Rare! The US plane is suspected to take off directly from Taiwan

 Rare! The US plane is suspected to take off directly from Taiwan

According to the information released by the South China Sea strategic situation awareness program platform on August 30, the flight path of the US Navy ep-3e reconnaissance plane

However, the South China Sea strategic situation awareness program platform also said that the weird flight trajectory of US military aircraft does not rule out the situation that the signal error leads to the trajectory deviation. There is no response from Taiwan.

Recently, U.S. military aircraft have been operating frequently near Taiwan. It has been exposed that US military aircraft overflew Taiwan airspace or take off and land in Taiwan, but such a situation is quite rare. Taiwan media reported on August 19 that an ep-3e electronic surveillance plane of the U.S. Army entered the airspace of Northern Taiwan on August 18, and was more likely to land at Songshan Airport. However, military officials of the Taiwan military said privately that there was no such thing. Taipei air station said that if a military aircraft landed, it would be under the jurisdiction of the military, so it would not speak on the matter.

US Navy ep-3e electronic reconnaissance aircraft

As for the flight behavior of US military aircraft in Taiwan airspace, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying once said that the US sides move seriously violates international law and the basic norms of international relations. China firmly opposes and strongly condemns this. China urges the US side to abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques and immediately stop such illegal and provocative acts. China will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.

Chen Xinxin, director of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao law research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, once said that if the US military aircraft landed at the Taiwan Airport, it would actually be an act of fringes supporting Taiwans so-called sovereign status in disguise. According to the three Sino US joint communiques, the United States recognizes that there is only one China in the world, that is, the peoples Republic of China, and that Taiwan is an integral part of the territory of the peoples Republic of China. Therefore, if a US military aircraft flies over Taiwan and needs to land in an emergency, it should apply to the government of the peoples Republic of China, not the Taiwan authorities.

The Ministry of defense of the mainland also used the three seriousness to respond to the frequent presence of US warships and aircraft in the Taiwan Strait. Ren Guoqiang, spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, said on March 26, 2020 that the US side has been making constant negative actions on the Taiwan issue, seriously interfering in Chinas internal affairs, seriously undermining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, seriously poisoning the relations between the two armed forces of China and the United States, and sending a wrong signal to the forces of Taiwan independence., It is extremely dangerous. China will never allow foreign forces to play the Taiwan card and will not tolerate any form of Taiwan independence separatist plot and behavior. He said that the PLAs military operations such as combat readiness cruise are aimed at safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait region, and safeguarding the common interests of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

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Taiwans top military official claimed that the Chinese mainland has decided to avoid the war between the two strong powers.

China and the United States are fighting militarily in the South China Sea. Tsai ing ing Wen, the leader of Taiwan, also claims that he is worried that he will brush off his guns and go wrong.. Lin Zhongbin, former deputy head of the Defense Department of Taiwan authorities, said that Taiwan had already had a pipeline that China and the United States had no weakness in the military trump, but decided to avoid war.

Lin Zhongbin

The two defense ministers spoke to the US military, which seemed worried about Trumps provocative approach and sought to cooperate with the Chinese mainland to avoid losing control.

Lin made the remarks in a speech last week. He said that in August 11th, the South China Morning Post reported that do not shoot the first shot, noting that Chinese mainland has communicated with the United States through various pipelines and demanded that the army not take the first shot. Trump, a Chinese professor, said that a professor from Taiwan side had a pipeline through the Chinese mainland. Before Cai Yingwens 520 took office, he said that the situation of the US is serious, the economy is declining and the situation of reappointment is unfavorable. It will increase the military action in the South China Sea in an irrational way. The Chinese mainland will avoid war at the critical moment. Lin Zhongbin said

As for the military situation on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Lin Zhongbin said that the mainland seems to cool the upsurge of military unification and rein in the warwolf diplomatic attitude towards Taiwan; Beijing will only use hard hand in 2019, but will resume both in 2020. He said that on May 1, Qiao, a hawkish mainland general famous for his beyond the limit war, published a paper on Taiwan issue should not be rashly advanced to cool down the enthusiasm of the military unification faction. The article was then reprinted on May 4 under the big national policy think tank with policy influence.

Czech Senate speaker vitzi arrived in Taipei on a charter flight from Taiwan China Airlines on Sunday, starting a visit that flagrantly violates the one China principle. Vitzi is the highest ranking Czech official to visit Taiwan so far, and he is also the first speaker to visit Taiwan among European countries that have established diplomatic relations with Beijing. Therefore, the nature of the matter itself is very bad.

Vitzzi data map

Vitzi claimed that his visit to Taiwan was to express his support for a democratic Taiwan. The Czech Senate also called the opposition to the visit as interference in the internal affairs of the Czech Republic.. Such sophistry logic is very distorted. Respecting the one China principle and not developing official relations with Taiwan is the commitment of all countries that have established diplomatic relations with the peoples Republic of China. Therefore, the current presidents of other European countries will not go to Taiwan.

First of all, vitzi is a rule breaker and a Trampler of diplomatic civilization. He gives his own evil deeds gold is a kind of political rascal performance, many languages have a very ugly description of this self-supporting archway.

To what extent does vitzis visit to Taiwan represent the Czech Republic, it is difficult to quantify and quantify it. Czech President Zeman and foreign minister petzhek have successively expressed their opposition to vitzis visit, believing that this will damage Czech China relations. However, according to the Czech constitution, vitzi is the number two figure in the country. At the same time, the parliament is the most controversial place in the Czech Republic and Western style countries. Now the Czech government and the Senate are controlled by different political parties. This is the actual situation of vitzis representation of the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic is a small country in Europe, and the Czech speakers head to visit Taiwan shows obvious arrogance. Some Czech forces tend to force ideological factors into foreign affairs. This is believed to be related to its experience as a satellite state of the Soviet Union. Those forces like to show more radical performance in anti Communist so as to declare that they are already members of the West.

Last year, the plan of the Czech presidents visit to Taiwan came into being last year. In the past two years, the United States has changed its policy toward China substantially. In particular, since this year, the United States has launched a government wide attack on China, instigating a new cold war against China to European allies, which has provided impetus for the issue of the Czech presidents visit to Taiwan to be launched and forced forward.

In the final analysis, Wittigs visit to Taiwan was the result of his and some Czech politicians looking at the face of the United States and speculating on Washingtons intentions. If we go back a few years, the Czech Senate President will not have the courage to visit Taiwan to challenge the principle of one China. This is a new reality that we are not happy with: the US crackdown on China is opening up a peripheral front, and it can always be responded to by some forces in some countries. Those countries that have close contacts with China and have deep cooperative interests are not easy to pry them. However, some countries with relatively weak economic cooperation with China may have some forces ready to move or even go up Hurry to be an accomplice to Washington. We should have a kind of ideological preparation. Vitzi may not be the last opportunist to break the rules on the Taiwan issue.

The one China principle has long been one of the cornerstones of the modern international relations system. It has participated in the foundation of the world order just like the international norms of not changing the territorial status quo and respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country. However, in order to suppress China, the United States has begun to attack the principle of one China. If Washington throws stones into the lake, it will surely cause some ripples. We cant take any chances.

How to respond is a test of Beijings strategic determination and diplomatic wisdom. When the U.S. provocative shock strikes from all directions, we must first figure out what is most important to us, what are the substantive interests we must defend, and where we need to have patience to carry out our rounds.

It is obvious that the Czech Senate President has the purpose of attracting peoples attention and raising his own value. We have strengthened our firepower to fight back against him. His provocations have somewhat helped him. He may also objectively connive at similar behaviors. Therefore, China needs to make an accurate response to this matter. First of all, lets not be angry. We have all experienced such a big storm in Sino US relations. How old is the Czech president who came to Taiwan to meet porcelain? We should respond according to our own strength and the number of tools in our hands.

In the final analysis, a China is not decided by the Senate of a small country in Central Europe, nor even by Washington. It will ultimately be decided by Chinas strength and the will of 1.4 billion Chinese people. It will be regulated by Chinas anti secession law and supervised by the powerful peoples Liberation Army. When the president of the Czech Republic went to Taiwan for a long time, he could not leave anything behind.

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The US reconnaissance plane was revealed to be in a strange track and suspected to have taken off from Taiwan