29 deaths due to 3D reduction

 29 deaths due to 3D reduction

At about 9:40 am on August 29, a hotel in Chenzhuang village collapsed. According to CCTV news, the rescue work ended at more than 3:00 a.m. on August 30, a total of 57 people were rescued, 29 of whom were killed, 7 seriously injured and 21 slightly injured.

At the time of the incident, the hotel was holding an 80 year old birthday party for an old man in a neighboring village. At that time, many guests were listening to the opera outside the hotel and escaped. After the accident, nearly 100 rescue team members rushed to the scene to carry out rescue and kill after the rescue. At present, the hotel has been blocked and the owner of the hotel is under control. The hotel owner may be held criminally responsible, the lawyer said.

On August 30, there was a word Shou on one wall of the hotel. Photo by Xiang Kai, reporter of Beijing News

At the time of the incident, the 80 year old birthday party was being held in the hotel

If this accident did not happen, there would have been a happy event in Juxian hotel.

He is a fan of literature and art. So, while Im 80, everybodys going to celebrate for me. Uncle Li told the Beijing news that he did not want to hold a banquet, but he was not able to hold it. Others kept persuading him. Under the control of the people around, the location of the birthday banquet was selected in the nearby Juxian hotel.

A villager said that Juxian hotel has a good reputation in the surrounding area. There is a restaurant in the village in his home. Usually, there are 20 or 30 tables, which can accommodate 1200 people. A villager in Anli village told the Beijing news that the day before the incident, Juxian hotel had just held a banquet for 100 people. The children of our village held a 12-year-old birthday party, with more than 100 participants. After lunch, everyone went home..

Wang Jiabao, a villager in Anli village, also came to celebrate his birthday. At about 9:40 a.m., Wang Jiabao was listening to the opera and was fascinated by it. He only heard a sound of crash. the prefabricated slab above the hotel collapsed. One of the injured said afterwards that they were chatting in the banquet hall at that time, there was no chance to respond. The roof fell down with a click, and there was no sign at all..

Li Xueyan, a villager, was in the hotel at that time. Li Xueyan recalled that he was afraid that he would not have a seat at noon, so he occupied a seat with some women and children in the village. Just as he got up to deliver the gift, the collapse happened. He and several poker players jumped out of the window to escape.

On August 29, a hotel collapsed in Linfen. Source: our video of Beijing News

When the banquet hall collapsed, Uncle Li was waiting for the opera singer outside. At that time, he couldnt walk. He was helped to get on the bus and sent home. A villager said, thanks to this stage, many people are watching the opera outside and have not entered the banquet hall. Otherwise, more people will be oppressed.

A rescue worker also confirmed that the banquet had not started when the building collapsed. Most of the guests who arrived in advance were listening to the theatre outside the hotel. Only a small number of people, most of them older women, were at the scene of the accident.

After the collapse, the people inside are all in disorder, many people are digging hard on the ruins, looking for people from their homes. Li Xueyan said. However, due to the collapse of the board is too large, too heavy to move by manpower alone.

On August 30, local officials announced the names of 29 people killed in the collapse of Juxian hotel. Among them, 24 people were killed in Anli village where Uncle Li is, and his 78 year old wife also died in the accident. Uncle Li choked with memories. His wife was very kind. They never quarreled. Who knows what happened? This house collapsed.

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Linfen Hotel collapsed, the old man knelt down to apologize: very guilty (source: video synthesis)

Uncle Li blamed himself for the accident on his birthday. In a video released by the media, the 80 year old man with gray hair and thin stature repeatedly clapped his knees and cried bitterly. He once knelt down to apologize and was quickly picked up by the people next to him.

August 29, Linfen Hotel collapse accident rescue scene. Photo by Zhang Jianbin, reporter of Beijing News

All parties participated in the rescue and the scene was cleaned up overnight

After the collapse accident, the local government quickly launched rescue. Rescue worker Li Rui (pseudonym) told the Beijing news that the rescue team was informed by the local emergency management department at about 11:00 a.m. on August 29, and nearly 100 rescue team members from surrounding counties and cities arrived at the scene with rescue and first-aid tools.

In addition to the fire fighters, the police, village cadres and residents are also rescuing the buried people. Many people are carrying stones with their bare hands. The scene is quite chaotic. Li Rui said that with the arrival of professional rescue forces, a headquarters was set up at the scene to coordinate the rescue work and set up a cordon. Villagers without experience and equipment were asked to leave the scene.

Li Hengfei, a villager of Anli village, also participated in the rescue. Li Hengfei said that on the morning of August 29, after hearing the news of the collapse of Juxian hotel through the village radio, he immediately drove to the scene by electric car, I and the fire fighters together picked up the bricks with our hands, pried the cement board with a crowbar, and rescued an old woman..

A large number of collapses accumulated in the accident site have brought difficulties to the rescue work. Li Rui said that there are many supporting cement columns in the collapsed buildings, which may cause secondary collapse if they are not moved properly. He and other rescue team members in the attempt to dig the rescue channel when they repeatedly hit the concrete column, hit the column, can only retreat out to dig again.

Lu Shimin, the leader of Xiangfen County Tianlong rescue team who participated in the rescue, also said that they saw the scene was a piece of ruins, just like the earthquake happened.. We can only use electric pick, cutting machine or hand digging to rescue when we go in.. The collapsed objects were too heavy to be cleaned and carried by manual workers. When we saw someone under pressure and cried in pain, we had no way to rescue them for a while, so we felt very sad..

On August 30, the official microblog of China fire protection announced that firefighters were rescuing under the collapsed ruins of the hotel and saw a father holding a firm position to protect his child, but both of them were killed. The firemen took pains to separate them.

August 29, Linfen Hotel collapse accident rescue scene. Photos provided by interviewees

At 4:5 p.m. on the 29th, the rescue team used a life detector to detect. After confirming that there was no sign of life at the scene of the accident, the personnel at the scene used large cranes and other large machinery to lift the cement board. Lu Shimin said that large machinery was not used because he was afraid of causing secondary injury to the trapped people.

At about 3:45 in the morning of the next day, all the rescue work was finished and the killing work began. At 6:40 a.m., the rescue team withdrew from the scene, and the ruins at the scene had been cleared overnight.

On the afternoon of August 30, a staff member on the scene told the Beijing news that the rescued villagers were sent to local health centers and county and city hospitals according to the severity of the injuries.

One villager said his wifes aunt, cousin and brother-in-law were all injured in the accident. Among them, an aunt in her 60s was hit in the hip and injured in the waist. The other two a rib fracture, a leg fracture..

At present, the three injured have been transferred from Xiangfen county hospital to Linfen City hospital for treatment. The villager said his wife was in hospital with her, and the family members hoped to take good care of the injured and recover as soon as possible. He also said that after the incident, no one complained about the elderly, all the people who went were relatives, and no one would have thought of natural and man-made disasters..

At about 9:00 p.m. on August 30, a medical staff member of the orthopedic surgery department of Xiangfen County Peoples hospital told the Beijing news that the Department received five villagers injured by the collapse of the hotel yesterday, but now they are all transferred to the hospital in Linfen City, the conditions of the hospital in the city are better, and the family members have also agreed.

On the evening of August 30, the peoples Hospital of Xiangfen county. After the accident, injured villagers were sent here for treatment. Photo by Xiang Kai, reporter of Beijing News

Without professional design, the hotel has been built and expanded many times

On the morning of August 30, a reporter from Beijing news came to Juxian hotel in Chenzhuang village, Xiangfen county. The hotel was close to the road and opposite was the police station of Taosi township. Rescue workers have been evacuated, there are emergency repair power workers are still working, stones and other construction waste piled in the open space opposite the hotel.

The hotel was cordoned off and the road outside the hotel was blocked. At about 4:00 p.m., the warning line on the road was lifted, and many villagers went to watch. Staff in white coats went to the collapse site for disinfection. At about 5:00 p.m., several workers brought in a cart of steel with a height of more than two meters, one by one, which was welded on the ground at the door of the hotel, enclosing the south side of the hotel. It is necessary to close it up. Now there are potential dangers in the hotel and the surrounding buildings, so as to prevent people from going in and out of the building, and there are hidden dangers. A police officer at the scene to maintain order.

According to the villagers nearby, Juxian hotel was originally built by villagers. The main house has been built for decades. In the early days, there was only one floor close to the road. However, the road has been continuously raised due to road construction. The original first floor has become underground, and then two floors have been added. Later, a pavilion building, bedrooms and kitchens have been added. Up to now, it has been expanded five or six times.

On the afternoon of the 30th, Mr. Yao, the village director of Chenzhuang village, also confirmed to the Beijing news that Juxian hotel was built in the 1980s, and then expanded many times. At that time, there was no design, so I found two big workers, and I worked in my own family..

August 30, the collapsed side of the ballroom. Photo by Xiang Kai, reporter of Beijing News

On August 30, Lu Shimin told the Beijing news that the ceiling above the banquet hall was built with prefabricated slabs and reinforced with a layer of cement, it is easy to collapse after a long time. Village director Mr. Yao said that the collapse of the hotel banquet hall, from the construction to now, at least 123 years ago.

After the collapse accident, the main house, bedroom, kitchen and other buildings around the banquet hall were in good condition. The front and rear floors (main house, bedroom) and kitchen are of brick concrete structure, and the upper part of the banquet hall is paved with prefabricated slabs, so the stress is not good. One villager said. At the scene, the remaining precast slabs on one side of the ballroom can also be seen.

According to Mr. Yao, it rained in the village before the incident, and the village organized forces to investigate the safety situation of some houses. However, because there was no water in the hotel involved, the investigation was not carried out.

On August 30, the prefabricated slabs remained on the houses around the banquet hall. Photo by Xiang Kai, reporter of Beijing News

Investigation team is set up in Shanxi Province, and hotel owners may bear criminal responsibility

According to the official website of the Ministry of emergency management, according to the measures for the listing and supervision of the investigation and treatment of major accidents, on August 29, the work safety committee of the State Council decided to implement the Listing Supervision on the investigation and treatment of the major accident, requiring Shanxi Province to pay close attention to the organization of the accident investigation, and submit the accident investigation report to the office of the safety committee of the State Council for examination and approval before it is released to the public.

According to CCTV news, on August 30, the Shanxi Provincial Peoples government set up an investigation team to investigate the 8.29 Hotel collapse accident in Xiangfen county.

Nearby villagers told the Beijing news that the owner of Juxian Hotel, Qi Jianhua, was about 55 years old. His family had been running the hotel for more than ten years. Starting from a small hotel, he gradually built a restaurant.

According to Tianyan information, Chenzhuang Juxian restaurant in Taosi Township, Xiangfen county was registered in 2003 and its legal representative is Qi Jianhua. In 2015, the hotel was listed in the abnormal operation list by the market supervision department because it did not submit the information according to the annual report measures of individual businesses.

According to a villager who is familiar with Qi Jianhua opposite the hotel, after the accident, the police stationed in Juxian Hotel, and Qi Jianhua himself was also under control. Their family cant live now, they cant join relatives and friends. His wife didnt eat all day yesterday.

On August 30, the hotel was closed. Photo by Xiang Kai, reporter of Beijing News

On August 30, a staff member of Xiangfen County Housing Security and Urban Rural Construction Administration Bureau told the media that the hotel involved was under investigation.

Wang Qingwen, a lawyer from Meixi law firm in Henan Province, told the Beijing news that if the building was found to be illegal, the hotel owner, manager, tenant and construction authority should bear the corresponding management responsibility and pursue the responsibility according to the major safety accident crime of the project. In addition, the hotel owners also need to bear the civil compensation liability, and give the death compensation and related compensation to the family members of the deceased.

In addition, there is a view that the accidental collapse of the building may be caused by the long-term immersion of rainwater. Wang said that if the final investigation report finds that it is an accident, then there is no problem of criminal liability, but the hotel owner still needs to bear civil compensation.

In addition, Wang also mentioned that the specific causes of the building collapse still need to be investigated and identified by professional engineers. Even if the collapsed building is not illegal, if there are problems in design, construction or materials, the relevant person in charge can be responsible for major safety production accidents. According to the provisions of the criminal law, if a construction unit, a design unit, a construction unit or a project supervision unit, in violation of state regulations, reduces the quality standard of a project, thus causing a major safety accident, the person directly responsible shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention and shall also be fined; if the consequences are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined. You can refer to the Quanzhou Hotel collapse accident in March this year..

On August 30, at a news conference on the 8.29 major collapse accident in Xiangfen County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, the person in charge said that from August 29, Shanxi Province will carry out special safety inspection of housing construction and personnel gathering places throughout the province. The focus is on farmhouse entertainment, hotels, restaurants, hotels, commercial complexes and other crowded places, as well as large-scale assembly, celebration, exhibition, exhibition and other intensive places. All illegal and illegal buildings shall be shut down. If there are hidden dangers of building safety and fire safety in the places where people gather, the property owner or user shall be instructed to take measures to strengthen or improve them, and those failing to ensure safety shall not be operated.

Beijing News reporter Liu Ruiming Xiang Kai Han Qinke, Wu Rongkui, Zhang Jianbin, Zhang Xiting, Zhang Pangang intern Gao Xinran, Zheng Xuejing