Zhang Meng responded to the apology video query and confessed that she was too worried about becoming a producer

 Zhang Meng responded to the apology video query and confessed that she was too worried about becoming a producer

Zhang Meng was eliminated in the four male performance of sister riding the wind and waves broadcast on August 7. When she left, she said that it would be nice to look back on this summer when she was 80 years old.

In the program, Zhang Meng, with the title of producer, was different from other sisters in the beginning. When other people meet for the first time, they still have some formality in their conversation, but she has taken the lead in opening up the social mode of greeting and greeting. Others are rushing to form a troupe, but Zhang Meng is in the mood of looking for actors for her own drama. Since she has come, she will enjoy the stage and this summer, and even be ready to be eliminated every time. She said that she liked to make friends and talk since she was a child. Maybe thats why she became a producer.

In Zhang Mengs opinion, this program is more like flowers and youth version of creation 101. The friendship in the program may be fragile in the near future, but it is strong in the long run. We will certainly make some good friends. After all, we have collided in that place, and we have made progress towards a goal together.

No regrets, but a relief

At the beginning of the program, when the sisters came, I didnt know who was taking part. After Zhang Meng arrived, she found that there were so many experienced and learned dancing sisters that she felt that she would be eliminated in the first stage. She is not the best singer and dancer, but she has a strong desire to be enterprising.

In the canvassing session, Zhang Meng would dance and dance for her teams votes with parallelism; in the selection of team leader, she would almost always stand up and recommend herself, choose me, choose me. Although she has been raising her hand, she has been in the air, and she is still left in the end. Zhang Meng doesnt feel embarrassed. She usually does her own projects, and is rejected too much. Ill give myself a round. Anyway, I have to join a group, no matter who Im with. If you raise your hand, you will have a 50% chance to be elected. Even if you are rejected, it doesnt matter. You have to raise your hand to fight for it. I dont want to leave regret.

During the recording period, Zhang Meng didnt learn to dance easily. When he couldnt learn it, he felt lost. Im one of those people who dont have muscle memories. Its hard to memorize the lyrics and the movements at the same time. Theres no way to sing and dance and learn together. Even if one day she faces elimination, she doesnt have any regrets. Instead, she thinks its a relief. In fact, theres a lot of pressure in the program. Its too hard to practice dancing, and Im always worried about dragging down the team.

Growth experience

Zhang Meng began to learn piano at the age of three, and studied in the middle school attached to Tianjin Conservatory of music. Because her father was the president of a conservatory of music. When she was a child, her parents expected her to be a piano teacher in the future. She had professional skills and worked comfortably and stably. But Zhang Meng is not willing to be set so early all his life. She didnt want to be a piano teacher either, because it was a profession chosen by her parents, not her own.

At that time, she saw the big time and thought that the beauty financiers life was rich, and her personal destiny was closely related to the times, which was very cool. As a result, Zhang Meng, who was still in high school, went to Australia to study and chose to major in fashion design.

After graduating from University, Zhang Meng decided to return home. She wanted to put herself in a competitive environment since she returned home for development. She wanted to know what Chinese women in their 20s were like, so she signed up for the Miss Universe competition. Because of her participation in the beauty pageant, she began to be asked to film, and Zhang Meng then entered the film and television industry.

Controversial role

To play a bad card well, the heart must be strong enough

Zhang Meng is not a professional and an actress. She is a little bit unsure. For example, some real historical figures, familiar and complicated roles, she would feel afraid to play them and be afraid that they would not understand their life. After 30, with her life experience, she began to know how to perform. In 2014, Zhang Mengs role of Jiao Yanyan in divorce lawyer was her first widely discussed role. Before taking on the role, some people said that playing such a negative role would be scolded. But Zhang Meng thinks that there is nothing to be afraid of. Actors should create something that they will not experience in their own life. If it is really controversial, it proves that you have played the role alive.

The same is true of Zhang Chengcheng in settling down. Zhang Meng realized from the beginning that the role of Zhang Chengcheng would not be pleasant, but she took it. At that time, it was said that acting in ancient costume drama was very popular, but Zhang Meng, who was once known as beauty in ancient costume, didnt care. She didnt want to repeat herself all the time. All the roles are multi-faceted. It depends on which side you catch. So even as a bad woman, she enjoyed it.

In fact, Zhang Meng had played many female No. 1 before, but after playing a less pleasant supporting role, she was suddenly remembered. Before, there was no other role to choose, because there was only this deck of cards in hand. You said you would play or not. Its normal to play a good hand and win. How to play a bad hand well will increase your confidence from your heart. This is very important.

Multiple identities

Being a producer depends on his character

Landlady is a special label on Zhang Meng, but she sees herself as an entrepreneur working with her husband. She was asked what she would do if she didnt become an actress. Zhang Meng said that she would do business. She has a passion for entrepreneurship. She has been preparing for five years as a producer. She has been accumulating contacts while filming until she feels ready to do it. Im not a self-made person. Im a hard-working type. I can be a producer because of my character and worry about it.

Talking about her experience as a producer, Zhang Meng has put forward a 10000 hour theory, that is, when you do something for 10000 hours, you will be a professional. For Zhang Meng, her worry personality accelerates her career as a producer. When youre tired of filming, youll be a producer. If you break your heart, youll act again. Zhang Meng regards the two identities as exchanging rest. her life energy also comes from this.

About apology

Always feel that face to face is the most direct communication

When the first public show was broadcast, some people questioned her canvassing form, and Zhang Meng quickly posted a video apology on her microblog. After the release of the video, many different voices appeared. Zhang Meng said frankly that her habit is that if you can meet and communicate with others, you must not make a phone call; if you can make a phone call, you will not make a voice; if you can, you will not send a text. I always think that face-to-face is the most direct communication. Dont take yourself seriously, in Zhang Mengs opinion, even if the netizens dont like her, at most, they think she is a bit chirpy. When mentioning that if one day she is eliminated from the stage, Zhang Meng said that she would not cry and cry goodbye with everyone, I will not add drama to myself, and we will not be invisible in the future.

Source: Xu Meiyu, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NBJS11310