Fan Bingbings fans praise Fan Bingbings reputation as a king

 Fan Bingbings fans praise Fan Bingbings reputation as a king

Netease Entertainment special article on August 24 reported that at noon this afternoon, LVMHs high-end beauty brand Jiaolan issued an official micro article, officially announcing Fan Bingbing as the global spokesperson and drying out a Chinese Valentines Eve advertising blockbuster by Fan Bingbing.

In the photo, Fan Bingbing is wearing lipstick of different colors. Her makeup is exquisite and her red lips are charming. She is still familiar with the queen faner, and she looks very good.

After the official publicity, Fan Bingbings official fan group immediately released her advertisement video, and the accompanying articles praised her as a king who had never been defeated. She was deeply impressed by the difficulties along the way, and she never retreated.

It is reported that this is Fan Bingbings first official global endorsement contract for luxury brands after the tax storm.

In recent months, Fan Bingbing has also appeared on the covers of many domestic fashion magazines, causing a lot of attention, and doubting his official return to success.

However, compared with the expectation and support of fans, many netizens still dont buy her endorsement this time.

Fan Bingbing has been criticized frequently for selling second-hand goods. Fan Bingbing writes in memory of Chen Musheng. Director Chen Musheng once claimed to be the heart of his film. Fan Bingbing is suspected to be the death of Sanpu Chunma: living hard or being a goddess? Fan Bingbing, 39, shot with bald sideburns and Kirin arms_ NK5655

Fan Bingbing is often criticized for selling second-hand goods