Ulcerative colitis is strictly an autoimmune disease

 Ulcerative colitis is strictly an autoimmune disease

Chi Tianyu said that ulcerative colitis can be seen at any age, and the main clinical manifestations are abdominal pain, diarrhea, mucus purulent bloody stool or mucus stool. Severe ulcerative colitis patients will show autoimmune manifestations, such as arthritis, fever, rash and so on.

As the disease affects the absorption of food, patients with chronic ulcerative colitis are generally thin. In addition, ulcerative colitis after a period of time, some people will develop into colon cancer, higher than the normal rate of cancer Chi added.

Pay attention to balanced nutrition and avoid infectious enteritis

In terms of treatment, the main drugs used clinically are sulfasalazine enteric coated tablets, mesalazine enteric coated tablets and other drugs, as well as hormones or immunosuppressants. If it is an acute attack period, and accompanied by massive bleeding, surgical treatment should be considered. Chi said doctors need to give comprehensive treatment advice based on the patients physical condition, stage of disease and patients economic situation.

Because the etiology of the disease is unknown, prevention is relatively difficult. In Chi Tianyus opinion, what can be done in daily life is to pay attention to food hygiene and eating habits, eat more high cellulose food and pay attention to balanced nutrition, so as to avoid infectious enteritis, which leads to ulcerative colitis.

Source: Geng Yuanyuan, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NJ5571