Disabled people make way for trees

 Disabled people make way for trees

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On August 26, citizens of Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, found a 150 meter blind road on a newly built road section. In order to avoid the newly transplanted trees, it was laid into a right angle and many bends. The citizens lamented that such a design would only add trouble to the blind. The local disabled persons Federation called on the construction party to consider the actual needs of the blind.

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The image of disabled people playing erhu near foreign guest hotel will affect their image? Response of Urban Management Bureau

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Chongqing Street disabled pull erhu expelled by urban management: foreigners influence image next door hotel (source: original)

According to Zhang Tians father, Mr. Zhang, when he was 1.5 years old, he had a high fever and was not treated in time, resulting in grade 3 disability. Xiaorui also suffered from grade 3 disability due to high fever when he was 3 years old. Now both of them are 27 years old. At the age of marriage, they are unable to get a marriage certificate.

Although the two children have disabilities, they have no problem with their ability to take care of themselves. The girl cooks, cooks and rolls noodles well. Our family recognizes this girl very much. Xiaoruis father died when she was 3 years old, which makes her a bit introverted. She doesnt have a lot of problems communicating with us. Moreover, the disability is the result of the day after tomorrow. Now all girls are pregnant with this girl More than four months pregnant, but the Civil Affairs Bureau does not give the marriage certificate, which makes us all very headache Mr. Zhang said.

Because they cant get the marriage certificate, Zhang Tian and Xiao Rui have no choice but to go home. Their father, Mr. Zhang, once again finds a staff member of the Civil Affairs Bureau, indicating that the two children have no genetic diseases and can take care of themselves. They have done the premarital physical examination and meet the marriage conditions. They hope that the staff can help with the certificate, but they are rejected again.

Marriage Law of the Peoples Republic of China

Marriage must be completely voluntary, and neither party may force the other party or interfere with it by any third party.

Article 7 marriage is prohibited

Marriage shall be prohibited under any of the following circumstances: (1) lineal relatives by blood or collateral relatives by blood within three generations; (2) suffering from diseases that are medically considered unfit for marriage. Chinese business reporter Li Cheng

One official and the whole family disabled? Media: dont let blade money become Tang Monk meat

This is the poverty alleviation and disability assistance subsidy fund for the disabled groups, which has become the Tang Monk meat for them to steal.

In contrast, according to media reports, a man in Luonan County, Shaanxi Province, has been bedridden for six or seven years due to polio. Recently, when the disabled card was replaced, the local County disabled persons Federation said that they had to be present in person. After the mans relatives explained the situation, the other side said, the car has to be pulled.. The reason why the replacement of the disability certificate requires the person to be present, only looking at the appearance, should be to verify the real situation of the party concerned, so as to prevent the subsidy from being falsely claimed. But how can some people with disabilities be forced to do so because they are not able to move easily? In the final analysis, it should be the responsibility of the relevant staff to verify the true situation of the parties. It should not pass on their own obligations to others so as to bring more trouble to the disabled with mobility difficulties.

The relevant staff of the local disabled persons Federation should be in the spirit of convenient service, such as through field visits, household surveys and other means to verify.

The car also has to pull over, to be clear, or to map their own work convenience, exposed a serious lack of service awareness.

Fortunately, the latest news shows that the staff have come to the door to replace the disabled card and apologize.

The two pieces of news are quite different.

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The 150 meter blind road has been changed into eighteen bends