Failed to chase girl, falsely claiming to be cheated by tea girl to get back red envelope loan and report to false police

 Failed to chase girl, falsely claiming to be cheated by tea girl to get back red envelope loan and report to false police

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Female college students use tuition to help rich second generation online love boyfriend cheated: photos and villas are fake, there is no fixed occupation

On the Internet, I met a rich second generation who revealed her family background. Wang Mou, a female student from a university in Sichuan, quickly established an online love relationship with each other. Later, she was borrowed more than 3000 yuan by the other party on the grounds of seeing a doctor and refueling, which she spent from her tuition. She didnt realize that she had been cheated and then called the police when she urged the other party to pay back the money. Through investigation, the police in Longchang, Sichuan Province, quickly locked in the suspect Zhong. Through the persuasion of the police, Zhong recently surrendered and returned Wangs money. It turns out that this has always been a scam

Zhong Mou is interrogated

At the beginning of August this year, Wang from Longchang, his hometown, met Zhong in the freshmen group. Zhongs language is humorous, gentle and considerate, she and Zhong gradually get familiar with each other. Later, Zhong sent a picture of himself to Wang. Wang was moved by the handsome face of the man in the photo. Facing the fierce pursuit of the other party, he quickly fell in love with the other party and determined his love relationship.

With the rapid warming of the relationship, Zhong is even more self-reported family background, known as a rich second generation, living in villas, driving luxury cars. In order to make Wangs house more convinced, Mr.

On August 8, Zhong sent a message to Wang that he had been admitted to the hospital because he had drunk too much wine. The hospital found out that he had gastric polyps and needed immediate surgery, but he could not afford to brush his bank card for some reason. Therefore, he borrowed money from Wang for treatment and promised to return it soon. At this time, although Wang had doubts, but thought of saving the first, or from his tuition to spend more than 3000 yuan to Zhong.

Since then, Zhong made up the reasons for refueling and borrowed more than 200 yuan from Wang. But Wang soon found that he may have been cheated, because she repeatedly urged Zhong to pay back the money, Zhong actually directly pulled her black in the friends list.

Wang sent a banner to the police

According to Longchang police, the 23-year-old Zhong is not an alumni of Wang and has no fixed occupation. The photos of his personal and villa are also fake. This is a fraud. At present, Zhong, suspected of fraud, has been released on bail and the case is under further investigation. On August 25, Wang took the initiative to send a banner to the criminal investigation team of Longchang Public Security Bureau to express his gratitude.

Female graduate students met high quality men on the marriage website and were cheated by 770000

Ma, a female graduate student, met a high-quality man on a marriage website. She thought the love she was expecting was coming. However, this high-quality man encouraged her to bet on the gambling website. In a few days, pony was cheated out of more than 770000 yuan. Recently, Xian Weiyang District Peoples court tried the fraud case, and the defendant Xie was sentenced to 8 years for fraud.

The peoples Court of Weiyang District held that the defendant Xie, with the purpose of illegal possession, fabricated facts to defraud other peoples property. The amount of money was very large, and his behavior had constituted the crime of fraud. In view of the fact that he voluntarily confessed to the crime and confessed to punishment, and all the stolen money was recovered, he was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for fraud and fined 50000 yuan.

According to the judge, pig killing is a new type of fraud that has emerged in recent years by making friends on the Internet and inducing investment and gambling. The most common form is a love scam. The biggest feature is the long-term pig raising. The longer the pig is raised, the more fierce it will be killed. The common routine is to find a target, gain trust, encourage investment, invest heavily, fail to withdraw cash and disappear. In this case, Xie, the novice of pig killing, cheated a huge sum of money and did not dare to spend it. It was a lucky thing that the victims money was eventually recovered.

The judge reminds here, the net seeks marriage to make friends, must polish the eye. Because on the other end of the network, maybe its not the right man, but a big liar. Please bear in mind that behind the seemingly sweet and beautiful, there is often a secret unpredictable bait. Therefore, we must carefully identify the ways to make money recommended by others, so as to ensure that they are legal, compliant and reasonable. In case of being cheated carelessly, the police should be called as soon as possible to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through legal weapons.