8 yuan a time, passionate play, love incompetent adults, are enjoying these services

 8 yuan a time, passionate play, love incompetent adults, are enjoying these services

Everyone is in a hurry, but he has hidden worries.

Hiding emotions has become a necessary life skill.

But I want to tell you, its easy to be honest.

Have you ever heard of video games?

The surface is that players find someone to accompany themselves to play games. In fact, company and chat are the key points.

This is called social play.

In reality, after countless temptations, you will feel that the other party is reliable enough to dump all the joys and sorrows.

In the accompanying market, the time cost can be compressed wirelessly.

The relief of loneliness also becomes very easy.

Maybe its an illusion, its self deception, but as long as the curative effect is quick, why should others care?

Lonely without a trace, but also let people helpless.

Unlike material needs, they can be solved completely with money.

But when loneliness is also clearly marked price?

Different accompaniment, the price is not the same. From 8 yuan for a single order to tens of yuan.

Because they cant see each other, what is more important than appearance is whether the voice is pleasant or not, and whether the EQ is high or low.

Sometimes, chatting companions are more popular than simple good technology.

There is a senior player to share his experience.

He is only 15 years old, but his parents dont care much about him, just manage enough money.

They played together for almost 47 hours. Almost crazy.

After game after game, she is very familiar with the experience of teenagers.

Im not on guard. I have a strong desire to pour out.

They had a meal together.

On the way, the other side quietly shed tears.

He said that no one had such a good time with him for a long time.

It turns out that a good companion can open ones heart.

Guide the players hidden emotions.

Many unspeakable words have also taken advantage of this opportunity to export.

From this point of view, accompany play is more like dispelling negative emotions and relieving the black hole of loneliness.

The importance of the game itself has been greatly diminished.

What is the relationship between accompany and players?

friend? Ambiguous object? Blind date?

Not really.

To be precise, this is a transactional relationship.

At first, she thought it was a job with quick money. As long as she had several long-term clients, she could lie down and make money..

After several wonderful experiences, she realized that there was no money in the wind.

Some players will ask her to sing a dragon roar.,

Or ask her to call her husband,

Words full of harassment

The first time she encountered this situation, she almost couldnt resist.

There are also players, a game down, all kinds of foul language is not taboo, scold her do not know how to utter.

Why dont you talk? Are you dumb?

Players also have to change their company frequently.

It can be seen that money is not omnipotent.

Money has a bottom line.

They want to buy their time.

But the result of losing respect is to speed up the end of the relationship.

To live is nothing more than to seek identity.

And accompany play is the most loyal fans of players.

Dont hesitate to overdraft my fathers credit card.

But his girlfriend disliked him for not making progress and resolutely separated from him.

He was decadent for a long time.

Playing with you will always follow your heart. If you dont quarrel with you, its better to spend money to have a good time.

Yan Bing was as surprised as he found the new world. This new girlfriend not only did not do it, but also was very sensible

I care about his joys and sorrows,

No nonsense, no initiative to ask,

I dont ask for gifts in festivals.

It made him enjoy it.

Once, on a whim, Yan Bing sent Zhang Yao 520 yuan. He immediately received several expressions of crying

My husband is so nice!

Who can resist this 360 degree agreement?

In the past, Yan Bing was in a weak position in emotion. Humble to please each other, but never in exchange for care.

Now, at last, he turned to the guest.

In the virtual world, I experienced the feeling of being around.

Some people say that transactional relationships can easily become procedural.

I think so.

No matter what players do, even if they lose control of their emotions, they still get comfort and praise.

As soon as the player becomes more and more obsessed with the relationship.

Anyway, his fault will be unlimited tolerance, why not willful.

This is the most likely to fall into the abyss after the player is addicted to find a companion.

As Haruki Murakami said:

Youre going to be a quiet adult.

Live another life of your own.

Emotional freedom is everyones deepest desire.

But emotional freedom is terrible.

It means no longer being responsible to others and being self-centered.

By then, loneliness is growing, because there are more and more people in life who understand it.

Author: Yu Yichen