Undercover quantum original plastic will sell: a bottle of water for cancer prevention sells for nearly 1000 yuan

 Undercover quantum original plastic will sell: a bottle of water for cancer prevention sells for nearly 1000 yuan

As soon as the passionate sharing meeting ended, many observers took out their mobile phones and queued up to buy. The buyer may not know that quantum original plastic (mineral drink) and the company have been reported by Wu Naixin, a part-time professor in Fuzhou University.

In order to report Suqi Fuzhou company, Wu Naixin collected a large number of the companys products and related reporting evidence. Except for the special remarks, the pictures in this article were taken by Wang Mengqi, a journalist

Wu Naixin introduced that he retired from TV station in April 2017 and had presided over some activities of Suqi Fuzhou company. He believes that there are many problems with the so-called quantum series of products promoted by the company. He cheated consumers by saying that they were against common sense, and began to report them.

Pan Jianwei, the father of quantum and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, once told the media that many of the so-called quantum products are exaggerated propaganda by businesses. Quantum mechanics is a branch of physics that studies the law of motion in the micro world. It is a concept of modern physics and has nothing to do with food and drink.

In the face of Wu Naixins report, Suqi Fuzhou company filed a lawsuit with Wu Naixin on the ground of damaging the right of reputation, and the lawsuit was finally defeated in the second instance. Under the report of Wu Naixin and others, Suqi Fuzhou company has been investigated and punished by some government departments. However, believers are still flocking.

On August 29, Chen Xueqin, general manager of Suqi Fuzhou company, said in an interview with surging news that quantum original plastic (mineral beverage) does not belong to drugs and health products, but belongs to the category of food and beverage. Quantum is only the name of the product and has nothing to do with quantum technology. Chen Xueqin said that he could not represent the companys opinion about quantum technology, which was repeatedly mentioned by the companys executives and employees. It should be the dealers who talk nonsense. We need to strengthen guidance..

Claims that drinking trace element water can starve cancer cells

The 17th floor of building a, Fuli center building, is the office of Suqi Fuzhou company. On the 18th floor, there is a meeting room for holding activities. On the afternoon of August 23, the health cause sharing meeting was held on the 18th floor. Surging news participated in the sharing meeting as a consultant.

According to the host, Suqi Fuzhou company was established in 2009 and is committed to the cause of health. More than 10 years have passed since then. Due to the institutional advantages such as low threshold, a batch of teams have been set up, the group will be listed in five years, and a group of multimillionaires will be trained for the company when it is listed..

After a series of warm-up, Wei Nengzhong, wearing a blue suit and a gray tie, made a speech on the stage to introduce the companys product, quantum original plastic (mineral beverage). According to the brochures of Suqi Fuzhou company provided by the staff, Wei Nengzhong is an executive of the company.

In the lecture, Wei Nengzhong recommended a Book of trace element water, which was written by Japanese medical doctor nobima Shangwu and published by Beijing Peoples military medical publishing house. He said that the book introduced how to drink water to increase the bodys trace elements, prevent and treat cancer, diabetes, hypertension, skin diseases and so on.

Wei Nengzhong said passionately that he could understand peoples doubts and negative feelings about trace element water, and I hope the patients friends dont have negative psychology at the beginning, they can try to have a try..

Wei Nengzhong said that the progress of modern medicine is amazing. However, modern diseases have not been reduced, but more and more. In fact, taking cancer with the highest mortality rate as an example, most of the modern diseases that have plagued the contemporary world can be really improved or cured in a short period of time by taking in trace element water.. He said that there is a case in the book, some people drink trace element water, cancer cells starved to death in one month, and completely cured after three months.

In Japan, trace element water can directly treat cancer. Wei said that due to the different national conditions of China, it may take another 10 or 20 years, but today we can get to know this trace element water so early, we are all blessed people..

FDA certification is printed on the product display wall of Suqi Fuzhou company on the introduction of quantum original plastic (mineral drink liquid).

Wei Nengzhong introduced that the quantum protoplast (mineral beverage) mainly promoted by the company is not only trace element water, but also magnetized water after quantum magnetization technology, or the natural seepage water of glaciers in the French Alps. This mineral drink is rich in more than 100 kinds of natural minerals and trace elements, which can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, release a large number of negative ions, increase the oxygen content of cells, and reduce the free radical cells in the body into normal cells.

The mineral drink packaging shows that the product category is fruit and vegetable beverage.

Quantum protoplasts (mineral drinks) that are claimed to have so many magical effects are expensive - 90ml drinks cost 990 yuan. In addition, the preach also introduced gel and other products.

The staff of Suqi Fuzhou company introduced to the surging news that there are three main reasons for Suqis rapid development in the past few years: first, the companys products are good; second, the companys technology is good; third, the companys system model is good.

The so-called system mode is divided into seven levels according to the consumption situation and the number of franchisees developed by the company: VIP customers, franchisees, special franchisees, quasi senior franchisees, senior franchisees and Diamond senior franchisees. Those who purchase 13200 yuan products become franchisees; after becoming franchisees, they can get 4200 yuan of subsidy from the company for each offline franchisee; and they can become special franchisees if they develop seven offline franchisees. The off-line franchisee can also get some subsidies if it sells or develops the franchisee again. With 20 franchisees, we will become quasi senior franchisees; if we develop 40 franchisees, we will become senior franchisees, and then we will develop more people to become Diamond senior franchisees.

It is worth noting that the products of Suqi Fuzhou company are not sold on tmall and Jingdong e-commerce platforms, but can be purchased from the e-commerce platforms built by Suqi Fuzhou company.

Part time professors in Colleges and Universities: from participants to informants

On the same day, two consumers who claimed to have significantly improved after drinking the product also went to the stage to share. A participant who claimed to be the person in charge of the county-level branch of Fuzhou said that through continuous promotion and development, she became an enterprise executive from a housewife and realized the goal of buying a car and a house within three years. As soon as the lecture was over, many onlookers gathered around the podium and began to queue up to buy.

Is quantum protoplast (mineral liquid) really as magical as the propaganda? Wu Naixin, 63, disagrees.

Wu Naixin is a senior news editor of Fuzhou TV station and a part-time professor of broadcasting and hosting major of Fujian art vocational college. He has hosted many programs in TV station for more than 20 years. Retired from Fuzhou TV station in April 2017.

Wu Naixin said that his wife had bought sanitary napkin products from Suqi Fuzhou company and became a member of Suqi Fuzhou company, and then developed into a dealer. At the invitation of Chen Xueqin, the general manager of the company, Wu Naixin was invited to act as the host of the companys activities and year-end literature and art gala performances, and held lectures on traditional Chinese culture and etiquette.

Wu Naixin said that after a series of contacts, it was found that the propaganda of many products of the company was exaggerated or even obviously deceived. After feedback with Chen Xueqin, the general manager, it was fruitless that he finally decided to go separate ways with Suqi Fuzhou company to report.

On October 8, 2018, Wu Naixin reported the quantum original plastic (mineral drink) of Suqi Fuzhou branch to Fuzhou Taijiang District Market Supervision Bureau.

Later, Haidu reporter learned from Jiangmen food and Drug Administration of Guangdong Province that the food production license number of Guangdong dashian company was tea (type) beverage, fruit and vegetable juice, beverage, solid beverage, etc., and there was no so-called mineral drink. After media reports, the market supervision and management of Taijiang District of Fuzhou City intervened in the investigation.

But for more than a year since then, the survey has been inconclusive. Wu Naixin noted that quantum mineral drink has made several changes in the outer packaging. From quantum original plastic to quantum original plastic (mineral drink) to quantum original plastic (mineral drink). The product category has changed from mineral water to flavor drink and now fruit and vegetable beverage.

Wu Naixin said that even if the vest has been changed many times, it is obvious that the problem with this product can be seen. On the front of the outer package of the quantum original plastic mineral drink, there are three lines of English label, quantum Royal drink product of France health care function.

France is now a republic country with only the president and prime minister. There has been no emperor for a long time. Where did the royal family come from? Wu Naixin said.

The surging news has noticed that the product category of the quantum original plastic mineral beverage currently on sale is clearly marked on the outer package as fruit and vegetable beverage, with ingredients of water, mineral solution and lemon juice. The contents of energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates and sodium in the nutrition composition table are all 0.

On June 5 this year, Wu Naixin took a bottle of quantum protoplast (mineral liquid) to Fujian Institute of product quality inspection for the detection of synthetic colorant and selenium content. The final report showed that lemon yellow was not detected in the quantum protoplast mineral beverage, and the selenium content was 0.83mg/kg. The products submitted for inspection by individuals can only be used as personal reference, not as the basis for complaint and accusation. Only when the market supervision department personally submits the products for inspection and investigation can we really find out what is contained in them. Wu Naixin said.

The company involved has been punished by the administrative department

As early as September 25, 2018, the column news 110 of Fuzhou radio and television station once used quantum products to cure all diseases? Youll be cheated exposed the quantum series products promoted by Suqi Fuzhou company.

Wu Naixin provided materials to the surging news that on October 10 of that year, Suqi Fuzhou company entrusted a law firm to send a lawyers letter to Fuzhou radio and television station.

According to the lawyers letter, it is a wrong analogy to hold on to the word quantum in the product name of quantum original plastic and quantum mineral drink represented by Suqi Fuzhou company, and compare them with other products on the market that are sold according to the scientific principles of quantum field. According to the lawyers letter, the company has never introduced quantum concepts such as quantum mechanics into the publicity of its products, and the so-called quantum is only the name of the product registration.

However, at the end of August 2020, when the surging news visited Suqi Fuzhou company for several times to inquire about the products, many company executives and lecturers still publicized the visitors for many times. The advantages of the companys quantum products lie in such words as quantum technology and quantum magnetization technology.

On January 2, 2020, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Taijiang District of Fuzhou City made a decision on the administrative punishment of Suqi Fuzhou company.

Notification of administrative punishment results shows that: after investigation and evidence collection, Fuzhou branch of Shenzhen Suqi e-commerce Co., Ltd. has not established a food purchase inspection record system; the illegal fact of quantum original plastic mineral drink with false content in the sales label is established. The market supervision and Administration Bureau of Taijiang District issued two penalties: 1. Warning; 2. A fine of RMB 56700.

Wu Naixin said that his continuous report also attracted allies, and some people who left Suqi Fuzhou company and questioned Suqis products began to contact Wu Naixin one after another, complaining about exaggerated product publicity and other issues.

Chen Xueqin, general manager of Suqi Fuzhou company, was interviewed on TV. In the background of the interview, the plaque of Chinas 3.15 honest enterprise issued by illegal social organizations appeared. Video capture

There are two issuing organizations for this plaque - China brand cultivation committee and China brand survey and Statistics Center. The surging news noted that on March 15, 2017, the first batch of organizations not registered with the Ministry of civil affairs were exposed by the Civil Affairs Department of the Ministry of civil affairs, China famous brand product cultivation committee and China brand survey and Statistics Center were all on the list. In February 2018, both organizations were listed as illegal social organizations by the Ministry of civil affairs.

To this end, Wu Naixin reported to the Civil Affairs Bureau of Taijiang District of Fuzhou City, and the Bureau of civil affairs of Taijiang District quickly intervened in the investigation. In the interview, the person in charge of Suqi Fuzhou company admitted that the two plaques were purchased from the Internet, handed in the false plaque, and promised that similar incidents would not happen again.

Accuse the informer of reputation infringement and lose the lawsuit

In the face of Wu Naixins constant reports, Suqi Fuzhou company cant sit still.

In February 2019, Suqi Fuzhou company filed a lawsuit to the Taijiang District Court of Fuzhou for damaging the companys reputation right. According to Suqi Fuzhou company, Wu Naixin, after being refused to ask for shares from the companys leaders during his tenure in the company, repeatedly spread the companys suspected illegal pyramid selling among wechat groups with company agents and customers, and complained to relevant departments. Malicious reporting behavior has a great negative impact on agents and customers, seriously affecting the normal development of the company, causing huge economic losses, claiming 500000 yuan.

Wu Naixin said that he had never asked Suqi Fuzhou company for shares. Indeed, he had reported to the relevant departments that Suqi Fuzhou company was suspected of violating the rules. The relevant departments also verified that the reporting behavior was legal.

Subsequently, Suqi Fuzhou company refused to accept the judgment and filed an appeal.

On December 25, 2019, Fuzhou intermediate peoples court made a second judgment on the case: maintain the first instance judgment and reject Suqi Fuzhou companys appeal.

Fuzhou intermediate peoples court held that the dispute focus of the case is whether Wu Naixins report constitutes infringement on the reputation of Suqi Fuzhou company. Suqi Fuzhou company said that Wu Naixin maliciously reported his suspected illegal pyramid selling to the market supervision and Administration Bureau and other national functional departments for many times. However, the acceptance scope of the reporting materials was limited to relevant organizations, not publicly publicized on the public information platform or other channels. Suqi Fuzhou company failed to provide sufficient and effective evidence to prove that Wu Naixins behavior caused an unspecified public response to su The appraisal of Qiqi Fuzhou company was significantly reduced, which led to the infringement of reputation right of Suqi Fuzhou company.

The general manager of the branch said that quantum is just a product name

On August 29, Chen Xueqin, general manager of Shenzhen Suqi Fuzhou branch, responded to the reported matters when he was interviewed by surging news.

As for the quantum series products sold by the company, Chen Xueqin said, quantum is only the name of the product, and has nothing to do with quantum technology and quantum magnetization technology. we only sell products, not research and development, nor do production. .

Chen Xueqin said that it should be the dealers who talk nonsense, and we need to strengthen guidance to promote the source of products quantum technology in the sharing meetings held by Suqi Fuzhou company and other occasions, which have obvious effects on a variety of diseases. Some dealers take goods from peripheral manufacturers. I dont know how they publicize it.

So, what are the main ingredients of this product? Is the source of mineral solution Alpine glacier water? Chen Xueqin said that the manufacturers have provided some customs declaration forms to them, but the suppliers need to know the real situation. The price of a bottle of 990 yuan, this is the positioning of the manufacturer, we are just a seller.

The operation mode of Suqi Fuzhou company has also been questioned by some people and suspected of pyramid selling. Chen Xueqin said that the relevant departments have come to check and found that there are no problems in the operation mode of their own company, and there is no cheating on consumers. If you take it back, if you are not satisfied, we have no reason to return the goods within 60 days..

Chen Xueqin said that he did not know about the fake plaque of 315 honest enterprise. After the market supervision and Administration Bureau came to check, the plaque was thrown into the garbage can. Chen Xueqin said that the punishment imposed by the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Taijiang District in January 2020 was caused by disputes between suppliers and manufacturers, and the company was only jointly and severally liable. In her opinion, the fact that the label is inconsistent does not mean there is a problem with the product itself.

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