and see the Buddha; dozens of people come to insult the Buddha and brag in the name of the Buddha. Therefore, the tea that I treat guests is different. What I eat with the emperor is Huangya, which means that the emperors way is auspicious and the bud gives birth to Zen; what I eat with the ministers is the chatter of birds, which means people who chatter and chew; the subordinates of the ministers eat melon slices, which means selfish desires and abuse of power. In the future, the country will be defeated in their hands, and the whole country will be divided into pieces and pieces.

The Abbots words soon reached Zhu Yuanzhangs ears. Zhu Yuanzhang was suddenly enlightened, and the other half of the couplet also had: welcome the first Buddha on the mount Silian, welcome the Buddhas head, welcome the piety, vanity and arrogance.

The next day, Zhu Yuanzhang sent a specially assigned person to deliver the couplet to Sancha temple. The abbot looked at it and laughed with understanding

Author: Zhang Zhengxu