Love exposure? Wang Jusun and his foreign friends

 Love exposure? Wang Jusun and his foreign friends

Netease Entertainment reported on August 31, recently, Wang Ju and foreign friends intimate photo exposure! She depends on her male friends, and she is very sweet. According to people familiar with the matter, Wang Ju herself sent a group photo of the two people in the circle of friends, and then deleted it in seconds. In the photo, Wang Ju, who has always shown herself as a big woman, leans in the arms of a male friend like a little bird.

The gossip media also unearthed a fitness video released by Wang Ju in February. In the video, a picture frame beside the TV set behind her can be seen, and the photo frame is suspected to be a foreign man, which seems to be the same person in the group photo.

In August last year, Wang Ju was photographed eating hand in hand with Taiwan actor Huang Baijun, and was still rolling iron in the gym. It was suspected that Wang Ju was in love. However, both of them did not admit that they were just ordinary friends.

Wang Juxins suspected love affair exposed