The tough and handsome Martin boots are fashionable, thin and long legs

 The tough and handsome Martin boots are fashionable, thin and long legs

Martin boots + jeans

In our daily collocation, the match of Martin boots and jeans is a more common way of collocation. When the two pieces are mixed together, it can not only make your whole outfit look handsome and fashionable, but also more fashionable and personalized. When you dont know how to match with Martin boots, its right to match a pair of jeans.

For the sisters with thick legs or bad leg shape, Troy will suggest that you choose wide leg pants and micro pull pants in daily collocation. This kind of slightly loose jeans can match with Martin boots to the best extent, which can not only perfectly cover the defects of legs, but also be more handsome and thin visually.

In recent years, with the rise of neutral and asexual styles, overalls are also loved by more and more girls. In autumn and winter, when we use a pair of overalls to match with Martins boots, we can instantly double the whole outfit. Its really sassy and A-No, cool girls get it quickly.

For pear shaped sisters, in fact, you can choose the following type of overalls, which are loose and tight at the bottom. This type of overalls can not only better cover the defects of your lower body, but also become taller and thinner when it is combined with Martin boots.

In the early autumn, the combination of sweater + work clothes + Martin boots is a perfect match. This combination not only has a handsome feeling, but also has a sense of leisure. It makes you fashionable and easy to wear in autumn and winter. Sisters should put it on quickly.

Martin boots + skirt

When the Martin boots with strong and handsome feeling and their own gentle and charming temperament are mixed up, it is easy to make the temperament of the girl man just perfect. The whole dress has femininity and is not a handsome feeling. This collocation is really sweet and salt, but not good enough.

And the match of Martin boots and dress, then a little more elegant sense, handsome Martin boots, in the dress foil, will not appear so strong, but more soft feeling, autumn and winter will wear this kind of wear, wearing on the body, easy will be a kind of unique feminine flavor, to reflect incisively and vividly.

When the printed dress and Martin boots are matched, Martin boots can, to a certain extent, neutralize the sweet and greasy fancy feeling brought by the printed dress, making the whole dress more harmonious and daily. When we wear a solid color dress, we can use it with a pair of Martin boots, which can make the whole dress more casual and frank.

Well, Troy talked to his sisters about the matching of Martin boots. Do you like the strong and handsome shoes like Martin boots in autumn and winter? You are welcome to leave a message to tell Troy that well see you next time.

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