I dont dare to rush like this when I have a mine at home! Pre sale of 25 double pound shoes launched in September has taken off!

 I dont dare to rush like this when I have a mine at home! Pre sale of 25 double pound shoes launched in September has taken off!


It appeared in 2001 for the first time. After 19 years, it was first reproduced and returned. The color saturation of the object was slightly improved, just like the reproduction version of colored eggs and raspberries.


Launch date: September 2020

Quan Zhilong personally exposed the real object on his birthday. According to the shoes, it is not ruled out that there is a special version, which is tentatively on sale this month.

Nike bdunklow Chicago

Sale date: September 1

At present, the market price has broken through ten thousand, and the two topics finally fit together, which may become the most anticipated blockbuster work of this month. As for whether to start or not, it depends on personal ability.

Airjordan retro 5SE Oregon

Launch date: September 12


Article No.: fz1269

Since the release of 380, in addition to the high price of the first color matching, the rest of the color matching has been able to fall below the original price, and so on.


Sale date: September 24

As the Jordan Brand autumn and winter series, even the WMNs version also makes many mens shoe fans unable to stop. The black and gray color splicing presents a high-level sense.


Sale date: September 30

Last night, the official website took the lead in launching the after-sales service, which will be officially launched in the global range at the end of September. The partners who fail to start as they wish need not worry. They are confirmed to be on sale in China.

Nikedunkhighspmichigan Article No.: cz8149-700

The last reprint was in 2016, and it came back only four years later. This shows how popular the dunk series is this year.

Article No.: da3595-100

Lin Junjie and fujihara Hao took turns putting on their feet, and they are finally about to be sold. It is reported that up to 14 lightning logos are printed on both feet.


Article No.: ck6654-001

Launch date: September 4

As a new pair of womens shoes, on the basis of dunks design, what can boys stand up for.


Article No.: 555088-201

Some time ago, the pre-sale price was as high as 5K +. Although it looks like undefeated x dunk color matching, too rich color also makes many people feel distressed.


Article No.: cz8149-100

Sale date: September 23

Inspired by dunkvntg in 2008, the difference is that the overall color is deepened, and the dunkhigh series will gradually increase in the second half of the year.


Launch date: September 4

The yeezy slippers, which sell for only $55, will be sold in new colors. The market prices of the previous three models have exceeded 1000 yuan. This time, you need to seize the opportunity.

Nikesbdunkhigh jingle cat

Article No.: ci2692-400

Launch date: September 2020


Selling price: $135

It has been nearly half a year since the exposure. During this period, Fujiwara has also taken photos on his feet for many times. Under the blessing of the three parties, it seems to be ordinary but contains a simple Japanese style.


Article No.: cz5624-100

Presented in Bordeaux red, with PSG logo on the toe and heel, the shoe box is different from the ordinary version.


Article No.: cw7603-400

Sale date: September 18

The shoe body is made of denim blue and tannin fabric, and the white stitching details on the upper are very eye-catching, and the overall texture is not vulgar.

This month is not just a test of choice,

It is also a test of the thickness of the wallet.


Have you decided which pairs to start with?