Small shirt + Capris = 2020 giant in

 Small shirt + Capris = 2020 giant in

There is no characteristic in the style of lining clothes. The requirement for it is comfort, so there is a lack of style in the style. Our common small shirt shirt is used to match the suit, and it is not only to be worn inside, so the wearability is much higher.

Just from the different collar type can see the small shirt in order to meet different wear, how hard!

Many fairies think that a shirt is a shirt. In fact, this is not absolute. For example, long sleeve T-shirts and knitwear can be called small shirts as long as they are thin inside. Liya will tell you about the basic matching of small shirts.

The suit is necessary to wear inside, and the clothes with more silhouette need to be lined with a thin and moderate small shirt.

If you want to wear comfortable, you have to choose the thin long sleeve shirt of pure cotton, which is a very simple basic style. It is more suitable as an inner layer, but this kind of small shirt is more close to the body and is not suitable for wearing alone.

If you want to wear the feel of the female elites in the workplace, you must choose a shirt. When you wear it, you dont have to button it up deliberately. You can unfasten one or two at will, which can better reflect your aura.

Special autumn windbreaker collocation also cant be less small shirt, with white shirt and jeans inside, go out to put on windbreaker, SA feeling is full!

Cool leather coat with a solid color shirt, immediately highlight the level, a black match is the need for a high lightness inside the small shirt to light up.

u00b7Living alone in hold

The following ceremoniously recommends the small shirt and the nine minute trousers collocation, the leisure small shirt + the leg long nine minute trousers = the perfect early autumn!

Straight leg pants are really a magic weapon to show straight legs. The straight pants modify the leg shape. The length of the pants is just showing the thin ankles. With a blue and white striped shirt, the fresh and fresh daily autumn match is finished.

If you like some temperament, you can choose a small shirt with bubble sleeve design, with slim jeans and pointed high heels, which is a womans unique charm!

Dont panic if you dont have Capris. Turn up the bottom of your pants by two sides. The Capris will be finished in minutes. With a loose white shirt, its simple but fashionable.

u00b7Its also stylish

The small shirt can be quietly made into a shirt, can also be worn alone in a casual style, and can also be used as a small coat for transitional season!

The small shirt is generally comfortable and casual style. If you want to take it out with fashion, you need a little more patterns on the style, for example, choose the plaid style.

You can also add leg sleeve design to the blouse, and you can have a casual look with retro style. In the cold season, such a thin coat is very practical.

Liya liked to look with shirt and coat for a while. As a result, all the partners in the studio started to start to use the shirt coat. Have you ever encountered this situation? Wearing a good match, and then everyone began to imitate, I think it is quite a sense of achievement!