A junior high school student in Guizhou was sentenced to eight years in prison and released on parole after serving six years

 A junior high school student in Guizhou was sentenced to eight years in prison and released on parole after serving six years

Profile News: whats your mood when you know you can parole and go home?

Im 21 years old this year. Many of my classmates may have graduated, have gone to internship, or do something they can. But what I look like when I go in, I may not change much when I come out. Maybe (ability and Psychology) is not so consistent with my age, because after all, I have less contact with new things.

Profile News: in the past six years, how has the mentality changed?

Chen Sihan: at the beginning, it was really depressed for a period of time. At that time, I was only 15 years old. When I heard that the sentence would be eight years, I couldnt accept it. But I am also very lucky, my parents, family members are not abandon me, teachers and classmates also help me, almost every month to write to me, this is also a kind of spiritual support.

So in 16 years, I signed up to take part in the computer application of the school and law college courses, and graduated last year.

And music. I like music since I was a child. During this period of time, I taught myself the guitar. After I was transferred to the music class, I also learned saxophone. These are things that can improve myself.

There are also knowledge contests, speech contests and essay contests held there every year. I win prizes every year, which is equivalent to giving a little subsidy to my family. After all, if I win a prize, I will get a prize of one or two hundred yuan.

There is also a point, even if they do not dislike, I still have a sense of guilt. I really want to see them, but I dont want them to see me now and then.

They have been studying in University for so many years, and have accumulated a lot of experience. But I only have the experience of not managing the Institute, which can be said to be a terrible experience. To tell you the truth, I dont want to mention these experiences of the health management institute with anyone. Its not that I feel bad about myself, but I want to slowly seal it up.

In fact, its a pleasure to be in prison and have someone care about you. Because I was there, dressed in zebra costume, doing what a prisoner did.

After all, I have just come out, and I dont understand a lot of things. I still need the company and help of my family. But I also hope to be a little faster and be independent first. This is my main goal now.

Many people also told me that they could help me, including lawyer Lin. she said that I could go to Beijing to work as an assistant for her. But I thought about it. After all, the road still needs to go by myself. Other peoples help is just affection. Its my duty to do well.