Before the age of 60, CCTVs first brother ate ice cream alone was ridiculed, childless and childless media: too feudal!

 Before the age of 60, CCTVs first brother ate ice cream alone was ridiculed, childless and childless media: too feudal!

According to the observer network.

Even if there is a representative positive evaluation, the painting style is like this: such a life, no care, one person to eat, the whole family is not hungry, living a life of peace and contentment, is also a kind of happiness.. A word also seems to expose some reluctance of positive evaluation. Perhaps in the hearts of these netizens, the more mainstream happiness is probably full of children and grandchildren.

Reading such comments reminds me of my grandmother, who died many years ago. When I was a child, I used to be by her side, eavesdropping on her chatting with several old women in the village. Who daughter-in-law couldnt have or only had daughters But grandmothers, they also know that their own views have no power, and it is no longer the era of their old ideas.

The satirical attack on Zhang Hongmin makes people suspect that some peoples ideas are becoming conservative and obsolete. Such attacks are not accidental. In fact, the picture of eating ice cream has been circulated on the Internet before. This kind of content appears from time to time, for example, we have published articles from the media: Zhang Hongmin, 57, is still unmarried, 58 is still alone, 59... The private life of an anchor arouses peoples curiosity, not the pursuit of stars and admiration, but a kind of accusation with a sense of superiority. It seems that Zhang Hongmin must get married and have children before the topic can end.

This criticism of the private life of public figures is not an isolated case. Not long ago, Yang Liping, a well-known dancer, also attracted some attacks. Some netizens commented on her that the biggest failure of a woman is that she has no children, and that living her own life is a shame...

Such accusations, the concept let me use when I was a child in books often see the word to describe, is too feudal.. Since the May 4th New Culture Movement 100 years ago, people of insight have been running for the rights and interests of women and children, and calling for peoples rights of marriage and childbirth. How could the sages have thought that in 2020, a person would be criticized by some people for not having children.

In the past few decades, our society has made great progress. One of the most important points is that a consensus has been formed: there are various standards to judge whether a person is successful or not; one has the freedom to choose his own way of life without affecting others and society. Such a progressive concept, in fact, encourages everyone to work hard in his own post and in his own way, which will eventually promote social and economic development.

Previously reported

CCTV news today (29), a 9 second trembling video, has dragged back the former news anchor Zhang Hongmin to the eyes of people. Description of the business is not even talked about in a hurry, and the instant discussion tiktok was launched. Zhang Hongmin who had enjoyed her old age suddenly became a loser in the eyes of some netizens.

At the bottom of the video, the introduction reads: Zhang Hongmin presided over 32 years with zero mistakes, which is the top in the industry. He is so busy with his career that he has never been in love. He has retired and started his old age. It seems that he is praising Zhang Hongmins hosting performance, but he is hard to draw on the blank of his emotional life.

Within 7 hours of the video release, 559 thousand points were praised, and nearly 40 thousand of the comments were made. Zhang Hongmins three words were also on the hot tiktok, and the topic fever was still fermented.

But to the message area, is the real large-scale confusion behavior scene.

At first, the two most popular comments were tolerant. Netizens expressed their respect for Zhang Hongmins life choice and affirmed his dedication and low-key.

This collective scene of criticism makes people wonder: now the threshold for eating a popsicle must be have children and women?

In addition to the netizens who hate iron but not steel, there are also worried people who send warm tips to cheer Zhang Hongmin: its not too late to be 60 years old, have a baby quickly, come on!

After dancer Yang Liping was criticized in June that the biggest failure of a woman is to have no children, Zhang Hongmin became the second target of this years so-called childless is failure.

Its embarrassing that this photo of eating ice cream on the street is not new. On July 12, some netizens posted this photo on the social platform.

But in the hands of some we media, they are too lonely, full of desolation and still single at 59. At that time, this kind of title had already brushed a wave of screen, did not expect a month later, the same content change soup does not change dressing return.

Not to mention that the title of dog blood has no limit in order to attract attention. Moreover, the low-key Zhang Hongmin has not disclosed his family life in the interview, nor has he seen any description of his emotional life in public materials. Therefore, such bleak statements also contain prejudice.

After retiring from the second tier, Zhang Hongmin actively participated in public welfare undertakings. On October 10, 2014, he was appointed as the national mental health propaganda ambassador.

Maybe he didnt know that eating an ice cream himself could also arouse a heated discussion on career and family, and even be ridiculed by some netizens as childless, childless and unresponsive.

According to media reports, many things have changed in a hurry.

What impresses you most about the past years?

I think its the same as Phoenix Bicycle, black and white TV, and river popsicle.

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In 1994, famous CCTV announcer Zhang Hongmin and Li Ruiying sang you at the same table (source: ~)

But these with the passage of time, or the development of the times, have become memories of the past.

Together with the past, there are those who are active in that era.

Although every day after 7:30 TV drama is the favorite, but news broadcast is like a must cross the ridge.

I was forced to watch the boring news and remember the two faces on the screen.

Zhang Hongmins figure in news broadcast has been firmly engraved in our minds.

He has a suit and leather shoes. He sits upright and has a serious face. He has a decent image.

However, after the exposure of the current situation, it is still a bit sad

Eating popsicles alone in the street

As a news broadcast host, once CCTVs first brother.

He has a decent face, without any hype, so even as a public figure, he is like a little transparent and has never been paid attention to.

It wasnt until recently that a picture of him on the street was exposed that it aroused everyones interest.

Look a little lonely, holding a popsicle in the hand, a person alone gnawing.

There is no partner around, no children, such a life in old age, can not help looking at some desolate.

The loneliness of his old age is full of regret to outsiders.

Looking through his introduction materials, he found that there was no introduction of emotional state at all.

And the anecdotes of his friends from all walks of life.

He has expressed regret for being alone.

I havent been in love all my life

In his 32 years of hosting career, he has a myth of zero error.

Of course, the layman only looks at a data, but as an industry person, he is always admired.

Zhang Hongmin once revealed that he had never been in love in his whole life in order to fight for his own career.

In my opinion, it is worth living a colorful life.

Love is a sacred and beautiful thing. It can make both sides happy.

Even though there will be some stumbling, fighting and bickering in the process.

But also must have the stumbling, only then can calculate on the love.

So Zhang Hongmin missed such a wonderful life scenery, will let us feel very sorry.

Fortunately, his retirement life will be more colorful.

How about Zhang Hongmins retirement life after he left his career that he insisted on most of his life?

It seems to be more comfortable.

Playing chess with friends, doing exercises, drinking tea, no worries.

But the most difficult thing in this kind of life is the adjustment of mentality.

I have visited those retired officials who once dominated the political arena.

Before retiring, they were like the stars, surrounded by people, high above, overlooking the world.

They still cant put down their posture and do not want to go with their former subordinates.

This is the biggest psychological problem after retirement.

Fortunately, Zhang Hongmin does not seem to have such a psychological problem.

Life should be this way, ups and downs, can be installed in the heart.

I hope he can continue to find his own home after training.