No.9 universe u00b7 Guizhou Tianyan Museum officially opened

 No.9 universe u00b7 Guizhou Tianyan Museum officially opened

The construction of the No.9 space project is strongly supported by the information and publicity Center of the National Space Administration. Huang Yong said: it is hoped that the space science popularization education base No.9 can become a benchmark project for Chinas space science popularization, and contribute to improving the scientific literacy of the whole people, building an innovative society, and cultivating future aerospace talents.

I see many children approaching Aerospace Science and technology under the leadership of teachers and parents; I see that high-tech enterprises with feelings and strength are unremitting in Aerospace Science and technology education; I see that government departments with a sense of responsibility are exerting their social influence to help young people dream of space. Zhao Chuandong placed deep expectations on the ninth universe u00b7 Guizhou Tianyan Museum I hope all the friends who come to experience Universe 9 will have their own harvest. More and more young people will join the journey of the star sea. The Chinese nation will surely realize the great space dream as soon as possible.

As a new member of Chinas Tianyan science base, the No.9 universe u00b7 Guizhou Tianyan museum will cooperate with Pingtang county to build a cultural and creative industry benchmark of Aerospace Science and technology elements, build a popular science education platform for young people, and shape characteristic cultural tourism content with Tianyan as the core.

We will bear in mind the two core tasks put forward to us by the leaders of the Space Administration: the promotion of Chinas aerospace spirit and the training of Chinas future aerospace talents. Peng Yuanyuan said, we are well aware of the special value of space education for childrens growth: first, give them cognitive reconstruction at the level of world outlook through overlooking the global vision and the feelings of chasing the stars; second, from Qian Xue Sens system engineering thinking enables children to learn the methodology of solving complex problems; thirdly, the peak experience of designing and operating satellites in person helps them build a strong self-confidence with lifelong benefits.

The successful completion of the No.9 universe is also inseparable from the support of leaders at all levels in Pingtang county. Yang benhuan, deputy county head of Pingtang county government, attended the opening ceremony and fully affirmed the positive impact and special value of the landing of the No.9 cosmos project on the development of local cultural and tourism industry.

At the ceremony, Zhao Chuandong, one of the first batch of Chinese astronauts, and Wang Jie, a professional popular science writer, were officially appointed as honorary curator of Guizhou Tianyan Museum. Mr. Wang Jie failed to arrive at the scene for some reason. He sent his blessing to the opening ceremony of Universe 9 through video.

Through the three theme exhibition areas of CyberCity, Mars civilization and future science and technology, Guizhou Tianyan Museum leads the public to experience space training, experience the current human space technology, imagine the migration to Mars, travel through the future city blocks, and live in harmony with new life forms to explore the mystery of the universe.

The rich space experience project of the 9th cosmos enables the public, especially young people, to actively explore the mysteries of science, stimulate the scientific imagination, extend the perspective of thinking and expand the vision of the universe, so as to contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream and the space dream.