What are you afraid of?

 What are you afraid of?

Some time ago, I didnt know where my friend got the channel. He sold me a very powerful physical examination. He said that he could do more than 100 projects. There were professional doctors who would give you one-on-one guidance after the examination. I immediately asked about the price, and I was flustered. I think I should be healthy, yes, very healthy. My friend is still talking, I am polite. Ah, she finally came to a few words. Do you think you are still a little young man in his twenties? Ill go. Is there such a heart piercing one?

I have to say that being a salesman is very good. I really feel that the elderly really need to take good care of themselves. But after looking at the bank card, I am quite healthy, right? Probably.

I dont know when to start. Once my body has a slight illness, I cant help checking it on the Internet. As you know, its ok if you dont check it. Ive been doing this for a day. All kinds of exaggerations have come out, and then I brush the answers over and over again. I would rather exclude from those answers than face them directly. Sometimes it took me a long time to scare myself to death. When I went to the hospital, the doctor looked at you with disdain and said, take a rest early and play less with your mobile phone. Then my heart will be relieved..

What have I lost? Maybe its not healthy for the time being, but should be full of self-confidence. Fear of age has brought warning to myself, but I dont know it.


One year after graduation, we can comfort ourselves with the same words. However, after 25 years of age, when our life still does not improve much, when we step into the threshold of 30 years old, we will start to panic. We are afraid that nothing will be achieved after this time. We are afraid that we can only maintain the status quo by doing our best.

Last year, the girl who wanted to quit her job with me still didnt dare to take that step. In fact, she is not unable to do better, nor does she lack enough starting funds. It is just because she is afraid, afraid of instability, and also afraid that her family members feel that they are still restless at the age of 30. Later, she told me that it was really good.

Well, its only you who know. Maybe 30 years old we are more afraid of inaction, but once we are afraid, then all the possibilities are lost.


So what are we talking about now? Talking about the pressure of life, talking about whether the other party is a qualified marriage partner, not sure whether the marriage is good or bad, and how much money is needed for life.

You see, love seems to be far away.

I often think that love is like looking for shells on the beach. Before I was 25 years old, I would have a better mind to look forward to. Finally, I missed some people and lost some love. When I got to the age of marriage in the eyes of the public, I was very tired. If I was not careful, I would be scratched by broken shells, and there was no longer such kind of running and picking on the beach The picker is happy.


Once betrayed others, also encountered betrayal, also wanted to be a waste material, looking at the parents of two old hair gray, the heart of fear and added a little bit.

Im not the only one in the world who is afraid of this and that. Tens of thousands of people have their own things to fear. I think about it in a balanced way. Whats more, we cant go on for fear.

You see, Im particularly afraid of the dark, Im afraid Im getting old and ugly, Im afraid you dont like listening to my program anymore, Im afraid I cant make money, Im afraid my parents are getting old, and Im afraid I cant get married in my life. But am I afraid its useful? If you dont like me, Ill try my best to make other people like me. If I dont have enough money, Ill try my best to make my parents stay with them when they are healthy. If you cant get married, I cant get married Im afraid its useless if I say it alone

Well, if you think about it like this, will it be better? In fact, its OK. I should be afraid or afraid, but at least I can give myself more reasons to be brave. I always have to live my life. If I can be more happy, I can be more happy. There is a way to solve the problem, right.

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