Boys dont want to leave ear hair, these four short hair clean and handsome

 Boys dont want to leave ear hair, these four short hair clean and handsome

Thirty seven hair style

If the boys hair exceeds the ears, it will look particularly bloated and sloppy, and there is no boys youthful vigor at all. So, its the kings way to trim the hair on both sides! We can try this kind of 3 / 7 split hairstyle. The two sides are shoveled upward, and the middle hair is left long, and the partial split effect is created. It is full of fashionable youth style and the appearance is doubled.

02. Liu haigai has a fresh forehead

Short haircut

A lot of boys also like the pot cap hair style, but they keep the hair too long, which is also very ugly. Boys who like to keep the pot cap hair style can cut this short cap. The hair on both sides is completely trimmed, and half of the hair in front of the forehead is left, and then it will fall down naturally. In this way, there is neither heaviness nor stuffy feeling. It is refreshing and aging reducing.

Short hairstyle

Ive recommended a lot of short hairstyles. Today, I still want to share them with you. Cuntou hairstyle is a versatile style, which does not require too much of the face shape. The hair over the ear is too sultry. Why not cut such a short hair style, and the face and facial features are clearly visible, and the handsome is also particularly obvious.

04. Perm your hair for more design

Hedgehog hair

A lot of boys dislike their own hairstyles, which are not new. So, today Abei will recommend this kind of hedgehog hairstyle to you. He perms the hair slightly and thins both sides as much as possible. The hair in the top area should be combed upward and made into a partial split effect. This style is particularly designed, cool and handsome, and it is worth trying.

Afraid of hot boys, dont leave those more than the ears of the hair, the above several styles, absolutely let you handsome double, try it.