What problems should be paid attention to in epidemic prevention?

 What problems should be paid attention to in epidemic prevention?

On campus, what are some suggestions for dealing with the epidemic situation? In the process of inspection before students return to school, dormitory management personnel found that the students bedding had moldy phenomenon for many times. Because mold is easy to cause respiratory diseases, students returning to school can bring some close fitting bedding. Xie Tao also suggested that after returning to school, we should immediately clean and dry the bedding, strictly control and record the life track in school, and reduce mutual contact.

Its not a one size fits all approach

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control program for higher and primary school, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in autumn and winter has been issued by the Ministry of education, which abolished the rigid isolation conditions of dining tables and chairs with a single seat and 1.5 meters apart. Colleges and universities are required to close the school gate, check the health code, and set up express delivery point. In addition, students and teachers on campus may not wear masks.

The reporter found that for the epidemic prevention and control work after the beginning of school, schools all over the country require to continue to strengthen the semi closed management of campus, teachers and students do not have to leave the school, non school personnel do not enter the school without appointment. In principle, it is not allowed to hold large-scale gathering student conferences and campus activities, and online meetings or exchange activities are encouraged.

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission advocates that students do not leave school without necessity. These requirements are not one size fits all. Scientific research, medical treatment and parents visit can apply for leaving school. Day students and university staff need to go in and out of the campus every day. Each school will establish a health account to ensure that the access track can be found.

Implementation of the minimum unit group management

After communicating with the school logistics group, the staff were asked to supply circulating cooling water for the instrument; tutor support was sought to adjust the equipment parameters; active communication with the school epidemic prevention and control department was carried out to ensure that the special gas required for the operation of the instrument could enter the school smoothly.

In classrooms, canteens, libraries, laboratories and other places with relatively dense personnel, the school should reasonably set up the personnel density and implement the minimum unit group management as far as possible; adopt staggered peak dining, and keep a safe distance from others when dining in line; forbid foreign personnel to enter the dormitory, etc.

Pay attention to students psychological state

For students, going back to school means pressure.

Wu Tian, a senior at Henan University of science and technology, was still taking online classes when he received the opening notice. Back to the campus face-to-face teaching, learning pressure increased sharply, not adapt to what to do? Whats more, after the beginning of school, some schools have to carry out the final examination of last semester.

When returning to school in autumn, the teachers in the psychological center will confirm and guide the students who have anxiety and other situations. Mi Zhenhong, director of mental health education and research center of Qingdao University.

From the first day of students return to school, Qingdao University has launched one-to-one psychological counseling at four counseling points, one treatment point and 28 counselors. Mi Zhenhong found that academic pressure is the main psychological problem of returning to school in autumn.

When returning to school in autumn, many students will feel difficult and incompetent in their studies. It is normal for them to feel nervous, worried, anxious, irritable and tired. Song Guangwen, a professor at Nanguo Business School of Guangdong University of foreign studies, suggests that, from the perspective of the school, the curriculum should be flexible, especially for freshmen, who have entered a new environment and still need to adapt. The school can set up a buffer period to help them adapt to the new environment. College teachers and counselors should pay attention to the psychological state of students and ask experts for help when necessary Students should also adjust themselves to enhance their resilience.

Source of this article: Geng Yuanyuan, editor in charge of beiqing.com_ NJ5571