news flash! Japanese media: the Japanese government plans to elect a new prime minister on September 17

 news flash! Japanese media: the Japanese government plans to elect a new prime minister on September 17

Previous reports: due to the recurrence of ulcerative colitis, Abe officially resigned as prime minister

According to a Japanese NHK news report earlier, Abe hopes to avoid the deterioration of his own chronic disease and affect the states political situation.

In September 2006, Abe became Prime Minister for the first time, becoming the first born and youngest prime minister after the war. However, in September 2007, Abe suddenly resigned as Prime Minister for health reasons. In December 2012, Japan held a house of Representatives election. Abe led the LDP to win the general election and became prime minister again. Since then, Abe has been in power continuously.

After Abe announced his official resignation as prime minister, the hot search list on twitter in Japan was occupied by keywords related to Abes resignation. A kind of

Its really shocking.

Really? If its true, Id like to say thank you for your hard work, but I want to know whos next?

As Abes resignation is due to the recurrence of old colitis, many netizens called for Abe to have a good rest, and specially set up a topic of Prime Minister Abe has a good rest. A kind of

I hope the prime minister can cure his illness first and recover as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Abe Please be sure to come back when you are well conditioned

President trump must be very sad. He will never see Abes lovely smile again.

However, some netizens criticized Abes resignation, saying that Abes resignation at this time seemed to be running away in response to the new crown. A kind of

What? Abe quit? At a time like this? Although it is said that I am sick, but how do I feel like running away during the new crown

Quit. Its time to quit. Let him. If you have time to be surprised, you should act quickly, or it will be too late.

It has nothing to do with whether you are sick or not. You should not be reinstated. You should resign when you are well.

Some netizens began to guess who would take over Abes prime minister. A kind of

Prime Minister Abe decided to resign. We have already begun to predict the candidates for the next prime minister. He is Deputy Prime Minister Aso, Chief Secretary of Kan Yiwei, foreign minister of MaoMu, general affairs department of Gaoshi, and Defense Minister of Kono. I dont know who it will be

At present, the top candidates mentioned by netizens: Taro Aso, Deputy Prime Minister of Japan, and taro Kono, the Prime Minister of Japan, have all been on the hot search list on twitter in Japan. A kind of

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Japan plans to elect a new prime minister on September 17th to replace Shinzo Abe? The LDP confirmed the rules of the game on September 1, Japanese media: Japanese Chief Housing Minister Kan Yiwei decided to run for the LDP president. After officially announcing his resignation, Shinzo Abe plans to hold a telephone conversation with trump on the 31st. Source: responsible editor of global network: Wang Ning_ NB12468

Japan plans to elect a new prime minister on September 17