Eight years after her debut, why is she still the first person with French elegance?

 Eight years after her debut, why is she still the first person with French elegance?

French style

Some say Jeanne Damas is French style 2.0 after Jane Birkin. Its true that Birkins fire basket is now a must-have item every summer, while Jeannes is not just one or two items. Lets take stock.

First of all, a tea break skirt with one hand can not only highlight the waist, but also has a Y-shaped structure. At the same time, the slit skirt forms a diagonal shape, which is very thin visually. In summer, you dont have to worry about matching it. Its feminine.

If you go indoors, you can go barefoot. When you go outside, you usually wear straw plaited shoes with sloping heels. They have a strong southern French style. They are free and beautiful. They are also items that Jeanne brings fire to. Note that the slit in the skirt is to let them show their legs, so that the photo is beautiful.

I can guess its Jeanne by looking at her clothes, sometimes without even looking at her face. French style skirt seems to have become her own signature look, hands freely on the table, slightly tilted head, lazy and elegant.

In addition to the dress, of course, there are half skirts, but also floral style. The pattern of the skirt is complicated. The top is a simple plain tee. The shoes are byfar sandals of Xiaozhengs same style, which can be matched with any skirt and pants.

Small floral skirts can also be paired with suspender vests, but unlike this years fashionable tights or old mans vests, Jeanne likes to wear wide suspender tops with lace and lace design. At the same time, the color echoes straw woven shoes on her feet, and she wears metal earrings with messy bangs and red lips. All these seem casual, but they are full of caution.

When the weather is a little bit cooler, put a beautiful cardigan on the outside of the skirt. You dont have to wear and fasten every button honestly. Just like this, if you put it on your arm or shoulder lazily, you will have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in French style.

Note that cardigans must be not well worn to create an atmosphere and not bloated in the photos. All the seemingly relaxed effortless chic are actually carefully considered.

It can also be used as a top with skirt or pants. Wooden buttons form a thin vertical line. Remember to open the upper and lower buttons, forming a Y-shaped character, super thin.

I have seen the cardigan in this picture for countless times in some treasure. Although the vacuum operation is not suitable for our daily life, it still provides us with ideas for daily wearing: when the cardigan is longer, the hem can be knotted to expose the waistline.

When we wear it everyday, we can wear it with a small sling. It was planted by Jeanne again. The pattern is very special!

In addition, if the weather is a little colder, Short Knitwear can also be worn inside. Show a little waist and abdomen, too suitable for weekend outing in autumn.


The so-called fashion trend, fashion color, pop money and so on, it has nothing to do with her! Find their own style, do not drift with the tide, do not be led by the popular nose, is the right way.

Photo pose

As a blogger, and a blogger with such great influence, he is not only able to wear such a simple thing, but how to present it to everyone in the best way is also a kind of knowledge. Jeanne integrates the French style into every bit of life, and every post is worth learning from (especially Xiao Zheng Benzheng).

Note: it is recommended that you save all the pictures in this part; when you dont know how to concave shape in the future, you can imitate it, with a success rate of 99%!

When you see a beautiful retro old car on the road, dont stand next to the car for a group photo. Its someone elses car (do you mean Xiao Zheng The point is to treat the car as your own!

Take a look at Jeannes demonstration: half sitting, half reclining, holding a beautiful book in hand, casually placing straw bags and coffee, and taking the car out of the way, its a picnic pleasure. In addition, pay attention to Jeannes sitting posture: one leg is on the car with the toe down; the other side is tight with the instep touching the ground, which is very long. Have you learned?

It doesnt matter if you sit at a high place and your feet cant touch the ground. Its OK to let one leg drop naturally, and the other leg can be rolled up directly. The foot surface should be downward to show leg length. Pay attention to the back and keep the back straight. If you feel your hands are empty, you can take a cup of coffee or a book.

A simple group photo of friends, two people wear very harmonious, are floral jacket and micro La jeans, French sister flower atmosphere created; at the same time, legs must be extended, and then use the wide-angle effect, leg length of two meters.

To the balcony, can play more posture! You can either lean on the fence or sit on a chair. No matter what the posture is, the coffee cup can be used as a prop to give the hands a place to go. You see, in this picture, Jeannes instep is still tight! Really, French elegance is not as easy as we think!

If you really dont know how to pose yourself, you can take the flowers. The color of the flowers can also echo the colors of the items on your body and even the lips, which makes the whole picture French. Remember that the composition will look good only when one leg is stretched out close to the camera and two legs are in front of and behind the other.

I dont know if you have found that French girls are positive about the sunshine and enjoy the feeling of sunshine. When you take a picture, you must face the sun with your neck up, close your eyes and feel it slowly. At the same time, remember that the top of the crotch + fork waist + legs slightly oblique, concave into the S-shape; again, the diagonal line is the most thin, if the clothes are not diagonal, you should concave yourself into the S-shape with oblique lines up and down when taking photos!

If the background of the photo is in the garden, we should take a group photo in front of the sun and flowers and plants. However, please note that when you take this kind of photo, you must be the same as Jeanne. Your shoulders should not be in a horizontal line, and they should be staggered one after the other. Because of the slight deviation of the body caused by human beings, you should be thin and careful. Have you learned?

In fact, taking photos with closed eyes is really suitable for taking photos and posing embarrassing stars? u2640uff09 Just lean against a wall, close your eyes and enjoy all this. However, this photo seems simple, but it is full of careful machine: hands on the back, showing a triangle, so that the composition is not empty; one side of the leg arched, artificial S-shaped, at the same time, the two legs at random, is vivid.


When taking photos, you must have a sense of freedom that this car is mine and this place is my home. You can stretch your movements, open your arms and legs, and straighten your insteps, so that you wont wriggle. When taking photos, the body can be placed (legs, spans, shoulders) to form an S-curve, which is easy to show height and thin.

Personal brand

Two famous female stars in China, Dili Reba and Zhong Chuxi, have worn rouje wrapped skirts. I found that this brand does not even exist in microblogs and official flagship stores in China. It seems that the stars are real tap water.

Another French blogger I love, Leia sfez, wore a dark blue suit for self portrait in the mirror from rouje, which is the taste of French bloggers.

Roujes jeans are also worth mentioning. The signature logo is the fancy R letter on the trouser pocket. His jeans are not the ones that show leg length and thin, but they must be the best to outline the curves of womens buttocks and legs.

Take Jeannes favorite white jeans as an example. In his pants, there is no skinny jeans in his pants, and the style is mainly of slight pull and straight tube. However, the waist and buttocks must be close to each other, which is not the kind of daddy pants that KFC sisters like. Therefore, it is very attractive visually, and it is neat and capable.

Whats more, jeans that really help make them more plastic are basically inelastic. Draw key point: the more comfortable jeans, the less spirit!

This is also the consensus reached by Ms. Zhong in an interview with French fashion editor Camille harriere: jeans with good shape are uncomfortable! It seems that behind the seemingly relaxed French style, it is not easy at all!

Rouje also has makeup lines. Currently, there are not a lot of items available. However, I want allin for every one. This dish, which looks like nail polish, is actually a lip glaze, and its color is very practical.

Yellow girls dont have to worry about not being able to handle it! Many models in his family are yellow race people, and the effect is not lost. All of them are walking grass planting machines. Even a sensible player like me wants allin u2640u3002

This is what Jeanne used to shoot beautysecrets for vogue. She directly applied makeup to her hands, smeared it on her lips, and painted this disc, you are the French girl herself. My assistant sister and I decided to buy it right away, one for each!

Im not writing this to make you the second Jeanne Damas. But what we can learn is Jeannes confidence, being herself and taking pictures. If you like her dressing style, you can start with imitation (imitation is the best teacher), and then gradually form your own dressing style.

French or other styles, its important to be self-confident and beautiful!

I am Xiao Zheng, who loves to toss about. I graduated from Fudan University and worked for 15 years in LOreal, Dior, Clarissa and other multinational companies. I have worked in China, the United States and Australia successively. I have been on the cover of a magazine, worked as a DJ, resigned and opened a dance school. I am a middle-aged slash with no marriage, no baby and no house.

I dont have a team. I work during the day and code at night. I like to write about the secrets of buying and buying, fighting monsters in the workplace, and cultural differences between things. Half of us have been sticking to it for two years. I dont have any advantages, just a little hard work.