Whether it is a skirt or pants, simple, gentle and comfortable is the most important

 Whether it is a skirt or pants, simple, gentle and comfortable is the most important

Apricot and coffee T-shirt with black high waist pleated skirt, soft and delicate material combined with simple and smooth cutting, easy to wear leisure and high-end feeling.

In terms of the half skirt style, the simple cut half skirt is very practical and versatile. It can basically combine various pieces. The most important thing is not to choose the age or the body. Even the slightly fat women can wear the symmetrical beauty. Morandis green knitted top is overlapped with white base, and the black high waisted skirt is low-key but exquisite.

2u3001 The semi skirt is overlapped to enhance the layered feeling in early autumn

Basic color + basic skirt is a combination of versatility and practicality. You can choose various basic items on the upper body, such as shirts, T-Shirts, knitwear, etc. However, if you want to easily improve the sense of hierarchy in early autumn, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

The upper body is overlapped with the inner part, and the basic white T, suspender or basic shirt are selected. The style is low-key and simple, and the situation of dominating the host will not appear. At the same time, through the color difference between the inside and outside, it can enhance the sense of hierarchy.

Rib thin knitwear is folded with suspenders, and the high waist umbrella skirt is made of delicate and soft materials, which jointly create a soft and light early autumn shape. It is worth mentioning that the belt can raise the waistline and feminine effect, and avoid loosing and losing spirit.

In addition to thin knitted pullovers, knitted cardigans and suits are also good helpers for semi skirt folding. Wearing basic white T-shirts inside can not only form a sharp contrast with dark cardigans, but also enhance the sense of hierarchy, and enhance the brightness of modeling.

In addition, the overlay needs to have a certain control ability on the color system. The color matching of the inside and outside or the upper and lower parts should be coordinated and natural as far as possible, or the basic color matching without mistakes should be adopted. It will be more simple to control the main colors in three or below.

3u3001 Air pants are preferred for leisure and comfort

The air pants are basically high waistline, which can easily raise the waist line to improve the proportion of body. If the upper body piece is too long, you can point out the waist line with the help of the belt to avoid blurring the waistline or wearing a fifty-five point effect.

The weather turns cool in early autumn, and the knitted cardigan is gentle and quiet. The air pants are simple and low-key, and they are very temperament to wear casually. Comfort is the most important thing for a 40 year old woman. If you like it, you can use it in your daily wear!