These two colors are very expensive to wear together this autumn

 These two colors are very expensive to wear together this autumn

It is almond oil white, deep blue, graupel grey and olive army green

By August, Pantone and herittech, a fashion trend forecasting company, officially announced five popular colors this fall: mint, taro purple, earth color, lake blue and rose pink.

There is no doubt that the classic earth color is popular in autumn and winter, but to my surprise, many dark colors have been replaced by bright colors this year, becoming lighter and lighter~

Today, Id like to share my thoughts on color matching!

How to find color matching inspiration?

If you want to be in the forefront of fashion and have a quick step of fashion information, you can pay attention to the four fashion weeks of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Generally, they will be two seasons earlier, so we can predict the autumn and winter popular colors in 2020 at the beginning of the year.

On the major shows, it is not difficult to find pink and rose pink figures, from dresses to coats, all use this color, very bright.

Paris and Milan Fashion Week autumn and winter 2020

Dark green and steady, can be used in large areas in autumn and winter; lake blue is like green like blue, with high saturation, suitable for small area of single product, or with rich design to weaken the expansion of color.

Everything may be absent, but the earth color belongs to autumn and winter will not. The autumn and winter coat must see Max Mara, which is also the classic color of his family.

Fashion week just provides us with elements and inspiration. If we apply it to practice, we can refer to the clothes of stars or bloggers, which is more valuable.

For example, Kris recently attended an event in a rose pink LV outfit, from which we can see some clues of this years popular colors.

Pay more attention to bloggers with similar style and good taste, and you can find a lot of clothing inspiration. Yoyo Cao, my favorite Asian blogger, has already put on the fashionable colors of the new season.

u258f combined with practical color matching rules

Comfort and harmony are more important in daily wear. We suggest that you can refer to the colors with an angle within 60 degrees in the color phase ring, that is, adjacent colors. This kind of color combination is unified and does not conflict with each other. It can present a pure and soft feeling and is not easy to make mistakes.

If you want to wear a sense of fashion out of the street, then choose the contrast color with an angle within 120 degrees. This combination is easy to collide with gorgeous visual impact.

Autumn 2020 color matching guide!

For example, the combination of sage green and black, advanced and temperament.

Mint blue + white, pure and elegant, in addition to color harmony, you can also look at the fabric, satin material and cotton single combination, more suitable for early autumn.

This years popular classic blue itself is rich in color. If you are not a big fashion man, dont try to collide with each other easily. Its safer to add a colorless system.

u258f earth color system + blue color system

The earth color and blue color are complementary colors, which are especially suitable for the workplace. They are smart and intelligent, simple and have their own color matching concept.

The lake blue, which is not easy to control, can also become calm and grounded when combined with the earth color. As an interior piece, the lake blue can be closer to the face and more in line with the skin color.

The saturation is lower, that is to add gray blue, even yellow and black leather can also show the color, sleeveless high collar knitwear is overlapped with brown trousers, which is fashionable and Japanese style.

u258f pink, purple

The color matching I shared above is conservative. In fact, autumn can be different. The saturation of samba red and brick red is more suitable for winter, while pink is warm and not heavy, which is suitable for early autumn.

Jisoo, who has a high degree of reference for private clothes, has already put on her pink knitwear and purple bag. The close color matching is harmonious and eye-catching.

Put in our daily collocation, pure pink sweater and purple floral skirt are also very match, both youthful vitality, but also gentle temperament.

Having said so much, it can be summed up as follows: to have a keen sense of color, combine with the hot colors of the season, and cooperate with the color matching rules, you can define your own popular colors. After autumn, when you are busy preparing various pieces, dont forget to use color matching reasonably to make yourself exquisite!