The sweater lost. Who will wear these four thin coats this autumn

 The sweater lost. Who will wear these four thin coats this autumn

But after all, you want to see autumn clothes.

So this issue still brings you early autumn wear!

But gradually, I fell into an atmosphere of youthful vigor,

Its really hi! Its a direct upset~

Its the eardrum, Ill give it to her!


When you see their explosive energy,

I just thought about it,

Knitted jacket with the same vitality and full score~

Soft waxy material + bright color,

Can let see the people are all happy infection~

Is absolutely the first choice of color in early autumn!

Loose fit with a pair of jeans,

If you think the solid color is monotonous,

Believe me, come on,

The spokesman of the wild music festival is you!

If you buy a T-shirt,

Remember to wear it open!

Otherwise, the girls style has a Granny flavor,

If you buy a v-collection,

Then dont worry about anything~

Both large V and small V have their own thin buff,

However, the big V will show the inside, which is more layered~

When I first saw mosaics in lesha,

I cant help shaking my legs!

Especially after listening to their neon sweetheart,

I immediately mastered the jumping method of retro disco~

And its no exaggeration. Ive seen it at least 10 times

And I also found that,

They wear suits almost every time they perform!

So, if its going to their scene,

How about a different suit look!

After 8, the suit itself has a strong sense of formality,

If youre not careful,

Its easy to become an insurance salesman on the street

But color suits dont,

Especially the macarone color of a girl,

Directly light up the whole person!

I lose if I dont have a little brother talking to you on the way~

I think the color suit is too high-profile,

If you wear a small skirt inside, you will get full marks!

Ill teach you an exclusive trick. Thats it

Add a bright color piece to brighten the whole look,

The taste of Korean womens group private clothes has 8!

(CR @ dollar dimple)

Of course, we cant forget the suit,

Handsome pants, skirt girls,

You dont have to think about it, you can have a good look!

Five urban artists,

Although its plastic, its covered with stem!

See long really handsome have!

But the most addictive,

Its definitely their personality,

That kind of free and unrestrained and terrifying feel is addictive!

But in the coat family, they have the same characteristics,

That free and natural flavor is from the bone~

If youre tall,

Oversize style jeans jacket must have!

PS: of course, its nice to show a little skirt~

But if youre short Jimei,

As opposed to oversize,

The short coat is the perfect piece for you~

Put on a high waisted bottom and lift up the waistline,

Who knows youre only one meter five?

In this early autumn season,

Directly can become walking pictorial itself!

The combination of sweet and cool is just right~


Welcome the biggest welfare of the selfie party immediately,

u2014u2014Fools and idiots!

Tsai Weize is so charming to sing quietly,

Its so easy to fantasize!

And I, seemingly quietly listening to his songs,

In fact, I was crazy about falling in love with him

The smell of gentlemanly beauty struck me in an instant~

How can we not arrange a wave?!

Especially the basic khaki,

Its definitely a versatile artifact to be handsome and cool!

Theyre all so handsome that they cant close their legs~

But a single khaki is easy to wear for a long time,

So, we can make a little breakthrough at this time,

Try a low saturation Morandi color system,

Handsome and elegant, set get!

And if youre a little fat girl,

Just a little bit of the girdle,

Its so easy for me~

Dont be afraid of the girl whos shirking her shoulders,

Windbreaker can also save you~

Hurry up and get a windbreaker with epaulets,


Autumn has come in a twinkling of an eye~

Are you ready for the season change?