Dont miss these four coats this autumn and winter

 Dont miss these four coats this autumn and winter

For small sisters, its very suitable to match it with a short jacket with carved elements when the weather is not so cold. This collocation can not only show your good figure, but also be more eye-catching and eye-catching. Whats more, the inside of carved elements has become the finishing touch of the whole dress.

In the depressing positive of autumn, Troy will suggest that you choose the bright color knitted cardigan, because it is more eye-catching and eye-catching compared with the colorless cardigan of black, white and gray, and it can better break the dull feeling brought by autumn and make your clothes more fashionable.


When we use a classic denim jacket with a hooded sweater, it is not only warm enough in autumn and winter, but also more youthful and younger. When we put this kind of collocation on our body, a strong sense of first love comes to us, which is really a girls vitality.

If you are tired of wearing Classic Jeans, you might as well try a Morandi denim jacket this fall. This white color system is not only more versatile, but also more eye-catching. If you match it with a piece of the same color or adjacent color, you can easily wear it with a single piece of the same color or adjacent color High quality texture.

Trench coat

The windbreaker coat is the same as the denim coat. It can not only make your whole outfit full of aura, but also have the effect of covering flesh and showing thin. For the first time trying windbreaker jacket sisters, you can start with the classic khaki or white. No matter how these two colors are matched, they are not easy to make mistakes, and they are more versatile in daily life.

The following Beige windbreaker coat is also a good choice. It can always give people a clean and refreshing feeling visually. If you use it with a shirt, you can instantly wear the whole coat, which will give you a little more intellectual and capable feeling. This kind of collocation, whether it is commuting to work or daily going out of the street, can be perfectly controlled, so that you cant have a fashionable temperament.

If your impression of a suit and jacket is still serious and looks like selling insurance, then I just want to say that you are really too rustic. With the development of fashion, the suit coat has been improved for a long time. Compared with the traditional suit coat, it is more daily. Even if it is worn on the commute, it will not appear rigid and serious.

In the fall, the sisters could choose a suit of a blue suit. It is not only dull and dull, but also a little sweeter and more pleasant than the black and gray suit. It will wear a lot of sweetness and make your clothes wear salt and sweet. Sisters in this color, also need not worry about black, because it is low saturation and lightness, so do not pick people, but will be more lining skin oh.

It doesnt matter if you have already started a dark suit coat. In daily collocation, as long as you pay more attention to the interior and accessories, for example, you can choose some more full of design sense inside, so that the whole wear will not appear too rigid, but more fashionable temperament.

Well, thats all for today. I dont know which coat the sisters prefer? Welcome to leave a message under the article. See you next time.

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