Know not tells us: want to let the love long-term, these three points must strive to achieve

 Know not tells us: want to let the love long-term, these three points must strive to achieve

Therefore, a long-term love, in addition to the timing of fate, also requires two people to love each other sincerely, cherish each other, work together to face and solve the problems in life, which is the so-called harmony of land and people.

Good love needs mutual support and mutual fulfillment

At first, minglan didnt like Gu tingye very much. In the face of Gu tingyes crazy pursuit, she was entangled and struggling in her heart. She wanted to get out of the circle and live a new life, and was afraid that she could not control the future.

With Gu tingyes affectionate confession, minglan puts down her guard and begins to share a good life with Gu tingye. In the process, her love for Gu tingye is getting deeper and deeper.

When xiaogongye always competes with Gu tingye in the court, minglan goes to persuade him not to cling to the past and learn to look forward. After Gu tingye is in prison, minglan does not hesitate to refuse his request to leave, and does nothing to redress his injustice.

Gu tingye is also dedicated to minglan. When he knew that minglan was fighting alone because of the old lady Sheng, he ran two horses and came back to support minglan. In his eyes, as long as minglan wanted to do something, that was right.

Such a couple, who support each other and help each other, have become an indestructible whole. Therefore, Gu tingyes stepmother, the empress dowager, and even the Empress Dowager will sigh later that Gu tingye married minglan, which is like a tiger with wings.

In fact, husband and wife are originally a cooperative system, and the Convention of marriage can not completely bind two people. However, if both husband and wife understand what is dead lips and cold teeth, they should be able to understand how to manage their feelings well.

Dont give all your good temper and kindness to the outsider, but leave your bad temper and malice to your partner. If you do this, you will eventually lose the one who is most sincere to you.

Marriage is not a matter of one or two days. In this marathon of life, we need to encourage and support each other with our teammates to complete the race well. I hope you can understand this truth and learn to cherish it.

Since you have chosen each other, you should be loyal and trust

Such two people together, how to think will have too many problems, but they are just a good combination together, although there will be contradictions, but also absolutely trust each other, because they know the person they choose, also know that the past things have passed, and will not have the slightest hesitation.

In fact, this problem can be big or small, the existence of the ex is an unchangeable fact, but we must be soberly aware that this matter has passed, as the party concerned, you must draw a clear line with your predecessor, do not have any involvement, just like minglan refused to balance, very decisive and firm, so as to make your partner more secure.

For the other half of the ex, you can be jealous, which is no problem, but you must master the degree of it. Dont suspect each other at will, and put some unnecessary charges on the other side, because the most important thing between lovers is to trust each other. If you always try, you will feel tired and finally let your relationship end.

Life can not be plain as water, occasionally jealous, capricious and coquettish, can move the people who love you

In know or not, Gu tingyes greatest wish is that minglan can be herself. However, due to the family changes since her childhood, minglan has been living cautiously and dare not show her true feelings in front of anyone. So when she just got married, minglan was just trying to be a big lady. Gu tingye used concubines to stimulate her. She accepted with a smile. No matter what Gu tingye did, she adopted it appropriately.

I can understand Gu tingyes idea, and I feel very moved. If you really love someone, you dont want to make her sensible and decent, but hope that she can show the most real side in front of herself. This fear of not giving enough feeling to the other side is the best love.

Therefore, please also remember that good love must be true. You can pretend to be true in front of the opposite side for a day or two. It is impossible for you to pretend for a lifetime. The person who loves you will love your little temper, and will feel moved and sweet because of your necessary jealousy.

You might as well give him a little sweet little stimulation occasionally. If he cant stand this test, he is not the right person for you.

I believe that as long as you love each other deeply and love you, you will know what the other party wants and get what you want most.

People in this life, to experience a lot of ups and downs, when they go alone may be very difficult, but if you can have a right person has been accompanied, you can be much easier.

And the partner should be longer than the parents and children accompany us, so when we get along with them, we must learn to exchange the true feelings with our heart.

If youre also running a relationship that belongs to you, remember that if you try to do these three things, your relationship may last longer.

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