Julie wears white plain t to create a ladys aura

 Julie wears white plain t to create a ladys aura

To match the overall dress, Julie wore a gray mask and sunglasses with light yellow lenses, which matched the color of yellow sandals. On her shoulder was Diors main summer bag, Bobby leather handbag.

Julie can wear the same white T-shirt for many years (seeing Vivian, who accompanies her going out, has grown up). It can be seen that the timeless of the basic piece of the wardrobe is the same as matching black pencil pants or wearing a black wide brimmed hat, which instantly turns into French style. The versatile of white T-shirt is just through the different matching items, which can create any style, Its up to you.

In this outing, she also won the usual casual style. She tied up a bun at will without too much dressing up. Julies relaxed appearance looked very comfortable. She also put on the nearly $700 yellow Valentino sandals, which are flat bottomed leather sandals with beige wine coconut fiber bandage and gold hardware logo, which she wore almost every time she appeared this summer The same pair of sandals, unlike other stars who never wear fashionable items, Julie shows the most frugal side in front of the children for the second time.

Like to wear white T, but also like the chaos at home

They left the pet store full of harvest and brought home a gray litter basin, a straw litter and a water heater. It looked like they had a cat.

Her daughter Vivian is also wearing a gray sports T-shirt and mixed color sports shorts with a black mask.

She once said in an interview with the daily popular that she loved the chaos at home, eating popcorn, throwing balls, and dogs running around in the $25 million Los Feliz mansion on film night, you know, Ive never been a relaxed person, I love chaos.

Ex husband Pete just finished his French vacation

Julie lives in a low-key way, with only children in her life, and is still focused on the four-year courtroom battle to end her marriage to Brad Pitt, who is in a new relationship with German married model Nicole poturalski.

On Sunday, he was photographed in Paris alone, without the company of his 27 year old new girlfriend. At that time, it was raining in Paris. He was wearing blue grey trousers, a blue shirt, white sports shoes and a Salmon Fishermans cap. He expressed his joy with colorful colors of Wenqing.


Foreign media said the symbols represent happiness and happiness and everything is cool.

Nicole fell in love with Julie at first sight in August 2019 at her husbands restaurant.

The color of clothes can really show character and mood.