Women less than 160 should wear these four pairs of fat legged pants as little as possible

 Women less than 160 should wear these four pairs of fat legged pants as little as possible

Overalls refer to some loose, wrinkled, multi pocket design pants. Most of these pants are khaki or rust green, with a neutral style, which makes the overalls look like the fashionable flu on the street. But this kind of trousers generally has the ankle closure design, can let the girls leg have the truncated type feeling, the leg is shorter after the woman puts on the leg is shorter.

Most of the overalls are designed in seven or nine points, so they are very simple in shape and not suitable for formal occasions. Women less than 160 in height wear overalls will appear extremely short legs, if the choice is not high waist style, it will shorten the legs of a large section. Girls with thick legs cant wear overalls. The seemingly loose pants tube doesnt cover the flesh at all. Its easy to look fat on the thighs.

Because of the size of the women who wear pants often show short, must not wear overalls. No matter how popular these pants are, if you want to show a more personalized temperament, there are straight pants or wide leg pants. If the pants are cut in seven or nine points, it is easy to shorten the proportion and lines of legs, and you will be shorter and fatter when you wear them!

Wrong Trousers 2. Flared trousers

Flared pants is an improved layout of straight pants. This kind of trousers will improve the leg part of the pants into a magnified trumpet style, and the overall pants tube will look more elegant. But such pants have a fatal defect, that is, the part above the knee is particularly tight and fat, and the women with wide waist or fat on the buttocks will appear particularly strong in the lower part of the body after wearing them, which will instantly lower the dressing grade!

Our common flared pants are denim fabrics. The general loose jeans will show the effect of thin, and the tight effect of the waist and thigh parts of flared pants can only show leg length when worn by women with thin legs. And flared pants usually match with short coat to achieve the effect of setting off the proportion of the body. The long coat with hip length will cover up part of the leg proportion instead, forming the effect of loose on the top and loose at the bottom, which is very messy!

Girls who have trouble with elephant legs should avoid bell bottomed trousers, which are fat legs at the root of thighs. Wearing flared pants will make the leg lines more expansive. Especially from the side, the thigh line is obvious, the knee part of the band reflects the cross-sectional area of the thigh, and the visual instant fat is more than 20 jin. In particular, women less than 160 in height wear flared pants are shorter, and the open pants tube will disperse the leg lines, unable to achieve the lengthening effect.

Wrong pants 3. Tight pants

Tights are a great piece for girls with thin and long legs to show their leg lines, while for short or fat legged women, its a minefield piece that looks old and fat. Tight pants from the waist to the feet of the pants tube cutting is a close fitting design, wearing the body will expose the leg lines one by one, leg shape is not straight or fat women are most likely to appear fat.

Tight pants are generally used as an inner layer of long overcoats, but there is a problem at this time. Short women with muscle in their calves will expose leg defects, and they will be shorter when wearing long coats. Whether it is with boots or flat shoes, it will appear that the overall shape is short and no temperament. Women less than 160 in height are most likely to look sloppy and out of class.

The thigh lines of tight pants can be covered by a long jacket, but the exposed leg curve cant be modified. Therefore, women with fat legs cant wear tights, especially the coat in autumn. As an inner layer, you can choose straight pants with more trimming legs. Compared with the tight feeling of tight pants, pants with a little space and space will be able to wear tight pants Make your look more advanced.

Wrong PANTS 4. Mops

After the wide leg pants caught fire, there was a kind of pants called floor trousers, which was very popular. As a loose pants version, the floor pants were as long as the ground as their name, and they often covered the shoes. Tall women have a lot of aura after wearing it, but short women less than 160 cant afford such pants, which makes them look sloppy and cheap.

We often only pay attention to the version of loose pants can show thin, but in fact, the length of the long mops, will lower your height by a large section. Especially for short women with short legs, they must avoid mops when choosing pants in autumn. If the overall height cant support this length of trousers, you will appear short and fat without temperament, and even the best clothes will look like floor goods!