Selinas voice is like the scene of a car crash

 Selinas voice is like the scene of a car crash

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Selina, she member (source: Netease Entertainment)

Selina caused a lot of uproar because of her lip to mouth performance. Later, she admitted that it was her voice problem. At the memorial concert, she was rescued by her best friends Ella and Hebe. She cried bitterly for many times, but wiped away her tears and actively sought different treatments. After seeing famous doctors, she got the answer that there is no problem in the structure. She was quite depressed because she couldnt find the problem Because of the sound, for a long time, I didnt like singing KTV, a said But she is still preparing to release a single in October.

Selina was depressed for more than half a year. She was worried that it was a psychological problem. She consulted a psychologist for three times, and reorganized her life experience from childhood to adulthood. She still had no solution after she had been stripped of the cocoon. She also tried the medical investigation of otolaryngology. She had no problem with vocal cords and no cocoon, and could not find the source of the disease physically and psychologically. Like a headless fly, Selina also accepted suggestions from her relatives, friends and fans to try folk therapy. She wore blue crystal on her body and put it under her pillow to change her aura.

Until he met a teacher, he made a scientific analysis to Selina that everyone would have the possibility of changing their voice at different stages. For example, the most obvious change of boys was adolescence. This statement solved Selinas inner doubts, and gradually accepted her voice change. Now she is willing to take up the microphone to sing. At the end of last year, Selina sang the online Red Song heart like water. Her lazy voice overturned the sweet voice of the past. It took only one day to complete the recording. At that time, she was so happy to open champagne in the studio to celebrate.

As her mood gradually changed, Selina decided to accept a new voice. She said: I used to think it was cool to sing high pitched songs. Now I can show my own midrange. Its warm and comfortable. I like it very much and Im willing to pick up the microphone to sing. And you dont have to be afraid or sad. You can also sing happily by turning down a few keys. Selina does not forget to laugh at herself. She has changed her range from Ella, who always sings bass.

The year before last, Selina established her own studio on her own with the old dongjiahuayan international. Along the way, she confessed that she had encountered many setbacks and hurdles, and everything had survived. Now, the new single that will be released in October is also the first work since the establishment of the studio. She has been working hard from planning, collecting songs to recording and singing. Recently, she has actively reduced weight and hopes to take on a new look appear.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788