To be a woman, you must be playful. Its very important

 To be a woman, you must be playful. Its very important

Among the 34 articles, a large part of them are um, OK and I know.

Therefore, my best friend asked me, what kind of process is it from nothing to say?

They had been together for four years. They came out of the university campus hand in hand. In order to stay in the same city with him, she gave up a high paying job in Beijing.

They lived together very early. She also firmly believed that he would marry her in the future and give her a stable life. Therefore, her best friend played the role of a wife in advance, washing and cooking for him, and bearing the rent with him.

At the end of 2018, her boyfriend started his own business. In order to help him, his best friend took 60000 yuan from his family. However, the industry was in a downturn, and the companys operation was once difficult. At the most difficult time, she had to work two jobs to ensure that they had rent to pay and not to be hungry.

On his birthday, his best friend spent 800 yuan to buy him a pair of shoes, but he was very unhappy. After a few words, he lost his temper and said, what do you mean to give me a pair of shoes? Do you want to see me go now?

At that moment, her friend was very aggrieved, and her tears fell. But she thought that it was the time when he was under great pressure and could not quarrel with him, so she put up with it.

My best friend told me that I was too tired to break up. I had paid so much for him for so many years, but I didnt get any good.

Eileen Chang once said that love a person can be humble to the dust, but also hope to open a small flower, it is probably like this!

A colleague in the company said that to be a woman, you must be playful. I havent thought of marrying any man yet. How can I live according to their faces now? How happy I am.

At that time, I still felt that it was a pot of poisonous chicken soup. How could love a person be half hearted.

But when I saw my best friends circle of friends, I suddenly felt that the words of my colleagues were very reasonable.

Dont say you havent been married, even if you are married, if you treat me badly, I feel aggrieved, I also have the right to walk.

In this world, its hard to find a frog with three legs. A man with two legs grabs a lot.

No one does not expect such love as love only one person in ones life and beauty, which is the blessing of previous life. But the reality is that the better you treat a person, the cheaper your love will be, and the less precious the other person will be.

Just like mu Nianci in the legend of Shooting Heroes, he almost took Yang Kangs heart away, but Yang Kang never paid attention to it. Until the end of his life, he had a trace of repentance. Then, mu Nianci also died in love.

So we cant help but say, what a fool.

Such stories, whether in real life or in novels, are everywhere.

Such as Xu Zhimos generation, although there is a wife in his family, when he sees Lin Huiyin, who is 19 years old, he can no longer support himself. But women cant, womens amorous is to be scolded.

For what?


Before a woman marries, her soul and body are her own.

If you are good to me, I am willing to cherish it, but if you treat me unfairly, I am sorry, I also have the right to empathize.

Huaxin is not promiscuous, not stepping on two boats, is to let oneself have more freedom, to provide more protection and choice for oneself.

Its true that I love you, but Im ready to leave at any time.

Netease cloud music has a hot comment: from now on, to be a greedy and lustrous woman with integrity.

I think this is the best condition for a woman. When I have no intention of getting married, I have the right to be a lecherous woman. I have no responsibility to teach any man to grow up, and then wait for him to mature before giving him away.

A womans youth is very short. When she graduates from University at the age of 23, she can reach the threshold of 30 in a flash. After marriage, she has a long time to teach her husband and her son. Why not have fun before marriage!

Therefore, to be a woman, you must learn to be playful, dont treat yourself unfairly, take care of yourself properly, dont sleep in the morning, wait for a mans news, its not worth it.


Author: Feng Xiaoyi

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