Supporters and protestors in Portland Street scuffle, a man was shot dead, trump tweeted mourning: rest in peace!

 Supporters and protestors in Portland Street scuffle, a man was shot dead, trump tweeted mourning: rest in peace!

At about 6:00 p.m. local time, trump first forwarded a tweet from Amy Kremer, co-founder of trump womens voting organization. This tweet identified the man who was shot and killed in the conflict between black life is life protestors and trump supporters in Portland last Saturday as Jay bishop and declared anti French The Sith group was responsible for his death.

Russia today (RT) said that the man was a good friend and supporter of Patriot prayer earlier on the 30th, regarding the man who was shot and killed. Patriot prayer is a far right organization whose members are often seen attending rallies in support of trump.

Russia today: rest in peace, Jay! Trump mourns for supporters shot dead in the Portland conflict, and police will still reveal his identity

On the evening of the 29th, a convoy of about 600 trump caravans headed for downtown Portland. Go home, dont come to our city, and black life is life protestors chanted, trying to stop them by blocking roads and bridges. The Associated Press said the video showed that Trumps supporters fired paintballs to the protesters, sprayed anti bear spray, and protesters threw things at the convoy convoys, some of which escalated into fighting. The Washington Post reported that the brawlers punched each other and threw stones between vehicles, injuring many people. A trump supporter challenged the protester, blood streaming down his face.

At about 8:46 p.m., gunfire rang out. Portland police arrived at the scene and saw a man killed after being hit in the chest. A freelance photographer at the associated press heard three shots. The report said the victim appeared to be a white man wearing a hat that read Patriot pray..

The shooting occurred at a time when Freud was killed on his knees in protest in the city, which has lasted for 95 days. Less than three months after the U.S. presidential election in 2020, the anti racial discrimination riots in the United States are intensifying. The protest over Freuds kneeling by white police did not subside. Blake, a black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was shot by the police, which triggered a seven bullets, seven days demonstration.

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Trump supporters clash with protestors