2020 girls plastic surgery template exposure deformity aesthetic is destroying a generation

 2020 girls plastic surgery template exposure deformity aesthetic is destroying a generation

Two days ago, a shocking news broke out in the news. The director of the cosmetology department of a hospital in Jiangxi revealed that: this year, the consultation team of plastic surgery is young, junior high school students account for a certain proportion, and the youngest consultant is only 8 years old.

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There were also students who revealed the wonders after the beginning of school: there are 32 students in the class. Almost all the girls who used to be single eyelids have cut their double eyelids, and several boys have also cut their eyelids.

Think of the innocent students who should have sat in the classroom, all turned into a team of double eyelids. I couldnt laugh at the sight.

As early as two years ago, a picture of a 7-year-old girl cutting her eyelids was once popular. The comments at the bottom were praiseworthy, but more abusive and questioning.

Do you want double eyelids, small mouth and high nose? Its too deep to be influenced by the Internet red culture! Values are distorted, they are bad

The extreme pursuit of the abnormal aesthetic style of online red is like a blind Carnival feast.


What makes people laugh and cry is that the distorted aesthetic refreshes the publics cognition and bottom line again and again.

Cosmetic surgery is just the tip of the iceberg in all these appearances, but the hidden mystery is even more surprising.

Not long ago, some netizens picked out female stars to wear fake buttocks. Whether attending activities or participating in variety shows, their figure is different from that when they wear them everyday.

But the most embarrassing thing is that the fake butt occasionally shifts and is recorded unintentionally.

As the name suggests, fake butt is a kind of buttock cushion, which can make the buttocks more warped and have a better figure curve.

In order to achieve the visual aesthetic of the public, many stars and online celebrities are good at borrowing all kinds of single products.

I wonder when it started to fry fanaticism, and friends circle, micro-blog, tiktok and so on, and no escape.

The price is as low as tens of thousands, and even tens of thousands of people like to collect the notes on a certain platform.

If you dont have a corset, you cant be called a woman..

What is more exaggerated is its propaganda: long term wear can inhibit appetite, correct bad posture, help postpartum repair and recovery of lumbar injury.

Let countless desire to have slim waist girls can not help but buy.

Therefore, the monthly sales volume of a certain brand belt once reached 30000.

There was a Baoma mother who wore a corset after giving birth. One week later, she had to go to see a doctor because of urine leakage, vaginal wall bulge and visceral downward displacement.

After wearing it, you cant breathe, your heart has no colic, your lower abdomen aches, and your stomach acid flows back. Even if you stop wearing it, you will not be able to work hard.

Wearing a corset for a year, he found that he would leak urine when sneezing and coughing, and the sagging viscera oppressed the pelvic floor muscles.

They think they are pursuing beauty, but they are actually watering their own flowers at the cost of their own health, taking their bodies as the soil and ignorance as their nourishment. Beauty is beautiful, but it is also poisonous.

It doesnt matter if you swallow yourself up. You are like a gambler who has no hesitation. Its pathetic to put the cart before the horse.


There is a sentence in the mob:

In order to gain recognition, individuals are willing to abandon right and wrong and use IQ to exchange for a sense of belonging that makes people feel secure.

In the past few years, Kardashian was popular, even the small skeleton had to be convex and backward warped; in recent years, when white Youmei was popular, it was necessary to lose weight and insert small size BM.

All of us are faced with similar problems - they always feel that they are not beautiful enough.

In the standardized aesthetic, facing your body calmly has become a very uncomfortable thing.

Yang Chao Chao said in the program that he often looked in the mirror in the middle of the night and began to observe every part of himself carefully. The longer he watched, the more he began to doubt. Finally, he couldnt help crying.

Why am I so ugly? I can be more delicate here, and I can be more refined there. I should be higher here and lower than that. How can I grow so failed?

Because of the sudden popularity and all kinds of attacks, she was not confident enough and began to ask herself to be more refined, in order to infinitely close to her demanding perfection.

When Cai Kangyong asked her: now so many people like you, are you still not confident?

Yang Chaochao said: Yes, although they like me, its very difficult for them to like themselves. I always feel that yesterdays self is a very annoying person.

Her words, exposed countless people have been blindly pursuing the sense of self-identity.

For this disagreement, countless accessories have been produced.

There are more and more P-map software in mobile phones, and the parameters are more and more refined. With the popularity of medical beauty industry, micro integration has become a common way of beauty. The black medical and beauty industry chain has been exposed crazily. There are more than 150000 illegal employees, but there are still many people coming forward.

According to the green paper on mental health of working women in China in 2019, about 85% of working women have been troubled by anxiety and depression in the past year, and appearance and figure have become one of the three main sources of psychological problems for women in the workplace.

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Being too strict with ones appearance leads to a decline in self-identity.

Over time, unable to accept the real self, resulting in a huge psychological gap.

Blogger stephanielange has personally shown the difference between a real person and a photo.

When netizens praise the idea of ideal figure and I want to be like you in the backstage, she will directly send a message to the most authentic photos of herself, and admit that I certainly want to be beautiful on the Internet, but I dont mind showing my non beautiful side.

Seemingly perfect people also have stomachs, orange peel, edema, pores and acne in reality, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone will have these things.

As Chen Shanni said:

In this Internet age, everything becomes very single, including beauty. Tell me quickly what I want to wear this year, and I will buy it. You will be more and more easily convinced. Your aesthetic ability will decline and you will be blind.


Since ancient times, we have always been talking about what beauty is.

Some people think that big eyes and high nose bridge is beauty, some people think that front convex and back warping is beauty... There are thousands of answers to beauty.

But in any case, beauty should not be the evaluation given to you by others, but you should appreciate every moment of your own reality.

Confident people will not live in the mouth of others, nor will they be influenced by beauty cameras.

There are too many people who pursue the beauty of online popularity. Their life seems to be just frozen in one photo after another.

A picture of eating, traveling and shopping can take three hours to mend.

Just for a high nose, clear jaw line, big eyes, and even a picture that is not perfect.

Pay too much attention to the comments of the circle of friends. As long as someone says youre not doing it naturally, you will immediately lock up the circle of friends.

Day after day in the false self, unable to extricate themselves.

But the pursuit of the leather bag is the most superficial, the most nihilistic existence, all of which are difficult to force, but they can not get rid of addiction.

Blindly facing you who cant extricate yourself from nothingness is like a traveler in a maze. If you go in the wrong direction and exert too much force, the result will not become right.

But you forget that every time you ignore other peoples laughter, its beautiful that you try your best.

A persons sense of value definitely does not come from the appearance of the short-term appearance, but from the heart of their own affirmation, they will continue to provide the most energy for themselves.

When you learn to affirm yourself, learn to find that your existence is originally has a variety of values, that moment of self-confidence you will only be surrounded by the halo.

Because of you, its beautiful.

With you.