Super lazy people in 2020 wear high-level and fashionable!

 Super lazy people in 2020 wear high-level and fashionable!

I dont know if you have found that the fashion trend in recent years is more and more inclined to monochrome aesthetics. Abandon all the forms and colors stacked repeatedly, use the same color system to reflect the different depth of the picture, so as to render emotions and interpret colors with colors.

In other words, maybe you can understand it better, which is what we usually call homochromy.

To Gonghe Jun, this kind of dressing is really the most suitable for lazy people, but the same color items can be easily made into this years fashion icon!

It is not only used in clothing, some of the most artistic and aesthetic films, but also a large area of the use of a color. It is not only eye-catching, but also has more connotation.

In angel love beauty, the red background wall at the head of the bed and a large number of green films are used to express Emilys yearning and longing for her beautiful life.

Wes Andrea created the dreamlike Budapest hotel with pink and blue, which gives people the feeling of bright, unrestrained, melancholy, or pure. The color changes the audiences emotion and cognition.

There is also Gonghe Juns favorite in the mood for love, which is full of gorgeous and strong red, which is unforgettable, especially jumping out of the dark color, giving people a strong sense of visual impact.

When it comes to the use of the same color system, we have to mention Princess Diana, who has been leading the trend for a long time.

Her color matching is not only unified in color, but also pays great attention to the sense of hierarchy. She is really good at wearing.

Haley also likes to wear in the same color. More than half of the private clothes caught in street photos are of the same color.

The same color system should be the most easy to wear a high-level sense. Different colors, even the collision of different materials, can burst out a superior sense of high-level. How do you wear the same color?

You can also wear the same color in summer, but its better to choose a kind of clothes with design feeling, which is eye-catching when it is advanced. Satin suspender skirt is a very design sense of clothing.

The luminous material, which reflects the advanced brightness under the sunlight, gives people a look that you look very expensive.

The skirt with a sense of design at the waist is also an artifact of concave shape. I really envy Bella, who has a big chest and a thin waist~

In summer, you can also choose a suit made of cotton and hemp, which is light, breathable and not stuffy. You can have all kinds of styles at your fingertips.

Pay attention to the sense of hierarchy

Up and down echo color system should be the most common way to play it, the top with a little bit of bottom color, let people see at a glance that you are good at wearing.

Pursue color sense

Green can also be bold to wear, according to this trend, the second half of the year will still be popular green oh.

The bright and beautiful yellow is really white, the yellow on the bag and the gold on the shoes; the red and black chain and the red and black eyeglass frame, all of these small details reflect the charm of the same color.

Attention to detail

Careful you may find that leg Jing sisters blue skirt and canvas shoes on the blue super match, wear the same color, start from small details.

Shoes should be the best place to start, follow the whole body to wear and match, you can easily get advanced feeling.

Editor in chief: Gonghe Jun

Author: coffee | picture: Internet