Why was Cai Li, former Secretary of Wuhan Central Hospital, removed from office?

 Why was Cai Li, former Secretary of Wuhan Central Hospital, removed from office?

Cai Li, former Secretary of the Party committee of Wuhan Central Hospital, resigned, and the successor was Wang Weihua, deputy director of Wuhan Health Commission.

Finance and economics reporter from the hospital a number of medical staff confirmed the above news. On August 27, 2020, the above personnel changes were announced at the hospital cadre meeting held in the hospital.

Wang Weihua is still the deputy director of Wuhan Municipal Health Commission. A staff member of Wuhan health system didnt feel sudden about the news. He told Caijing that we knew about the appointment before we were in the health system. But he did not say when.

As of press release, Cai Lis whereabouts after leaving office has not been made public.

In the novel coronavirus pneumonia, six medical staff in Wuhan central hospital died due to the death of the new crown virus. They are: ophthalmologist Li Wenliang, deputy chief ophthalmologist Mei Zhongming, chief physician of thyroid and breast surgery Jiang Xueqing, deputy chief ophthalmologist Zhu Heping, staff member of ethics committee Liu Li, deputy chief physician of urology department Hu Weifeng.

At that time, people inside and outside the central hospital were criticized. Cai Li, then the Secretary of the Party committee of the hospital, failed to lead and demanded that he be dismissed. In March, when the public opinion was fiercest, a number of medical staff expressed their dissatisfaction to Caijing reporter that Cai Li did not understand the clinical business, and that laymen lead professionals.

The successor, Wang Weihua, was born as a doctor. He was Secretary of the Party committee of Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital (municipal tuberculosis prevention and Control Institute). On March 3, the Organization Department of the Wuhan municipal Party committee reported to the municipal Party Committee for approval, and promoted 10 personnel to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Wang Weihua was one of them and was promoted to deputy director of Wuhan Health Committee.

The purpose of this commendation is to encourage more party members and cadres to fight and devote themselves to the front line of the war and epidemic. All the cadres with outstanding performance, outstanding achievements and recognized by the masses during the epidemic period were promoted by surprise.

When Wang Weihua led the Wuhan lung hospital to fight the epidemic, he led the whole hospital staff to transform the wards in an emergency, set up isolation wards, set up expert teams, fully coordinate services, and live in the office for many consecutive days..

In an interview with the media, she once revealed that the infection situation of doctors and nurses in Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital was the lowest among all designated hospitals in Hubei Province. The six infected medical staff were not infected in the hospital, but were consulted by other family members or other hospitals, and their conditions were very mild.

A manager of Wuhan Central Hospital was distressed that the Centennial brand of the central hospital was severely damaged. He once confessed to the reporter of Finance and economics that the continuous infection and sacrifice of doctors and nurses made him reflect on the problems in hospital management. The biggest problem is the spirit of responsibility, that is, the problem of style. The atmosphere is not good, and the spirit of taking the initiative is not enough..

Looking forward to bringing the hospital out of the trough, attaching importance to human nature and less bureaucracy, I heard that a new secretary of the Party committee and a doctor in a department of the Central Hospital expressed his hope.

The future of the 140 year old Wuhan Central Hospital still has more work for the new secretary.

No matter who takes over, we all hope that the central hospital can be good, said a doctor in Wuhan Central Hospital, which may represent the voice of more people.

Cai Li was criticized for her poor anti epidemic prevention and control

On March 9, 2020, after the loss of the fourth doctor in Wuhan Central Hospital, public opinion was completely infuriated.

Breaching of the dike of novel coronavirus pneumonia in a row, four doctors in the hospital died after the first time, after the double overdraft of physical and mental strength, and the face of the comrades in arms left, the anger began to burst. They accused then Secretary Cai Li of failing to protect front-line anti epidemic personnel.

Cai Lis voice of prevention and control center continues to rise.

In July 2017, Cai Li was transferred from the former director of the organization and personnel department of Wuhan Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission to the central hospital as party secretary. Previously, he had been in an administrative position in the health system.

At least two doctors pointed out that there was cross infection in the early emergency surgery and Respiratory Department of Wuhan Central Hospital, and patients with respiratory diseases lived in the same ward all the year round.

A medical staff member of the hospital said that in the winter of one year, Secretary Cai Li inspected the emergency surgery department and saw that there were many empty beds. She thought that patients in respiratory department could not be taken in. She separated 10 beds from emergency surgery department and used them to treat patients in respiratory department upstairs. As a result, in summer, there were fewer patients in respiratory department and there were free beds. In the emergency department, there were more traffic accidents in summer, but they could not be taken in. If you look at the empty beds in your ward, you cant treat the patients with traffic accident injuries, because they belong to the respiratory department. This also sows the seeds of conflict between the emergency department and the respiratory department.

Respiratory diseases are mostly infectious, which requires special and strict measures for nosocomial infection, but the patients in emergency surgery are relatively simple. The requirements for hospital infection and control are different. Nowadays, living in a ward together has led to the infection of respiratory diseases in many emergency surgery patients. It is often a fracture of the live in, live for a few days lung infection. A doctor of the hospital once told Caijing.

What also caused dissatisfaction was the internal treatment of doctors who issued epidemic warnings.

In addition, at the beginning of the epidemic, when the epidemic prevention materials in the central hospital were in urgent need, the doctors were also informed by the supervision department of the hospital that private donations were not allowed.

For a time, front-line doctors did not have N95 masks, so they could only wear two layers of disposable medical masks into the ward. A medical school classmate of a front-line doctor raised some kf94 masks through the Alumni Association, which can only be delivered in private. A Wuhan Central hospital intensive care medical staff said.

At the hospital cadre meeting on August 27, Cai Lis whereabouts after leaving office was not announced. As of the press release, there is no news about Cai Lis subsequent appointment.

The new secretary once organized to reserve protective equipment in advance

Unlike Cai Lis experience, Wang Weihua, the new secretary, has 30 years of clinical and management experience in tuberculosis.

According to his own experience, Wang Weihua started to reserve protective articles by the end of 2019. And the medical personnel emergency training, strengthen the protection. There are more than 500 medical staff in the hospital. All the staff have cancelled their leave. The protective clothing is calculated as one set in the morning and one set in the afternoon. The protective equipment is prepared by the end of February. Wang Weihua once told the cover news.

On January 2, Wuhan pulmonary hospital became one of the first batch of hospitals designated for treatment of unexplained pneumonia in Wuhan. The general tuberculosis clinic was stopped and fever clinic was opened. After consulting with the president, Wang Weihua decided to change the fever clinic to a tuberculosis clinic with better hospital infection prevention and control conditions. On January 3, the hospital emptied an inpatient building, admitted fever patients and isolated them from ordinary patients.

On the eve of the new years Eve, Wang Weihua was transferred to participate in the preparation of huoshenshan hospital. He was fully responsible for the medical preparation before the operation of the hospital. After the joint efforts of the preparation team, the huoshenshan hospital was put into operation as scheduled, with more than 1000 people admitted in only three days, laying a solid foundation for the battle of full collection.

On February 24, the Organization Department of the Wuhan municipal Party committee issued a commendation notice on epidemic prevention and control in the whole city. 144 grass-roots party organizations, including the temporary Party branch of the medical security group of the operational support headquarters of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, and 174 medical workers including Wang Weihua, were commended.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }On March 3, the Organization Department of Wuhan municipal Party committee reported to the municipal Party Committee for approval and promoted 10 cadres with outstanding performance during the epidemic period. Wang Weihua is one of them. 17 days later, novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control conference was held by Wang Weihua, deputy director of Wuhan Health Committee. During this period, she introduced how to do a good job of prevention and control in Wuhan during the resumption of work and production. In response to the medias views on the situation, Jiao Yahui, the inspector general of the medical administration bureau of the National Health Commission, said that hospital feeling has always been the bottom line and red line of medical management. According to an information on the official website of Wuhan Health Commission on August 6, Wang Weihua dispatched and set up three supervision teams to supervise the implementation of normal epidemic prevention and control in flood control resettlement sites after heavy rain for many consecutive days. Source: Zhang Lei, editor in charge of financial magazine_ NB16011

In response to the medias views on the situation, Jiao Yahui, the inspector general of the medical administration bureau of the National Health Commission, said that hospital feeling has always been the bottom line and red line of medical management.