A woman helps a friend drive a drunk to death without insurance

 A woman helps a friend drive a drunk to death without insurance

The man lay on the zebra crossing in the middle of the night and was run over by a car

On January 8 of this year, Xiaohan has just passed, and it will be new years Eve in two weeks. As the new year draws near, the tourists return to their hometown, and the noise of the day has faded away from Zhuhai at night.

In the early morning, Mr. Li, a citizen, drove to his home in laoxiangzhou with a blue BMW car of Gan g brand.

He drove north and south along Jianmin road and soon came to the intersection of Jinghui road. The yellow lights at the intersection flashed, making the road particularly bright. A kind of

Mr. Li immediately drove close, turned on the double flashing lights, got out of the car and asked, brother, what are you doing here at night? Lets go But the man did not pay attention, but also fell back, lying directly on the zebra crossing. A kind of

Mr. Li stopped at the side and went to the zebra crossing to persuade the man. A kind of

But the man not only did not reply, but also spit at Mr. Li. He said later that Mr. Li hit him and let Mr. Li lose money.

Hearing this, Mr. Li was also very upset, so he had to stand on the side of the road to look at him. He called the police and waved to the passing vehicles to make a detour. A kind of

At this time, a white car along the Jianmin Road North to south, the car speed is very fast, in an instant to the zebra crossing.

At that time, Mr. Li raised his heart to his throat and waved his hand desperately. However, the driver didnt seem to notice. In a flash, the car rolled over the mans head and disappeared into the night! A kind of

Mr. Li was so frightened that he felt cold. A living life was lost in an instant.

Blood came out of the mans head and ran to the zebra crossing. Mr. Li stood in front of the man for fear that he would be run over again.

Xiangzhou Traffic Police Brigade officer Liang and police station police arrived at the scene to investigate, 120 doctors on the man to carry out emergency first aid. But half an hour later, the doctor shook his head and the man died. A kind of

The woman driver said she hit the garbage bag

Police officer Liang inspected the scene and found that there were no brake marks in front of the zebra crossing, leaving only a fender of a suspected car.

There was a 5 cm long obvious scar on the right face of the deceased, bleeding from the right ear, mouth and nose, skull injury, and the wound surface was very likely caused by the tire. A kind of

Police officer Liang immediately retrieved the road monitoring video, and found that the vehicle involved in the accident was a white Toyota car named Yue Zn u00d7u00d7 5 a. Through the license plate inquiry to the car owner Lu, Lu promised to call the driver back to the scene immediately. A kind of

Soon, Lu arrived at the scene in a white Toyota car, driving his brother. Lu Mou full of alcohol gas, but he said that the driver is not him, is a woman named Ajiao.

Then, young woman a Jiao also drove another car back to the scene. Jiao admitted that she was the driver of the accident. A kind of

Lu Mou and a Jiao look at each other at the scene. They look at the bloodstain on the ground, and look very suspicious, as if they did not know about the accident. A kind of

The traffic police suspect that a Jiao is to Lu some top bag, so take two people to the fifth hospital of CUHK for blood test, and then return to the brigade for further investigation.

The police checked all the road monitoring videos in the urban area that night, and compared the video screenshots with Gillians face, and found that it was Ah Jiao who drove the white Toyota car that night.

At 11:48 p.m. on January 8, when Toyota car passed the west section of Jianmin Road Sports Center, it was Ajiao who was driving

Jiao sat in the interrogation room of the brigade, looking nervous and confused. She kept mumbling to herself, how did I hit someone? Isnt the shadow on the zebra crossing a garbage bag?

Jiao and the traffic police repeatedly said that she did not know that hit people, she thought the past is a garbage bag. A kind of

Where does the man come from? Why lie on the zebra crossing? With these problems, police officer Liang called out the complete monitoring video and restored the process of the accident.

Suddenly, the man went to the middle of the zebra crossing and lay down on his side. A kind of

One minute later, the man suddenly sat up, and vehicles passed him from time to time. A kind of

At 23:38, Mr. Li drove his blue BMW car into the intersection. After seeing the man, he got off the car to persuade him. The man ignored him and lay down again. A kind of

Mr. Li moved the car to the side of the road and stood at the intersection to make a phone call while guiding the vehicle to make a detour. A kind of

At 23:44, the white Toyota car Yue Zn u00d7u00d7 5ao speeded up from north to South without slowing down when crossing the zebra crossing. The right front tire of the car rolled to the mans head, and then the cement baffle of the tire slipped. A kind of

The car turned slightly to the left and drove away from the scene. A kind of

Send a friend home to see off trouble

At 7:30 that night, a Jiao suddenly received a call from her friend Lu, asking her to go to JINGDING Guantang village to eat roast fish and help Lu drive by the way. Jiao had nothing to do, so she took a taxi from Sanxiang to Guantangs grilled fish shop.

Lu a few people while eating roast fish drink bulk wine, after dinner to the nearby tea room to drink tea. At 23:00 p.m., her friends dispersed. Jiao helped the drunk Lu to the co pilot and drove to Gongbei in a white Toyota car. A kind of

She thought it was a black garbage bag, so she didnt want to change the direction of compaction line, so she wanted to slightly left dot direction around. But the car did not completely avoid, the right front wheel was pressed up. A kind of

When he got to Gongbei, Lu got out of the car and found that the right bumper was loose. He pushed the loose position back and complained that Ajiao had damaged the car. A kind of

Gillian again received a call from Lu, is playing didi on the way back to Sanxiang.

Jiao hung up the phone in fog and drove her friends car to look for it along the way. Finally, she saw the traffic police at the intersection of Jinghui road. A kind of

Seeing the blood all over the ground, Ah Jiao was really scared. She never thought that the garbage bag she had pressed was a big living person. It was not until after watching the video that she had to accept the fact.

The fact that a Jiao caused the accident has been confirmed. Why did the dead lie down on the zebra crossing?

According to the investigation, when the deceaseds surname was 48 years old, he had a dinner with his old friend at a farm in Zhuhai on the night of the incident, and drank a lot of foreign wine. After eating more than 21:00, everyone was drunk.

At that time, a drunk unconscious, lying on the table fell asleep, sleep until nearly 23 oclock. When a friend asked him if he wanted someone to send him back, he refused and said he called Didi. A kind of

Through the comparison of vehicle collision traces, the traffic police confirmed that the cement baffle falling at the scene was indeed the white Toyota of Yue Zn u00d7u00d7 5 a. A kind of

The results of DNA comparison between the blood of the dead and the blood on the right wheel of the car showed that the results were completely consistent.

In addition, the traffic police also sent the blood samples and video evidence of the accident to the judicial appraisal center for alcohol test and speed identification. The results showed that the alcohol content of the dead was as high as 227.7mg/100ml.

The facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive. The traffic police hold that Ajiao drives a vehicle without annual inspection at a speed of no less than 81 km / h, does not slow down when passing the crosswalk, does not pay attention to the road conditions, and fails to discover the dangerous situation that should be found in time, and is mainly responsible for the accident; when a drunk person falls down in the crosswalk after being drunk, she takes the secondary responsibility for the accident.

Toyota car only bought traffic compulsory insurance, up to 110000 yuan, the rest of the huge compensation to be borne by Ajiao. After the accident, Ajiao repeatedly apologized to the family members of the deceased and actively coordinated the compensation matters. A total of 1.01 million yuan was paid to the family members of the deceased. The family members of the dead think that Gillians attitude is better, and wrote a letter of understanding.

Jiao will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law for suspected traffic accident.

According to Article 133 of the criminal law of the peoples Republic of China, Whoever violates the laws and regulations on traffic and transportation administration and thus causes serious injury or death to a person or heavy loss of public or private property shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years.

Gillian is 27 years old. Her parents work in her hometown, while her brother and herself work in the Pearl River Delta. Ah Jiao did not expect that she was kind enough to help her friend drive, but she had a life on her back. For a long time, she did not dare to drive again. When the deceased had two sons and daughters the size of a Jiao. When a man lived alone, his son met his father only a few days ago. He didnt realize that the new year was coming soon, but he met his father at the funeral home for the last time

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