57 year old aunt harassed by a man downstairs for three years? The ending reverses and then reverses

 57 year old aunt harassed by a man downstairs for three years? The ending reverses and then reverses

And then smash and chop the door

But its not that simple


Monitor display

A naked man

Come to Aunt Wus door

Keep kicking the door

Aunt Wu once called the police

Even if the police come

The man was still pouring soy sauce into the door

You can see

Some positions of the stainless steel iron door of aunt Wus house

Its been smashed with heavy weights

The whole door was badly damaged

Aunt Wu guessed it might be

When I usually pour water on flowers and plants

The water dripped down to the canopy below

So the other side is not satisfied

She once communicated with Mr. Xing

But communication failed

She felt that Mr. Xings behavior was quite bad

reversal! Neighbor: shes been littering for five years

Mr. Xing admitted to smashing the door

But he said it was all because of it

Aunt Wu litters and pours smelly water

Try to communicate yourself

But the other side never changed

Mr. Xing is full of bitterness

Five years. Its been like this upstairs

He couldnt bear it

Mr. Xing said about smashing the door

He knew he was not doing it right

Its been summoned by the police

Aunt Wus whole balcony is full of sundries

There are also some that have been eaten

Food scraps and garbage were piled on the balcony

The environment is terrible

Property also confirmed Mr. Xings statement

She throws things all day

The owners complained that it was smelly and dirty

We all call the police to solve this problem

Property management with aunts and their families

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My aunt has a history of alcoholism and mental illness

Aunt Wus littering problem

Its been going on for five years

Seriously affect the surrounding owners

And she had alcohol abuse and a history of mental illness

Led the staff to work with her son

Next, I will continue to communicate with my aunts family

If it continues to affect nearby residents

I dont rule out forcing her to the hospital

So did her son

He has no opinion

The matter is still under negotiation

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On August 26, a female teacher surnamed Lin, who claimed to be from the first experimental school in Jiaocheng District, Ningde City, Fujian Province, posted a microblog saying that she was sexually harassed by Zhong, the schools principal, on August 23. Suddenly hugged me and did something that I still dont want to recall, the microblog Post said

The circular stressed that Jiaocheng District Education Bureau will take the facts as the basis and the law as the criterion, and will seriously deal with any violation of teachers ethics and conduct once verified.

On the 26th, a staff member in charge of the Internet public opinion of Ningde City Internet information office told surging news that the public security department is now involved in the investigation, and the results of the public security investigation shall prevail.

A female teacher surnamed Lin, who claimed to be from Jiaocheng No.1 experimental school, said in the aforementioned microblog exposure post that at 9:52 a.m. on the 23rd, Zhong Mou, the principal of the first experimental school in Jiaocheng District, Ningde City, contacted her by telephone and asked her to come to the principals office for a talk on the grounds of the change of teaching work. During the conversation, when I was unprepared, Zhong suddenly hugged me and made an action that I still dont want to recall. In my panic, I dont know where the strength struggle to escape from the claws of Zhong

Surging news has repeatedly tweeted to bloggers about the content of the website post, but no response has been received by the time of publishing.

According to the official website of Ningde Municipal Peoples government, Zhong was once the principal of Jiaocheng District Ethnic Middle School in Ningde City.