Family members of victims in Zeng Chunliang case: asking for investigation of malfeasance in other places

 Family members of victims in Zeng Chunliang case: asking for investigation of malfeasance in other places

We believe that there is dereliction of duty in dealing with Zeng Chunliang by the Lean police. Kang Leying, the family member of the victim, said that if the Lean police promptly took compulsory measures against Zeng Chunliang after calling the police at Kangs home, the latter two murders would not have happened.

On August 18, some media reported that the supervision committee of Fuzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Fuzhou municipal procuratorate and Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department successively sent personnel to Lean to investigate whether there was dereliction of duty by the police in Zeng Chunliangs case. However, as a police officer and victim, Kangs family said that at present, no person from the discipline inspection department contacted them to understand the situation of the report, and no reply was received.

Kang Leying recalled that on August 23, the police in charge of the case took a notice of filing a case issued by the Public Security Bureau of Lean County for the Kang family to sign. The reporter saw that the notice of filing the case said: Xiong Xiaomeis family was illegally invaded. After investigation, our bureau considers that it meets the conditions for filing the case, and now it has been investigated and filed. Since the date of the signing was July 24, many days ago, the Kang family refused to sign.

On August 23, Kangs family received the notice of filing the case

We ask the Fuzhou discipline inspection department to avoid the investigation into the malfeasance of public security in Lean, and transfer the investigation to the relevant departments in other places. Kang said.

Although Zeng Chunliang has been arrested, the Kang family basically left their old house and went to Nanchang - one is to take care of their seriously injured nephew; the other is that their parents died in the house, which need some time to accept. Kang Leying said, at present, my nephew is in the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University. At present, the situation has improved. My little nephew can eat. Although he cant speak, he is slow to respond to our language communication, but he will listen to some simple things and give feedback. We are already very excited.

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The suspect of the three homicide case in Lean, Jiangxi Province, was arrested and voluntarily raised his hand to surrender (source: video synthesis)

News review

However, with the exposure of the arrest scene, more and more doubts emerged.

Witnesses said Zeng Chunliang was found riding a motorcycle through a checkpoint, then broke into the card and was controlled by police when he entered the next checkpoint. At that time, he did not violently resist arrest, but put his hands behind his head with an air of composure, and he was not nervous or afraid.

In the face of the polices identification, he muttered calmly, dont worry! What do you say standing here now? Ill talk about it later. .

And very arrogant threatened: I came out by myself, otherwise you may not find me in ten days and a half months.

Whether Zeng Chunliang belongs to surrender has been discussed on the Internet. From the current situation analysis, he did come out on his own initiative and has a tendency to surrender. However, Fuzhou police responded that there was a difference in sentencing between being arrested and turning himself in. Combined with his arrogant attitude and breaking through the first bayonet, it can be judged that he wants to use words to justify himself. The first reason why he showed up on his own initiative was because of the strong pressure of encirclement.

In addition, there is another public doubt that when he was arrested, his face was red and his clothes were neat. His clothes, trousers and shoes are clean. His beard has just been shaved. His face is very white, and there is no dishevelled face. How can you see that this man is hiding in the mountains, eating wild fruits, drinking spring water and mosquito bites.

And look at the corner of his mouth, actually there is a grain of rice, obviously just had enough to eat and drink.

The most worrying thing is, will he commit crimes in other peoples homes again? I dont know if there will be victims of families and victims?

He killed on the 8th and was caught on the 16th, but he still swaggered down the mountain and said, if I dont come out myself, you cant catch me. it makes people sweat. It can be seen that Zeng Chunliangs anti reconnaissance ability is very strong, but with his education level, it is difficult to imagine that he would have such intelligence quotient. Whether there is someone behind to help, or whether the prison has been instigated by other prisoners, all need to be traced.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Three departments, including the Commission for Discipline Inspection, have stepped in to investigate whether the police in the case of Zeng Chunliang committed dereliction of duty. Expert: Jiangxi killed three suspects Zeng Chunliang, whose personality is not perfect. Jiangxi police sympathize with the victims families: we will do our best in the future. Source: public network editor in charge: Yang Qiang_ NN6027