After a quarrel between a pregnant woman and her husband, the family members offered a reward of one million yuan for 10 years without success

 After a quarrel between a pregnant woman and her husband, the family members offered a reward of one million yuan for 10 years without success

a notice in a missing-persons column

Yu Lingfeng is looking for his sister Yu Yanhua, who was lost in Zhongxi Village, Daifang Town, Lean County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province in April 2010. Yu Lingfeng said: we are from Dangshan County, Anhui Province. My sister was born in 1982 and graduated from Hefei General Vocational and technical college in 2007. We met and fell in love with Chen who worked in a company in Shenzhen. We didnt ask Chen family for dowry money for the wedding banquet in May 2009. My sister didnt allow me to buy three gold coins. I didnt even buy new wedding clothes My mother bought all the clothes Chen wore at the banquet! The elder sister returned to Chens home in Jiangxi Province with Chen in October 2009. On November 15, 2009, she gave birth to a boy in the peoples Hospital of Lean County, Fuzhou. At that time, she suffered from dystocia, and her lower body was torn and stitched with more than ten stitches. She could not walk normally for more than 20 days after delivery. In February 2010, my sister got pregnant again. Because of her poor health, she did not agree to have another child. However, the Chen family said that since she was pregnant, she would give birth to the child. Her sister has repeatedly filed for divorce. On April 18, 2010, Chen quarreled with her sister again, abusing and beating her sister. At 5:42 a.m. on April 19, my mother and my sister talked to Chen, asking him not to stop Yanhua from going home. After her sister wrote a divorce agreement (unfinished), and asked Chen for her ID card and bank card, Chen refused. My sister came out of the Chens on the morning of April 19 and went back to her mothers house

Reporter Yu Ling Fengfeng described the incident in detail: my sister called my home phone at 6:10 and told my father that she had just left Chens house and got on the car and called again. At 6:29 (the time on my sisters mobile phone call record), Chen made a call to Chen. After receiving the call, Chen immediately rode an electric car to chase after him, and no one was seen. Many people in the Chen family searched everywhere but couldnt find it. I arrived in Lean on April 22. Chen met me in Xiaocao village of Daifang town. He asked me to hold a rolled up raincoat. He took me on an electric bicycle. When I changed my boots on the road, Chen said that the umbrella in the raincoat was missing. He asked if it was lost just now. When he got home, Chen said that there was your sisters ID card and bank card in the raincoat, which was with the umbrella Put together, Mr. Chen and his son immediately rode back to find them, but later Chen said they couldnt find them! At noon on the 22nd, Chen and I went to the Public Security Bureau of Lean county to report the case. The police just made a record. On the afternoon of the 23rd, I checked my sisters bank card records at the Agricultural Bank of Daifang town. The staff said that on April 17, the card took 500 yuan here; on the night of April 22, several hundred yuan was taken in the county; at noon on the 23rd, Chen said that his ID card and bank card had been lost.

I have been posting on the Internet for ten years without any clue

A family looking for someone at Nanchang railway station

Yu Yanhua ran away from Pengzhou, Lean, from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. on April 19, 2010, Yu Yanhua ran away from Pengzhou, Lean, wearing a pink velvet coat, a gray and white casual sweater, and black casual cotton pants, barefoot. He mainly speaks Mandarin (with Shangqiu accent in Henan). Yu Lingfeng said that the notice was written by Chen, and he disagreed with some of the details. How could my sister, a college graduate, be barefoot? Besides, it was very difficult to walk on that road. How can I walk barefoot? In addition, when my sister and my father talked on the phone, they said that their mobile phones had electricity and they also had money. When they got on the car and called, how could they be missing for no reason? In order to find her sister, Yu Lingfeng published notices in many places and posted online for clues. First, he offered a reward of 50000 yuan, then raised it to 100000, 500000 or even 1 million yuan. After all kinds of methods, he still did not receive any information about the whereabouts of her sister. In the days that followed, Jiangxi TV station, Nanchang TV station, Dajiang network and other media reported on this, but relatives still did not receive any clues. Its not a small sum for two families who are both from rural areas. Yu Lingfeng told reporters: we just sell iron by smashing pots and pans, but we also need to find our sister.

In September 2013, due to the failure to solve the case for a long time, Lean County paid 330000 yuan to Yu Zonghongs family, Yu Lingfengs father. According to the agreement provided by Yu Lingfeng with the peoples Government of Daifang Town, Lean County, Jiangxi Province as Party A, Yu Yanhua, a relative of Party B, met and fell in love with Chen, a villager of Party A, through the introduction of others in 2007. He registered for marriage in May 2009, gave birth to a boy in November 2009, and now lives with Chen.

On April 19, 2010, Yu Yanhua and Chen had a quarrel in Chens house because of trivial life matters. Yu Yanhua left home alone on the morning of that day and wanted to return to his mothers home, but his whereabouts are still unknown. Due to various reasons, the public security organs have not been able to find out the truth of the case. In the past three years, the Three Party B petitioned the peoples governments at all levels in Beijing, Jiangxi and Anhui for many times, resulting in adverse effects. In line with the principle of people-oriented and creating harmony together, Party A agreed to give Party B financial assistance. Now, after negotiation, Party A agrees to give Party B financial difficulties Three hundred and thirty thousand yuan was used as subsidy. Subsequently, the village committee of Fengmian village in Liangli town signed an agreement with Yu Zonghong, Hou Xiulan (Yu Lingfengs mother) and Yu Lingfeng. It was indicated that the fund of 330000 yuan (uffe5 330000) for the relief of Yu Yanhuas family in Lean County, Jiangxi Province, was allocated to the villagers Committee of Fengmian village by the government of Liangli Town, and paid by the villagers committee of Fengmian village in time To Yu Zonghongs family. After negotiation with Yu Zonghong, Hou Xiulan and Yu Lingfeng, the village committee of Fengmian village has reached the following agreements: 1. Pay 100000 yuan before September 30, 2013; 1.100000 yuan before January 1, 2014; and 3.13000 yuan before September 30, 2014. After the funds are paid, Yu Zonghong, Hou Xiulan, Yu Lingfeng and others are not allowed to petition or violate the law, otherwise the funds will be recovered and their responsibilities will be investigated in accordance with the law.

I dont want my parents to die with regret, or they will die with their eyes closed.

Yu Lingfeng never forgets to look for her sister

Talking about his years of seeking relatives, Yu Lingfeng has endless pain: when the incident happened, I went to work in Suzhou, I took the train from Suzhou to Hangzhou, Hangzhou transferred to Nanchang, Nanchang got off the train and then transferred to Lean. From Dangshan to Lean, we first take a bus to Shangqiu, then we take a train to Nanchang, and then we take a bus to Lean, which is more than 2000 miles away. In order to save money, we can only take the hard seat. Sometimes it takes more than 20 hours from Dangshan to xiaocaojiao, Zhongxi Village, Daifang Town, Lean County, and walk to Chens house. We dont know how many times we walked on this 14 mile mountain road in the high temperature of 378 u2103. Mothers health is not good, so we should often walk and rest. After the incident, we cant remember how many times we went through this section. When we were looking for relatives in Fuzhou, Jian, and other places in Jiangxi Province, we stayed in the cheapest hotels. Sometimes my parents and I crowded together in a bed to rest, and we could just eat to fill our stomachs. I have been to Hefei, Ningbo, Kunshan, Shenzhen and other places where my sister went to school, worked and lived to look for relatives. Sometimes I sleep in the park, sometimes I sleep in the Internet cafe, sometimes I go to the rescue station for the night, and I have gone to charity to ask for old clothes. No matter the heat and heat or the wind and rain cant wear away my determination to find my sister. I just want my parents to know the whereabouts of their obedient daughter in their lifetime. I dont want my parents to die with regret, otherwise they will die with their eyes closed!

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