All of a sudden! Trumps staunch supporters have been shot and a bigger storm is coming

 All of a sudden! Trumps staunch supporters have been shot and a bigger storm is coming

This time, one of Trumps staunch supporters was shot dead in downtown Portland.

1. On that day, in Portland, a large number of Trumps staunch supporters formed a convoy of hundreds of trucks. All the way, the stars and stripes were displayed and all kinds of shouting and shouting were carried through the downtown of Portland to cheer for trump. After watching the video, the scale is really spectacular.

2. Trump also specially forwarded relevant news and tweeted great patriots! All letters are capitalized with an exclamation mark. In other words, trump is very supportive of such activities.

Tragedy is brewing. Portland has been angry for many months, protesting against social injustice, racial discrimination, and the violent suppression of the government. These trump stalwart supporters have gone through the market, which has exacerbated the confrontation and conflict between the two sides.

4. A video circulated on the Internet shows that two trucks suddenly rush into the crowd and spray liquid at the crowd. The crowd is forced to escape, and some people fall to the ground. The scene is breathtaking. Its not sure its from Portland, but thats pretty much the case in Portland.

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All of a sudden, Trumps staunch supporters were shot dead, and a bigger storm was coming

All of a sudden, Trumps staunch supporters were shot dead, and a bigger storm was coming

More importantly, lets take a look at the time point.

Three months later, black, a 29 year old black man, was shot seven times in the back by the police. At that time, his three children were nearby, causing a new round of protest and conflict.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Blake was shot, there was a riot for several consecutive nights. Two days ago, on the night of curfew, a 17-year-old white teenager shot and killed two protestors. It was like adding fuel to the fire, and things went out of hand.

I remember when I wrote an article saying that in the United States, there are guns. Since the ultra rightists have pulled the trigger, then other forces will swallow their anger?

See a lot of American cities, more and more shop household wooden block doors and windows. Please note, not simply close the door and close the window, but completely seal it with thick wood!

After his supporters were shot and killed in Portland, trump immediately became angry and sent out multiple tweets

what do you mean?

There is a new method of swearing, but the meaning is consistent: be tough!

After Floyd was killed on his knees, protests were made all over the country. Trump was also besieged in the White House and was once transferred to the White House bunker. At that time, he denounced some US governors for being too weak

Most of you are too weak. You have to arrest people, chase people, put them in jail for 10 years, and you wont see these guys again.

If it is the other president of the United States, if there is such a serious national riot, he will feel sad for the first time, denounce racial discrimination, oppose violence, smashing and looting, and seek political reconciliation.

But trump, on the contrary, suppressed! On the army!

Why does the president look more opposition than the opposition?

According to some Americans, on the one hand, this is because of Trumps personality; on the other hand, it does not exclude greater political calculation.

It must be noted that trump is also in a dilemma now, because many of the white forces, including the patriotic masses on the far right above, are supporting trump. Black people are unlikely to support him when they yield to the protestors, but the silent majority in Trumps words may abandon him.

Law and order on the one hand, and anger at racial discrimination on the other. This has become an irreconcilable contradiction. Trump accused the Democratic Party of bad governance, and the Democratic Party accused trump of instigating violence.

What was the result?

300 million Americans and more than 300 million guns. If lynching is tolerated, you can imagine the consequences if you kill me today and you kill me tomorrow?

Lets not forget that many far right groups are also the most pro gun supporters.

The result of tearing up will become the red flame battlefield of the Middle East and Africa!

I remember that after the Freud incident, there were nationwide protests in the United States, which were full of flames. Some foreigners commented with emotion:

Americans are being slaughtered

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Russia and China must sanction the United States, arm the rebels and foreign armed elements, and oppose the brutal trump regime

Russia and China must sanction the United States, arm the rebels and foreign armed elements, and oppose the brutal trump regime

The last McDonalds in Minnesota was bombed

Venezuela and Iran should set up a no fly zone to stop this

Well, this must be nonsense. How can Russia and China behave in such a way?

But Venezuela and Iran, do you want to consider asking for a no fly zone in the United States?

This world, the reality is so cruel, but it is more absurd than black humor.

Trump supporters clash with protestors