A new future brought by Dongfeng 26

 A new future brought by Dongfeng 26

The most important military news this week is undoubtedly the launch of four ballistic missiles by the PLA into the South China Sea. This is not only a tough response to the recent situation in the South China Sea, but also a substantial test of several new quality missile brigades that have recently become an army. As the number of dongfeng-26 troops gradually exceeds the number of dongfeng-21d troops, Americans must consider the tyranny of distance brought by a conventional all-purpose bomb with a range of 4000 km and can hit aircraft carriers.

Another piece of news this week concerns the army. Because of the special geographical environment, the Xinjiang military region has adopted a new set of establishment system: synthetic division, combined regiment and compound battalion, which reflects the flexibility of the reform of the military establishment system. The new division of the three composite regiment has the color of a US military division. At present, the mechanized equipment of Xinjiang military region is generally old, and the complex situation of Sino Indian relations makes the Xinjiang Military Region have an urgent need to change equipment. Due to the limitation of geographical environment and the usage habits of troops, 96b tank, which has been in international competitions for five years, will have a clear future.

Truth: CCTV

The future that our predecessors have never imagined

On August 26, a few days after the Hainan aviation police was released, foreign media reported that China had conducted a missile test and launched ballistic missiles from two directions to the predetermined sea area of the South China Sea. In response, the spokesman of the Ministry of defense of China did not directly respond to this issue, but announced that our recent military exercises in various places are not targeted at any country or region.

There was a lot of noise before the test, so the strong enemy naturally had to send an airplane to have a look. A few years ago, the US Air Forces rc-135s ballistic missile reconnaissance plane (No. 62-4128) took off from Kadena base in Okinawa to carry out reconnaissance operations in the South China Sea near our Qionghai police related waters. After the RC-135 reconnaissance, the missile test was also confirmed by the US military. US defense officials told Reuters 27 and Bloomberg on 26, China launched 4 mid range ballistic missiles on 26, hitting a region in the South China Sea between Hainan Island and Paracel Islands. But the US military said the missiles model was still being judged, and it did not mention whether the missile hit the intended target.

There are many ballistic missiles in Northeast Asia. Every family has some new products. 62-4128 has been very busy in recent years

Although a spokesman for the Ministry of defense clearly pointed out that the recent military exercises and training were not aimed at any country, the significance of the missile test was clear and clear to the outside world, especially to the powerful enemy. After the U.S. Navy and air force resumed combat effectiveness in June, in order to fight for power and power in the November election, trump pompeio regime used tough means to cover up its mistakes in coping with the new crown. It openly dispatched three aircraft carriers, namely Roosevelt, Reagan and Nimitz, to make waves in the South China Sea since June, in an attempt to disturb the situation in the South China Sea. In the face of continued provocation by the US military and the US authorities, I dispatched two newly established bases and two missile brigades to carry out live fire in the direction of the South China Sea and hit targets. Without targeting any country, I completed the strategic sword and effectively maintained the peace and stability of the South China Sea.

According to the launch location, some U.S. military researchers suspected that the PLA did not use dongfeng-21d in the test on the 26th. However, the website of Dongfang machinist thought that the PLA had used the dongfeng-16 anti-ship model with a range of 1000 km, that is, a certain unit in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, was equipped with a new one Dongfeng-16d missile, which is a bit of a laugh and cry.

There is a certain reason for the US militarys suspicion: Although dongfeng-21d is a killers mace only released in 2015, there are not many troops equipped with dongfeng-21d, at least not in a base of dongfeng-16 brigade in the eastern theater. Of course, this speculation of the US military is contemptuous to a certain extent. Our conventional ballistic missile forces are highly mobile. It is normal and very consistent to conduct live ammunition test firing in the South Sea direction from a base in Shandong province or even a base in Guangxi Province to a base in the eastern Theater with better air defense support conditions to test the combat effectiveness of the newly established forces In order to meet the needs of actual combat, our army calls for one shot of a thousand people and a hundred cars. However, it seems that the saying PLA missiles can move is somewhat politically incorrect in the current situation in East Asia.

It is generally based on the pictures of the Chinese people

There are reasons why US military and foreign intelligence personnel are concerned about whether the dongfeng-26 will participate in this test, because the east-26 itself is a missile that completely changes the rules of the game.. The official description of dongfeng-26 is a new generation of medium and long-range precision strike weapon system, also known as the new general medium and long-range surface to surface missile weapon system. Dongfeng-26 applies the new generation of materials and new generation of solid rocket motor technology in China. In terms of warhead, dual cone warhead, pneumatic rudder end maneuver and other technologies are adopted. The range of df-26 can reach 3500-4000 km, and it has the ability to strike time sensitive targets and solid targets.

As a general bomb, dongfeng-26 has three kinds of warheads, namely, conventional warhead, nuclear warhead and anti-ship warhead, which are the three models we often call a / B / C. As for the anti-ship model, dongfeng-26 basically adopts a series of terminal maneuvering aircraft carrier technologies that dongfeng-21d tackles, including radar seeker, maneuvering technology of reentry vehicle attacking slow-moving motion, systematic information electronic system, penetration system including infrared identification head, etc.

However, due to the adoption of the new dual cone warhead technology with wave riding performance, the overall flight speed of df-26 is very fast. After the deceleration, the terminal penetration speed is still much faster than that of df-21d. Therefore, in recent years, China has been solving the problem of radome ablation in the terminal guidance of dongfeng-26c aircraft carrier. If the anti-ship Dongdong is indeed used in this test Wind-26, then this at least means that dongfeng-26 has solved the guidance problem of terminal aircraft carrier.

Dual cone + pneumatic rudder is not the most advanced technology, but it is still enough

There are three variants of the dongfeng-26 missile, which is the first time in human history. It is a precision guided weapon with medium and long-range strike capability. As a medium and long-range ballistic missile with a range far beyond the dongfeng-21 series, the presence of the anti-ship type of dongfeng-26 will greatly increase the scope of Chinas shore based anti aircraft carrier and regional anti intervention operations, and even achieve an exaggerated first step: if the dongfeng-26 missile is deployed in the superior firepower area of the Eastern theater, it will be enough to deter those east of Guam and reinforce Northeast Asia from San Diego base At the same time, dongfeng-26 is deployed in the central area of our armys hinterland, such as Guangxi, Gansu, Qinghai and other places, so it still has the ability to carry out conventional attacks on the bases of fire in southern India, Guam and Japan. If any weapon can best interpret tyranny of distance, then the contemporary dongfeng-26 is undoubtedly the best choice.

Last year, the U.S. military thought that the goal of sounds very mysterious was the reason that Deputy Defense general Griffin robbed money to make up the wolf came. However, with the expansion of the number of dongfeng-26 brigade in our army at an exaggerated speed in recent years, the U.S. military began to gradually pay attention to our dongfeng-26 force.


After three dongfeng-21d missile brigades have been installed, the rocket army has stopped the work of dongfeng-21d missile brigades in recent years, and turned to expand dongfeng-26 troops. In recent years, the number of dongfeng-26 troops exposed in CCTV news has reached 5. According to the calculation of 18 missile launching vehicles per brigade, the number of dongfeng-26 has reached 90. In 2018, the U.S. air force only assessed that only a certain unit of the PLA in Gansu had installed 12 dongfeng-26 units, although this assessment was slapped in the face by the PLAs public news screen. Now, by 2020, the U.S. military will have to face the situation of dongfeng-26 everywhere.

Because of its name Geely, a well-known overseas brigade in Gansu Province clearly told the strong enemy that we have reformed our system on its first appearance

According to the law of our armys equipment development, it is a routine operation to replace dongfeng-26 with dongfeng-21d. Dongfeng mace is one of the 21st century project. The army has a very urgent requirement for the time node of dongfeng-21d to form combat effectiveness. Therefore, Chinas aerospace industry practitioners have applied the latest missile guidance technology to a usable missile body. Weapons similar to the dongfeng-21d in combat readiness period, including the j-8f and 96a tanks, all have this feature.

Although today, dongfeng-21d is still the most advanced anti-ship ballistic missile in the world, which plays a decisive role in Chinas first island chain strike system, objectively speaking, the project of dongfeng-21d is still too early, and it has lagged behind the latest technology of our army in terms of range and other decisive indicators.

The main factors determining the range of missile are shell material and propellant. Our countrys dongfeng-21 series missiles are designed earlier, and a large number of technical indicators are designed in the 1970s and 1980s, which is also reflected in the changes of shell materials. Dongfeng-21 first used low-strength steel, and then replaced it with relatively backward glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) on dongfeng-21a. It was not until the new century that China began to use carbon fiber winding composite technology to produce the first stage shell in dongfeng-21c missile. In terms of propellants, dongfeng-21 series has experienced the replacement from CTPB to HTPB. The replacement of these materials and propellants increased the load of DF-21 series, but did not increase the range significantly.

Dongfeng-26, as a new projectile set up after the 21st century, is not the same as the old dongfeng-21 Series in both shell composite material and new n15b solid propellant. As a medium and long-range missile with strategic significance, it can be said that the east-26 is the target bomb of the PLA rocket army. At the same time, although the cost of dongfeng-26 is more expensive than that of dongfeng-21, it is acceptable for the rocket army to increase the cost compared with the huge capacity bonus. Besides, the money for maintaining a brigade and special vehicle are much more expensive than the purchase price of missiles.

Were hard pressed to get ahead: military reports

Only from the perspective of military affairs, dongfeng-26 is a omnipotent bomb. It has realized a kind of science fiction imagination that has never been seen in human history: under the command of the supreme commander, within 20 minutes, the precious military targets in Eurasia will be turned into powder. Now, because of the progress of technology, the assumption of secondary two has become the reality of military technology. For the U.S. military, just considering the theoretical capability of dongfeng-26, the vacuum spherical chicken has become a headache. In 2020, when the intensity of competition between China and the United States is far less than the cold war level, the US militarys forward deployment in the Western Pacific and the low-intensity confrontation situation brought about by the geopolitical environment in East Asia will further develop the capabilities of dongfeng-26.

The US military often says that Chinas strategic strategy is regional rejection and anti intervention, that is, to establish a land, sea and air strike system to strike first the aircraft carrier battle groups that the US troops have expedited, thus causing the US forces to leave the Asia Pacific battlefield. This assumption is now becoming a reality. Today, when the intensity of competition in Northeast Asia is far less than that in the Barents Sea during the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States, it is difficult for the U.S. military to effectively drive away the PLAs air, sea and space reconnaissance nodes, especially ships.

At present, the US militarys forward aircraft carrier deployment is small, and it relies on the reinforcement from the mainland and even Hawaii for support. Then, in 202x, the Lincoln aircraft carrier of the US San Diego base, in order to support the flimsy Nimitz aircraft carrier stationed in Yokosuka base, interferes with the PLAs war of reunification of the motherland through Hawaii and marches toward Guam. On the way, the PLA Navys oceangoing battle group, with the support of an aircraft carrier and a long-range UAV, occupied the position east of Guam, and with the help of space-based satellites, locked in the US aircraft carrier and tracked it. In this case, a small number of ocean going battle groups can use the Dongfeng missile brigade behind them to deter the US military in the east of Guam. As a result, the cost of the US militarys determination to intervene in the Taiwan Strait war will increase. The US military must decide whether to give priority to annihilating the PLAs tracking fleet, and the decision-making cost will also be increased because of the subsequent Dongfeng missiles.

The U.S. Navys solution is to build a 3000 km operational radius interceptor

This assumption was actually verified in July this year. During the one month military exercise in the South China Sea in July, our army tracked and identified the enemy aircraft carriers Nimitz and Reagan on the preset battlefield in the South China Sea by using the sea air space reconnaissance and attack system which has become an army in recent years, fully testing the achievements of systematic construction in recent years. During last months exercise, the US Navys whereabouts were almost under the control of our army. The surveillance network composed of optical reconnaissance satellite, radar reconnaissance satellite and electronic reconnaissance satellite of our army can monitor the enemys surface warship formation in key sea areas all the time. At the same time, the surface ship tracking group also timely catch up with the Nimitz aircraft carrier strike group armed march in the South China Sea. After tracking the aircraft carrier battle group in July, our army carried out anti sea target drills with clear military targets after one month. Its military significance is very clear. At the same time, it has carried out effective propaganda for politicians and civilians who are not familiar with military affairs.

The weapons that can effectively hunt and kill dongfeng-26 vehicles are mainly Trident series. Of course, you should consider the reaction of Trident flying down the low trajectory

Another advantage of dongfeng-26 is that it has both nuclear and normal properties. Attacking the dongfeng-26 launch vehicle first also raises the risk of a full-scale nuclear war. China has a vast territory, bordering on three nuclear powers with intercontinental nuclear strike capability. At the same time, China has to face the potential nuclear deterrence of Britain and France. Therefore, in addition to intercontinental missiles and tactical missiles for medium and short-range campaign, China also needs a ballistic missile with medium and long-range, nuclear counterattack and even nuclear victory for potential nuclear deterrence. The dongfeng-26 missile just makes up for this gap.


As an advanced ballistic missile with new body and propellant, df-26 has a range of 4000 km, which is only available when carrying heavy conventional warhead. If dongfeng-26 is replaced by a nuclear warhead which is much lighter than conventional warheads for strategic strike, its range will be significantly improved, which can reach the level of quasi intercontinental, and its precision level is enough to strike a series of important targets such as reinforced launching shaft / underground fortification. Under the condition of carrying nuclear warheads, dongfeng-26 can carry out nuclear attack on Indian Pacific Command, central command, even European Command and Alaska anti missile forces in Chinas absolute hinterland. In addition to the U.S. military, dongfeng-26 can also directly threaten all European countries, Australia, India, even Moscow and most of Russias red flag missile divisions.

On the one hand, this quasi intercontinental attribute has helped China obtain the means to conduct first-hand attacks against neighboring countries, and even win the nuclear war, which effectively improves Chinas nuclear strike capability; on the other hand, it also shares the pressure of Chinas intercontinental missiles, which helps to improve Chinas nuclear deployment and deterrence capability, and reduces Chinas nuclear threshold in terms of capability. Although the change of this capability is not enough to change Chinas consistent attitude of not being the first to use nuclear weapons, its political significance will gradually manifest in the future.

However, at present, due to the rapid expansion of our armys east-26, China has become one of the few countries in the world with more nuclear vehicles than warheads - whether this sentence is good news depends on the readers personal stand on the nuclear expansion and nuclear reality.

For the U.S. military, Dongfeng 26 nuclear and regular is a very tangled thing. Even if the future technological progress, the U.S. military uses advanced means such as the b-21 to hunt down the launch vehicle will in fact cause the risk of potential nuclear war. The US military has the ability to fight a major nuclear war with the PLA, but the war is the continuation of politics. The increased decision-making cost will undoubtedly change the determination of the US political and military figures to issue orders.

For the U.S. military, they dont like Griffin who uses Chinese hypersonic weapons as an excuse to engage in office politics. But ironically, when the radical Deputy Defense Chief just lost his position in the office struggle for a new generation of attack weapons, the wolf really came. Optimistically, in the near future in 10 months, with the further deterioration of the situation and the need for special nodes, we should be able to see the latest model of the east-26 appear in major festivals. The development of dongfeng-26 also fundamentally illustrates a truth: when the United States accuses you of regional refusal, youd better enlarge the scope of refusal.

The restructuring and changing of the Xinjiang Military Region

The other two military news items this week are also related to the PLA. They are 96bs participation in the tank race and the restructuring of the Xinjiang Military Region. On August 25, the Liberation Army Daily reported in detail the news that after the reform of the establishment system of the Xinjiang Military Region, all the grass-roots principal officials carried out ability upgrading under the new combined establishment. The Xinjiang military regions old equipment into a regiment is also an official endorsement.

In the establishment system reform in 2017, the infantry division of Xinjiang military region did not change division into brigade and upgrade regiment to brigade like the divisions of other group armies. It has become the last batch of troops of our army to retain the old-fashioned establishment, which can be called the living fossil of the era before the military reform of our army. Of course, this is also related to the deployment status of Xinjiang. Xinjiang is a vast area, and the area in charge of a division is much larger than that of a division in the mainland. At the same time, the regiments under the division are far away from each other and have many functions, so it is not suitable for merging. However, each combat regiment of the Xinjiang military region is too small to be upgraded to brigade. The combat regiments of the Xinjiang military region are all old-fashioned mopu regiments, aircraft infantry regiments and tank regiments. Generally, they have four combat battalions under their jurisdiction. The gap between the four battalions of the synthetic brigade is about eight companies, not counting the support units such as industrial and chemical reconnaissance artillery, which account for half of the total number of synthetic brigades. In the face of the special situation of Xinjiang, when the establishment system was adjusted in 2017, our army also chose to place. Before thinking about a set of establishment adapted to local conditions, we should first maintain the combat effectiveness of the Xinjiang Military Region with the original strength.

Each synthetic division of the Xinjiang military region has three synthetic regiments and one firepower regiment. Each combined regiment has three synthetic battalions, the former regiment artillery battalion and the air defense company into a fire battalion, and the former division artillery regiment and anti-aircraft artillery regiment are merged into a firepower regiment. The firepower regiment is equipped with 155 mm guns, air defense missiles and anti-aircraft guns.

The old type 66 will be replaced by pcl-181. In the future, the firepower density of Xinjiang Military Region will be very high, including 155 mm artillery of division fire regiment and 300 mm rocket of artillery brigade

In history, our armys tank equipment was divided according to different regions. In the past, we used to match 59 and 62 high and low. After the 1990s, our army mainly equipped with 30 tons of tanks. After entering the new century, our army has 20 tons of assault vehicles, 30 tons of 15 type tanks, 40 tons of 96 series of old tanks and 50 tons of New Type 99 tanks. At present, the newly installed tanks of our army are mainly type 15 tanks of one brigade and 99A tanks of more than two brigades last year, which are 30 tons and 50 tons respectively, and only 96b tanks of 40 tons are participating.

Although the tanks in Xiongguan pass at dawn are handsome, many troops in the Xinjiang military region cant get them

In addition to the Xinjiang Military Region, the 71 group army, the 72 group army, the 73 group army, the 74 group army, and the 75 group army also put forward the same demand. At present, our army has about 4000 medium-sized tanks and main battle tanks, of which 2500 are 96 series tanks. Many other units still use type 59 (about two regiments and other top troops), 59-2 (about one brigade), 88a (about one regiment), 88B (about one brigade), and 59D (most of which are top ranks of medium-sized brigades). In recent years, Chinas anti armour pressure has increased a little: Chinas surrounding countries and regions have recently purchased new tanks, the potential targets of new tanks are mainly Russian made T-90 tanks and k1a1 tanks, and some countries and regions have purchased advanced tanks such as M1A2 and K2, but the number is small. Therefore, in addition to improving the means of anti armour attack, each army also put forward a clear demand for the 40 ton tank.

Back in 96b, it took part in the annual military competition this year, which is the fifth year of its popularity. As a tank with redesigned chassis, added new 8v150hb engine and ch-1000b series integrated hydraulic transmission system, todays 96b tank is not so much a old tree blossoming new flowers, but rather a tehus ship after a complete replacement of subsystems like t-90m.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }The reason why our tank industry has spent a lot of time on 96b is that, in addition to using all mature technologies to quickly manufacture a usable racing car for military competition, we also need to test our countrys power transmission suspension technology, and the feasibility of upgrading the main force of our tank force, 2500 96 series tanks in 80 battalions. Of course, 96b has successfully tested the actual demand in terms of power in the past four years of military competition, and has made many outstanding achievements. At the same time, the tank industry has also modified the special conditions of these vehicles in the competition. This achievement is enough to prove to the military that the tank industry has the ability to provide a qualitative change tank with combat effectiveness by using the existing shelf products. With different units proving the excellent performance of 96b in the international military arena, the future of 96b tank becomes more and more clear. This article is the exclusive contribution of the observer. The content of the article is the authors personal view, which does not represent the platform view. Without authorization, it can not be reproduced, otherwise legal responsibility will be investigated. Pay close attention to guanchacn, the wechat of observer network, and read interesting articles every day. Source: observer.com editor in charge: Yao Wenguang_ NN1682

The reason why our tank industry has spent a lot of time in 96b is that, in addition to rapidly manufacturing a usable racing car with all mature technologies for military competition, it also has to test the demand of power transmission suspension technology in China, and the feasibility of upgrading the main force of our tank force - 2500 96 series tanks in 80 battalions. Of course, 96b has successfully tested the actual demand in terms of power in the past four years of military competition, and has made many outstanding achievements. At the same time, the tank industry has also modified the special conditions of these vehicles in the competition. This achievement is enough to prove to the military that the tank industry has the ability to provide a qualitative change tank with combat effectiveness by using the existing shelf products.

With different units proving the excellent performance of 96b in the international military arena, the future of 96b tank becomes more and more clear.

This article is the exclusive contribution of the observer. The content of the article is the authors personal view, which does not represent the platform view. Without authorization, it can not be reproduced, otherwise legal responsibility will be investigated. Pay close attention to guanchacn, the wechat of observer network, and read interesting articles every day.