Zhang Min, 52, a generation of dream lover recently exposed

 Zhang Min, 52, a generation of dream lover recently exposed

Netease Entertainment reported on August 31, according to Taiwan media reports, 52 year old Zhang Min has been out of the performing arts circle for many years. In recent years, she has lived a simple life in the mainland. Recently, she has personally supported her friend Mo shaocongs kind-hearted action and visited the mountain area together. She still maintains her beautiful and frozen age, which shocked netizens.

Because of the epidemic, Zhang Min has not returned to Hong Kong. She has been touring various cities in mainland China. Recently, she and Mo shaocong and Zhang yaoyang have gone to remote mountainous areas to do good deeds, help deliver goods and accompany local children to play. The 52 year old not only has proper maintenance, but also maintains a slender figure, which makes netizens super surprised. She is also looking forward to her performance in front of the screen Out.

Zhang Min has made nearly 70 films and TV works for many years, and his cooperation with Zhou Xingchi is most well known, such as gambler, truant Weilong series, and Lu Ding Ji. Among them, Zhang Min is the most impressive one among them. She is not only the first generation star girl, but also named the lover of dreams. She plays Zhao Min and rides a white horse in the demon sect leader of the Dragon slaughtering story Looking back on the scene, many audiences were more impressed.

However, after she retired from the performing arts circle in 2003, she devoted herself to Buddhism. It was not until 2017 that she took an advertisement for Taiwans Xinyi breeze department store that she was beautiful and beautiful again. Now she lives a simple life and travels around listening to Taoism. She has also set up a microblog, but the update frequency is not high. In February this year, she rarely exposed a positive photo, and her face can be broken by q-pop, and there is no trace of age.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788