Want to lose weight by walking? Lets take a look at the precautions first

 Want to lose weight by walking? Lets take a look at the precautions first

The heart rate that needs to be controlled during healthy walking also has corresponding requirements according to different ages. For the middle-aged and the elderly, it is about 150 - age = the appropriate heart rate (about 100 beats / min), while for the middle-aged and young people over 40 years old, it is about 170 - age = suitable heart rate (about 120-130 beats / min).

After healthy walking, the body weight, body fat and other aspects will be improved, and the effect is more obvious in about 100 days.

First of all, both patients with chronic diseases or ordinary people should choose comfortable soft soled sports shoes or professional walking shoes, clothes that are easy to dry or absorb sweat, and necessary medicines and drinking water to carry with them. The healthy walking site should be under the shade of trees and on the level road. Warm up and muscle stretching should be done before walking so that the body can adapt to the next exercise in time.

Finally, about 20 minutes after the end of healthy walking, we should relax in time to promote the recovery of muscles and body and reduce muscle soreness.

What are the common mistakes of healthy walking?

Some people think that it is not important to walk step by step when carrying out healthy walking exercise, and occasional violent walking has little impact on the body; some people like to walk on an empty stomach in the morning or immediately after a meal; others think that the faster the walk, the better.

These behaviors not only cant make healthy walking achieve the expected effect, but also may cause certain harm to the body. In particular, the elderly with cardiovascular fragility and osteoporosis must take proper exercise after the correct assessment of physical conditions. We must avoid blindly following the crowd.

Experts interviewed: Wu Jing, director of chronic disease center of China CDC; Liang Xiaofeng, vice president and Secretary General of China Preventive Medicine Association

Source: Peoples daily.com editor in charge: Geng Yuanyuan_ NJ5571