Xi Jinpings three key words to explain the old Tibet spirit in the new era

 Xi Jinpings three key words to explain the old Tibet spirit in the new era

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Xi Jinpings latest strategy for controlling Tibet (source: video synthesis)

Coincidentally, in 5 years and two times at the Tibet work symposium, general secretary Xi Jinping mentioned the same spirit -- old Tibet spirit in his speech.

Working on the plateau, the most scarce is oxygen, the most precious is the spirit.

The broad masses of Party members and cadres should carry forward their fine traditions and constantly inject new era connotation into the old Tibet spirit.

In 2015, general secretary Xi Jinping delivered extremely elegant and valuable words at the sixth Tibet work forum. It gave Tibet a steady spiritual impetus for the steady development of the ideal and belief.

At the forum, the general secretary again used three key words to annotate the old Tibetan spirit of the new era: lack of oxygen, no fear of hardship, and higher altitude.

Standing on the top of thousands of mountains, flowing the source of thousands of water. In Tibet, an ancient and magical land, in just over 60 years, social development has experienced a glorious process from darkness to light, from autocracy to democracy, from backwardness to progress, from poverty to wealth, and from closeness to openness.

For a long time, generations of Communist Party members and old Tibet have abandoned what ordinary people have and enjoyed, and have rooted in the snow covered plateau and are determined to work hard. Together with the plateau children, they have created a miracle of human life spanning decades and thousands of years.

Those PLA officers and soldiers who conquered 14 steep snow mountains with an altitude of more than 5000 meters with their backpacks and feet cast the old Tibet spirit with their military souls; Kong Fansen, a Tibetan aid cadre who wrote the poem the colder and hotter the iceberg, is loyal and loyal to the snow mountain, practices the old Tibetan spirit with his life; he builds a golden bridge on the surging rivers and opens a road between the mountains, which makes him speechless in the long distance The old Tibetan spirit and everyone in Yumai is the coordinate of the motherland. Countless party members and cadres quietly practice and inherit the old Tibetan spirit along the 4000 km border line of Tibet

It stands on the roof of the world in spirit, fearless of the forbidden zone of life, and has great appeal.

General secretary Xi Jinping has always been concerned about the development of various economic and social undertakings in Tibet, and has repeatedly praised the lofty spirit that originated here, leading the whole nation to inject new connotation into the spirit of old Tibet and inject strong vitality into Tibets development.

u2014u2014Zhuoga and Yangzong sisters in Yumai township are entrusted with the hope that they will continue to inherit the patriotic spirit of guarding the border, and lead more herdsmen to take root in the snow border like gesanghua, and to be the guardians of the sacred land and the builders of happy homes.

u2014u2014He cared for Tibetan cadres and had three face-to-face exchanges with Gesang Zhuoga, the first Secretary of the Party committee of Tama village, Najin street, Chengguan District, Lhasa. The sentence you have worked hard moved Gesang Zhuoga very much.

u2014u2014The reply encouraged 17 medical students of Tibet University who were interned in Shougang Hospital of Peking University, I hope you will cherish your study time, practice your excellent skills, and go to the places where the people most need after graduation, so as to benefit the people, especially the grassroots people, with benevolence and benevolence.

Continuously enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, enhance the ability and temper the style of work

Care and care for cadres and workers in Tibet

Pay attention to health security work

The Himalayas are vast and verdant. The towering peaks are like monuments without words, which witness this spiritual inspiration and deep concern, and also record the great changes taking place in this snow covered Plateau under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

Standing at the time node of the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Tibet Autonomous Region, more than 3 million people in the plateau are witnessing the unprecedented and historic miracle of human poverty reduction together with hundreds of millions of people in China, and are making great progress towards the great victory of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way;

The earths natural moat is still there, and the air has long changed its path. From Tianbian Ali to the ancient tea horse road, from houzang to the south of the Yangtze River in Tibet, civil aviation has become an indispensable means of transportation, which facilitates peoples travel and cargo and mail exchanges;


The pull together in times of trouble and unity of the spirit of the old Tibet spirit and the joint efforts of all the sons and daughters of the Tibet ethnic group under the firm leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee are continuing to work together to bring about the strong voice of the great unity, great development and prosperity of all ethnic groups in Tibet.

At the turn of summer and autumn, the sky is clear and the plateau land is covered with Gesang flowers, and the scenery is picturesque. Tibets tomorrow will be better!