It is fashionable to wear shirt and pipe pants in early autumn this year

 It is fashionable to wear shirt and pipe pants in early autumn this year

Think about it. Live a good life no matter what

Today I want to share with you a very advanced piece

Its pipe pants

In fact, this is the combination of the above figure

Straight pants cover meat and small leg pants show the advantages of thin

In addition, the design is loose at the top and tight at the bottom

Make the whole pants look very simple and neat

Relatively loose can cover the meat

Achieve the visual effect of thin

Its definitely a pair of super slim pants that can be worn easily

There are also many types of pipe pants

The three most common are jeans, suits and casual styles

We will plant grass according to these three types later

These three types of pants

There are just different styles under different collocations

Look about the style of pipe pants

The first thing I want to share with you is

Because its still very hot in most areas

The T-shirt itself is casual

I would like to wear it with light colored panties

White or apricot will do

It looks very fresh on the whole

If you are afraid of monotony, you can match it with a belt of other colors

It not only protrudes the waistline, but also can upup

#Look2: shirt + pipe pants

Shirt and pipe pants are my favorite match

Because its really advanced

It belongs to the light and ripe wind that is easy to control

If you choose to wear a suit version of the pipe pants

From the appearance, it will be more formal

You can wear a white shirt on your upper body

Or a printed shirt, a V-neck, off shoulder shirt

It makes the collocation look less serious

This kind of collocation is also suitable for office workers

Sure. Denim pipe pants with shirt

More flavor

It can be paired with a white shirt

Suit and pipe pants are a perfect match

If its a light color, wear it inside

White is recommended for commuting wear

Delicate and capable, not easy to make mistakes

Pay attention to the waistline in dark color department

Be sure to show it. You can add a belt

The overall look will be more handsome

Or dont choose a black outfit

You can choose some fashionable colors for better effect