Panther director kugeler mourns for the male host: he is a grand fireworks

 Panther director kugeler mourns for the male host: he is a grand fireworks

Kugeler said he was working on Panther 2. He knew that Bosman was ill, but did not know the details of his illness. He had no clear plan on how the sequel would deal with the death of the leading actor Bosman.

Kugelers eulogy was sincere and delicate.

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I took tcharas casting decision from marvel and the Russell brothers, which I will always be grateful for. The first time I saw Chads performance of tchala, an unfinished version of Captain America 3, I was deciding whether to direct panther or not, and whether it was the right choice for me.

Ill never forget watching him in the Disney editing room. His first scene was with Scarlett Johnson as the black widow, and then with South African film star John Carney as king Tchaka, the father of tchala. At that moment, I knew I wanted to make the film - when Scarletts character left them, Chad and John began to talk in a language that I had never heard, but was familiar with, full of the click and smack that black children in the United States would do when they spoke, the kind of talk that we would normally consider disrespectful or improper Sound. But the language has a musicality that feels ancient, powerful and African.

At a meeting after watching the film, I asked Nate Moore, one of the films producers, did you make your own language? Nate replied, thats Xhosa, the native language of John Carney. He and Chad decided on the set to shoot that scene like that, and we did that. I thought, it was in that day that he learned to speak his lines in another language? I cant imagine how difficult it is, and even if I havent met Chad yet, Ive admired his savvy as an actor.

After that, I learned that there was a lot of discussion about how tezara spoke in the film. It was Chad, a native of South Carolina, who consolidated the decision that the official language of vakanda is Xhosa, because he was able to learn to speak with Xhosa on the spot, and he also advocated that his character speak with an African accent, so that he could present tezara to the audience as an African king, because the language of vakanda was not invaded by the West (wakanda did not Become a colony).

In early 2016, I finally met Chad after signing up for panther. He dodged the crowds of reporters I attended at a quiddie press conference and met me in the lounge. We talked about our lives, I played football at college, he studied directing in Howard, we talked about our shared vision of tezara and vacanda, about the strange coincidence that his former Howard University classmate TA nehisi Coates was writing about tezara to marvel comics, and that Chad knew that Howard Student Prince Jones had been murdered by the police inspired Coates to create Between the world and me.

At that time, I noticed that Chad was an alien. He was quiet, confident, and constantly learning, but he was also friendly and soothing. He had the warmest laughter in the world, and his eyes were older than his age, but his eyes would shine like a child who saw something new.

It was the first of many conversations we had, and he was a special person, and we often talked about traditions, about what it means to be African American. In preparing for the film, he will consider every decision, every choice, not just how they will present himself, but what kind of widespread impact they can have.

What we want to do, they are not ready yet... This is our star wars, Lord of the rings, and bigger. u2014u2014He would say this to me when we struggled to finish a play, when he started double overtime, when he was painting all over his body, when he was shooting his own action play, when he fell into the cold water or on the landing pad. I would nod and smile, but I didnt believe what he said. I dont know if this movie will be made, Im not sure what Im doing, but looking back, I realize that Chad knows something we dont know, and his eyes are not in front of us, but in the distance. At the same time, he is working on it.

Supporting actor audition, he will also participate in, which is not common for the leading role of a blockbuster. Mbaku was there for several auditions, and Winston Duke turned a reading of chemical reactions into a wrestling match, and Winston broke his bracelet. When Leticia Wright auditioned for Shuri, she used her signature humor to pierce his kings composure, bringing a 100% Chad smile to tchalas face.

Chad is very private and I didnt know the details of his illness before. When his family realized that he was ill, I had all the time to announce his illness. Because he is a caring person, a leader, a person with faith, dignity and pride, he does not want his collaborators to be hurt by his own pain.

He has gone through a beautiful life and created great art. Day after day, year after year, he was such a man. He was a big fireworks display. All my life, I will tell the story of those wonderful flowers, he left us a beautiful mark.

Its the most painful loss Ive ever experienced, and Ive spent the past year preparing, imagining and writing words that I want him to say that are now doomed to fail (kugeler is preparing the script for Panther 2). I was heartbroken to realize that I would never see a close-up of him on the monitor screen again, or walk up to him and ask for another one.

What makes me sad is that we can no longer have face-to-face conversations or video or SMS conversations. During the outbreak, he would send me vegetarian recipes or healthy eating methods to me and my family. He would take care of me and the people I love, even if he was suffering from cancer himself.

In African culture, we often refer to our loved ones who have passed away as ancestors. Sometimes they are related by blood, sometimes they are not. I had the privilege of directing some parts of Chads character, tchala: he communicated with the ancestors of vakanda. It was shot in front of a blue screen in an abandoned warehouse in Atlanta, in front of huge movie lights, but Chads performance made the play feel real. I think its because from the moment I saw him, the ancestors were talking to us through him.

Its no secret to me that he can play some of the most important characters (Bosman has played many biographical films), and I have no doubt that he will always exist and bless us more. But with a heavy heart and deep gratitude for knowing him, I have to face the fact that Chad has become a ancestor and I know that he will always care for us until we meet him again.

Director Heibao mourns for Bosman. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788

Director Panther mourns for Bosman