Smart game challenge warm up, open strategy, joint wisdom!

 Smart game challenge warm up, open strategy, joint wisdom!

Competitors can use this warm-up competition as a preview before the formal competition to conduct actual confrontation training on the self-developed AI model. On the one hand, they can be familiar with the specification of AI model submission and the process of decision-making in the war in advance; on the other hand, through mutual learning and reference, they can quickly make up for their own shortcomings and accelerate the improvement of AIs overall confrontation ability, said the event leader.

The warm-up competition will be held in accordance with the mode and process of the formal competition. The contestants have three opportunities to submit AI models. All submitted red and blue AI models will compete with each other to calculate points. Finally, they will be ranked according to the accumulated points and compete for the winning team. The results of the warm-up competition only provide a reference for the players to evaluate the relative level of their AI model, and are not used as the basis for the ranking and promotion of subsequent formal competitions.

Extended reading: an introduction to the warm-up competition

In the warm-up competition, it is planned to set up the champion, the second runner up and the third runner up, with a prize of 10000 yuan; the second runner up with 3000 yuan each; and the third runner up with 1000 yuan each.

2u3001 Schedule arrangement

The warm-up time is tentatively scheduled for August 15 to September 2, 2020, lasting for 19 days.

uff081uff09 Submit AI model online and review

Submission method and content of AI model: the team shall submit the attack and defense AI model of this round of competition through the official email address of the event as the attacker and defender (please indicate warm-up competition model submission in the email title, upload the submitted model in ZIP format, and press warm-up game as the attachment_ Team name_ Before submitting, please set and test according to the submission requirements of entries in Section 4.3 of the white paper, and at the same time, compare with the group file of technology exchange group of intelligent game challenge competition before submitting requirements.txt List the library files and versions supported by the sponsor, and package the additional library files that AI model depends on.

AI model check:

Starting from August 16, 2020, the organizer shall submit the check results of the previous day before 9:00 a.m. The competition company will inform the players of the check results by QQ group / email. All models were checked on August 20.

If you have any objection to the content announced, please contact the organizer.

uff082uff09 Against the game

Competition time: tentatively scheduled from August 29, 2020 to August 31, 2020.

At the end of this round of competition, the organizer of the competition will calculate the points of each team (the scoring rules follow the competition rules published on the official website of the competition), update the leagues point ranking list, and finally determine the winning team according to the ranking sequence.

uff083uff09 Event result announcement

The release time of the competition results is tentatively scheduled from September 1, 2020 to September 2, 2020.

Location: Official Website of the event.

Announce the cumulative points ranking of the participating teams, and take the top six points as the champion, the second and the third place of the warm-up competition.

After the results of the competition are announced, if the contestants have any objection to the results of the competition, they can request to query their own teams competition data and statistical results, and the organizer will provide all the competition data related to the team to the contestants through online means.

Adhering to the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, it is strictly forbidden to copy each other among the participating teams. The results submitted by different teams are highly similar. If the organizer of the event determines that there is plagiarism, the result will be invalid and the competition qualification will be cancelled.