China Mobile: 5g is more than our 5g

 China Mobile: 5g is more than our 5g

Up to now, China Mobile has opened nearly 300000 5g base stations, more than 70 million 5g package users and more than 1800 5g patents. 5g has become the aorta of social information flow, the accelerator of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the new cornerstone of building a digital society.

Zhao Dachun pointed out that with the attention and promotion of all sectors of the industry, 5g has entered the fast track of development, and has been integrated into Baiye, which has greatly increased its speed and ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. Industrial Internet is one of the fields with the widest application range, the most mature solution and the most significant value promotion of 5g.

China Mobile is implementing the five upgrades strategy to accelerate network upgrading, platform upgrading, application upgrading, mode upgrading and ecological upgrading, so as to accelerate the development of 5g + industrial Internet.

In terms of platform upgrading, 5gs amplification, superposition and multiplication effect has been exerted to comprehensively upgrade the industrial Internet platform system, providing in-depth services to more than 400 industrial enterprises.

In terms of mode upgrading, based on the four common concept of common demand discovery, product co innovation, Project Co delivery, and value co creation, we will work with industrial customers and partners to promote cross-border integration and innovation.

In the aspect of R & D, we will introduce 50 billion R & D cooperation centers and 50 billion e-commerce cooperation centers, establish 50 billion joint stock and supply cooperation models, and establish 50 billion joint venture and supply cooperation models.

Zhao Dachun stressed that 5g is not only 5g of operators, but also 5g of Qianxing Baiye. China Mobile will seize the unprecedented opportunity brought by new infrastructure, and has initially formed demonstration effect through 5g vertical industry layout.

Facing the future, we will continue to deepen the implementation of the 5g + industrial Internet 512 project, strengthen the mission, join hands with partners from all walks of life to promote the development of 5g + industrial Internet and open a new chapter in the development of digital economy.

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